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Toto Pass Toto Episode 42



 Toto Pass Toto Episode 42

 ®️Fk Mask Z

My heart beat was sounding ‘gbu! gbu!’ like a talking drum, I heard a loud bang on the protector and the padlock I held the protector closed made a sharp noise, I remained mute and immobile under the bed.
A noise of kick on my kitchen door made it gave way ‘na wa oh, if na Africa door. That guy for nofit enter like that’ I heard footsteps coming from the kitchen, they entered the bedroom.
Voice1: come out now! *my phone start vibrating*
Voice2: we know where you dey hide.
I checked the caller and it was Beauty who was calling, I started struggling to breathe fine.
Voice3: this guy nodey house, I wish say em dey house em for no keep this money here, and em for no lock em protector from outside *na truth you talk bros*
Voice1: what of em car wey dey outside?
Voice3: you dey waste time! Make we commot here before police go enter, na everyday person go drive?! *ntoor!*
I heard foot-falls moving towards the kitchen, I exhaled the breathe I was holding.
I adjusted myself and laid fine under the bed, the tiles have never been conducive hitherto, lol.
Voices: thief oh!
Voice: lie flat! We will shoot you!!
Voices: aahhh! Ooohh!! Ewooo ah!!!
Voice: where is the money?!
The screams of cries and shouts was aired incessantly from the other flats, I thank God for giving me wisdom to elude those thieves that can reshape your body structure because of your hard earned money, ‘I no blame them sha..’ I did not know when I fell asleep, I woke up with a painful headache and rolled out from under the bed, feeling awfully cold.
I wore two sweater and boiled a glass of lipton, rubbing my two palms together. I emptied the cup of boiled lipton in my stomach, and took a tablet of panadol.
I went back to bed and slept off, after some hours I woke up feeling much better.
I went to the restroom and took my bath, I dressed for work and came out from my flat to see Musa tied to one of the pillar holding the security house.
I could not help but laugh, he was sleeping tied to a pillar, suffering and enjoying.
I did not want to stop his enjoyment, I just helped myself and opened the gate, entered my car and ignited the engine.
The sound of the car woke him up….
Musa: shegel! Bakasaga!! Elp oh! *shouting*
Me: Musa, how body?
Musa: pine pine! *struggling with the rope*
Since he is fine, I just drove out of the compound leaving the gate open in case he is not fine again someone will untie him.
I got to the new branch that I was transferred as manager, I horned at the gate and it was opened for me, I drove in and parked my car.
A woman of about forty something, I surmise, she wore a marriage ring in her ring finger walked up to me.
Woman: good morning, sir. You are the new manager, right? *I nod* am your secretary *how?*
Me: morning secretary, assemble all the workers in the next seven minutes.
I passed an order like boss and started walking to my office, like I know where it is.
Secretary: excuse me sir, that is not the way to your office.
Me: no vex, show me.
She giggled and went ahead of me, I was just walking behind examining her large buttocks, wondering what married women are doing with big bumbum that only their husband alone cannot handle.
I went into my office and I can call it executive office, some minutes later she came back and informer me she has carried out my order and the workers are assembled waiting for me.
She escorted me to the hall, I climbed the podium, and started scanning the faces old people everywhere, hope am not in the land of the dead oh! Make this people retire na.
Me: good morning my fathers and mothers *they start laughing*
Voices: good morning, sir.
Me: I don’t have much to say, you all are aware am the new manager and I supposed you all have inquired about my name.
Voices: yes, sir!
Me: make we behave and work together as family, I be ona pikin. Any problem you have meet me, apart from financial problem *they start laughing* where is the accountant?
Secretary: we don’t have one.
Me: advertise the position of that vacancy, I will do the interview myself.
I went home feeling happy, you know that feeling to be called sir by older ones. On getting to my gate, I saw Musa standing in the front of the gate talking to a female hawker.
Me: Musa, open the gate!!
Musa: oga, you don come?
Me: no, I don go, ashawo! Open the gate!!!
He ran and opened the gate, his love for girls is making me feel unsecured in the house I rented, I was surprised to see a girl sitting on my frontage and Sam was talking with her.
I quickly came down and recognised the person as the first daughter of my older brother.
Umashi: daddy, good morning *I eye Sam*
Me: Sam, you jam trailer or trailer jam you? *he was looking like someone beaten by those good boys that visit in the night*
Sam: *he hiss* I will see you some other time baby *my head spark*
Umashi: okay.
He started limping like an old man, I was enjoying the movement.
I faced my brother’s daughter.
Me: wetin em dey tell you?
Umashi: nothing, daddy.
Me: make em be nothing oh! Because I will find out if he is telling you something.
I helped her carry her luggage inside the house, a call came in from Abigail, I picked.
Abigail: how is work today, Sweet? *she was laughing*
Me: make God forgive you, why old people full there na?
Abigail: ehem, so that you no go shift p*nt na *her pidgin was with America accent*
Me: me that is a virgin *she start laughing*
Abigail: bye joor!!
A knock landed on the protector, I went out and met Beauty not smiling but looking very angry.

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