Toto Pass Toto Episode 39



 Toto Pass Toto Episode 39

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Me: is just one of my female friend, she is just like you. She rejected a marriage proposal.
Beauty: okay oh! Baby, I want to go… You know I will be travelling tomorrow, am feeling not too well.
Me: no problem.
I stood up and she shifted her gown properly, I was not happy but I have to mask it with a smile.
I walked her to the gate, and she insisted I escort her to her car.
Beauty: baby are you mad at me? *she cross her hands around my waist*
Me: no na, I nodey vex.
Beauty: stop speaking vernacular *she rest her head on my shoulder*
Me: *I feel uncomfortable* people are looking at us.
Beauty: who cares *aunty, I care oh!*
She left afterwards after insisting we had a kiss in the open street, I felt uncomfortable with the open romance ’cause of street radios without battery, I went inside quickly and had my bath.
Used my most expensive perfume, wore my best outfit came out of the house looking like a young billionaire.
I had that feeling of flying, I couldn’t be walking with what am wearing.
I entered my car and drove to Biggy’s house, playing Reekado Banks Oluwa ni.
When I got to the compound I increased the volume of the song and stopped, people start coming out of the yard.
Immediately I came down all of them were surprised, they could not believe their eyes, I prayed they should go blind since they refused to see my success, lol.
Children: uncle Victor! Oga Victor!! Uncle Victor!!! *the children start hailing me, running round the car*
Albino: booo!! *she shouted and start running to hug me*
Me: calm down, em never reach hug level. *I dodge fah, I cannot hug poverty with my richman clothe*
Albino: see you, the car fine. Na outing sure pass oh.
Me: I go soon come back to take ona outing, what of Biggy?
Biggy came out with just boxer and a shirt flogged on his shoulder, I was suspecting him of shifting pant.
Biggy: Victor, na your car be this?
Me: no jokes, say no to trekkers association.
Papa Jo: what prompted this uncalled merry-go-round of noise, is insanity now the order of the day? *coming out of the yard*
Me: Biggy, na new car. Why you dey inspect am like wicked village elder? *I drag him off from the car*
Biggy: na wa for you oh! You no get joy oh!!
Voices: all these your grammar never give you car, dey blow blow big big grammar for poverty.
Papa Jo: what are all these demented discombobulated homo sapiens are saying? Vic my boy, you are now a man *he start walking towards me*
Me: Biggy, my reach somewhere, I dey come. Call my brother, we dey go outing this night all of us.
Biggy: for sure, even if na land of death you go, the outing no go fit cancel.
Me: me wey still get extra one thousand years to live, if you dey plan to inherit this car, foul!
I entered the car and ignited the engine ignoring the grammatical man wave for me to stop, I felt good to be celebrated.
It only happened once in my graduation time, the huge smile on my face could not leave as I journey to were Abigail is to show how grateful I am for the unexpected promotion and salary.
I wondered why heaven decided to bless a sinner like me, I just shook my head and whistled a praise song.
Just along the express road a policeman stopped me, I was surprised because it is not a checking point.
I have heard activities of policemen on the road, with lots of checking points place in between a little distance taxing drivers.
I came prepared with all the necessary papers, I will not give them a dine, I was prepared to stand under the sun showing them my papers.
Me: hope no problem, officer.
Police man: just help me drop me for front.
Me: no wahala enter.
He hurriedly entered the back seat, I became suspicious.
I did not stop watching every of his moves on the rearview, he sat uneasily as he wiggled on the seat silently.
Just few kilometres was the first checking point…
Police man: drop me here.
Me: here na bush bush.
Police man: no worry, shit dey catch me.
He came down and I ignited the engine, I set the car in motion, I did not take off immediately.
I still maintained a close watch on him through the side mirror, I saw him making call and then n’ there I felt something is fishy.
I parked immediately and checked the back seat, I saw a pistol on the backseat, very close to the car door.
I did the cross sign and took the gun, threw it inside the bush and drove off.
I have not gone far, when I was stopped in the first checking point.
All policemen stationed in the checking point were on full stand, as I was ordered to park, unusual.
Me: officers, how may I help you?
Police officer 1: criminals dey pass this road well well, come down… We wan search your car.
Me: do I look like a criminal to you?
Police officer 2: them dey write am for face? Oga come down joor!!
I came down from the car and followed them closely during their search, I did not trust them at all and their next of action could land me in their claws.
I watched every of their movements, as they searched over an hour for the gun I threw in the bus already.
One of them shifted away from us and place a call…
Police man 3: we no see am oh, where you keep am?
He never knew I was listening, he ended the call with frown and they continued the search for more twenty minutes before they gave up.
All of them were sweating when they ended the search…
Police officer 4: we are sorry for the delay, hope you are not angry.
Me: no, am not * I dey mad! When ona dey suffer for ona sin*
Police officer 2: sorry sir, we are just doing our job *I shake my head and enter my car, ignite the engine*
Police officer: we make mistake for the car. *they are just confusing angels of blessing*
The drive was a smooth one all the way, I find myself in a gigantic hospital and I called my love Abigail, don’t worry I have two love. My heart is big enough to accommodate two people and even remain one vacant flat, in case you wan follow. Lol..
Me: am at your place of work.
Abigail: you are joking right?
Me: joke ke, I dey ona parking lot, joor!!
She screamed happily, I just had to end the call before I go deaf.
She came out dressed like a doctor beaming more than the evening sun, she ran into my arms and I hugged her passionately, like am about to loose her.
Abigail: this one you are here, let me entertain you with vitamin C.
Me: *I pinch her bumbum* you no well.
Abigail: am not on break oh, this people want to kill me.
Me: I just wan see you, tell you thank you for what you did for me.
Abigail: umh… Is nothing, I wish I can do more.
Me: see your mouth, umh… What do you think about marriage now?
Abigail: woow! That is the best thing that will ever happen to me, I want to marry someone I will love and cherish, and the person will also cherish me… Who has this car? *gba! Gba!! Gba!!!*

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