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Toto Pass Toto Episode 43



 Toto Pass Toto Episode 43

 ®️Fk Mask Z

Me: you look more beautiful when angry *she look away and blush, she face me looking more angrier*
Beauty: why are you not picking my calls?
Me: the one I will die for, is it to climb mountain Everest?
Beauty: oh! Please, stop flattering me with those unromantic lines, were you having s*x with someone? *na wa oh!*
Me: the entire yard was robbed last night *her face soften*
Beauty: are you hurt? Have you seen the doctor? Oh my….
Umashi: daddy, the food is burning oh! *Beauty look shock, angry, confuse*
Me: commot am for fire, you don reach age to cook wetin Buhari suppose chop.
Beauty: you have a child?! *she yell at me angrily, I don’t even understand this girl character*
Me: no… Is my brother’s daughter who came to write jamb in the city, can you come in.
She looked me up before going inside after a long hiss, I just entertained myself with her shaking *ss.
Beauty: what are you staring at? Are you not coming in?
Me: how many men have you sent to hell with your ass? Baby, you are beautifully made behind.
Beauty: when you are done going crazy, you can come in.
She went inside, I heaved a sigh of relief. Dealing with Beauty is very difficult, she is very aggressive and irrational sometimes.
She must not see my phone before she will ask another jamb question, I picked up myself from the verandah.
Hid my phone in the kitchen, and entered the bedroom were Beauty is on the bed and Umashi sat facing her on the floor.
Beauty: so Vera, how old are you?
Umashi: am 16years.
Beauty: aww… You will grow up to be a beautiful woman, you are so cute for your age.
Me: but you are more beautiful than her, sha…
Beauty: who ask you? *she eye me up*
Me: just protecting my girlfriend interest.
Beauty: you are not serious, baby I missed you *her eyes start sending s*x signal, my d*ck got the message*
Me: ehnn… Umashi, go and wash plates.
Umashi: daddy, am done washing plates na, you saw me, did not you?
Me: ehnn… Go wash my car.
Umashi: I no sabi wash car oh! *which kind witch be this?*
Me: ehnn.. Go wash house roof if you no sabi wash car. *self contain na palava oh!*
Beauty: *laughing* you are not serious at all, *no be you want s*x, which one be not serious again na*
Umashi: umhh.. Unhhh.. Me, I cannot wash car oh, am hungry.
Me: go outside first, go learn how to drive car.
Beauty was busy with her phone while I was doing all the privacy negotiation, girls can do ‘I don’t care ehnn’.
My sister was about going outside when I remembered that she is a sheep and wolves like Sam and MTYB associate member might be lurking around looking for a girl to shift her p*nt.
Me: where you dey go?
Umashi: you said I should go outside na, that is what am doing. *look at you*
Me: and you gree? Carry food and eat. Watch television, don’t go anywhere.
I laid on the bed making sure half of my body is covered beneath the sheet, mostly my nether.
Beauty also joined me under the sheet and deep her hand inside my boxer, she held my rock h*rd d*ck and smiled.
Beauty: f--k me *she whisper to me*
Me: my sister *I whisper back to her*
Beauty: is she a virgin? *she whisper to me*
Me: are you suggesting, I should finger my kid sister? *I whisper back, Umashi enter the room and I start laughing, she will think we are playing*
Umashi: daddy thank you *she sit and face the television with a plate of rice, and there is two laps of chicken on it. This girl have big eyes oh, she don eat her two days fish if she devour both laps*
Beauty: no, am w*t. I need you inside me now! *she whisper to me, with hot breathe*
She cross her leg on me, and brought out my hard d*ck.
Jerk on it slowly, I did not see what she was doing but I enjoyed it. She rub something w*t on my d*ck and it feels good, the temptation is much.
I could not bring myself to have s*x in presence of my kid sister, is a big shame.
Me: stop please, later.. Baby. *i whisper, shifting away*
Beauty: no, I need you now. *she whisper back, insisting*
Me: no *I adjusted my boxer and step down from the bed*
Beauty: f--k you *she said aloud and Umashi look back, her colored up face beam immediately* are you done eating sweetheart?
Umashi: am still eating…
Me: if she is your sweetheart, what am I?
Beauty: bitter heart, Vera, when you are done eating, we will go out for shopping.
Umashi: yeeeeehhhh!! Thanks, aunty.
Beauty: you are welcome.
Beauty ignored me totally and focused all her attention on Umashi, I was jealous but i knew she is just angry and cannot handle the word rejection.
I just kept my lonely life busy with the television.
Umashi: aunty, am done *smiling like tolotolo*
Beauty: let’s go…
Me: baby, what of goodbye kiss.
She looked at me and rolled her eyes, then went out with my kid sister.
I was alone in the big room, watching the boring screen that is not adding anything to the situation. You know an idle man is a devil workshop, something whispered to me that I should start watching p*rn.
I obeyed like otondo, I was on the third scene when I dosed off leaving the p*rn on.
I guess my rod was pointing to the sky as I slept off facing the celine, I must have gone far.
A noise woke me up, I stirred and looking towards the kitchen door and saw Amarachi looking at the screen like she has not seen someone having s*x or she has not done it.
Amarachi and her three friends, are students who rented house for their university education, all those off k girls.
They will not rest in school compound oh! They will rent a lounge to worry an innocent neighbor with ‘help me with maggi, help with this, let today be help me with your d*ck oh!’.lol, the moment she turned to see if I am awake, I pretended to be asleep.
I slightly open my eye and find her staring hard on my rod, she must have not seen such size that want to reap boxer off.
She start scratching herself and clamped her legs, staring at the p*rn on the screen and me interchangeably, she looked confused, shey you nodey knock?
Voice from outside: Amarachi!! Why you dey waste time, this rice go catch fire oh!?
Amarachi: em dey sleep na! *sleep ke,*
She walked to me and tapped me.
Me: wetin happen?
Amarachi: brother Victor, no vex… Help us with maggi abeg.
Me: why you no knock?
Amarachi: I knock, but you no gree open door. Abeg, our rice dey fire.
Me: so my start to run helter skelter for your rice?
Amarachi: no vex na, you sef ehnn.
Me: hope say you no look tv oh.
Amarachi: I no look oh! Am a virgin *who ask this one?*
I stood up and went to the kitchen while she followed from behind, I gave her cubes of maggi.
She thanked me and wanted to go out, she turned back and blushed, then winked at me and left.
I would have called her back and smashed her h*rd, but the fear of Beauty is the beginning of wisdom.
I heard car horned outside and I did the cross sign, went back inside removed the p*rn and sat down.
Some minutes later, Beauty came in looking angry.
Beauty: who is she?
Me: who?
Beauty: the girl that just left.
Me: ordinary neighbor.
Beauty: I will find out myself.
She removed something on the wall in the bedroom, and went to the kitchen, and came back with similar gadget.
Umashi ran inside with two big bags, smiling and grinning like someone who won lotto.
Umashi: daddy, see… *them send you? You no see the situation on ground*
Me: what is that baby?
Beauty: a video recorder *video wetin?*

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