Toto Pass Toto Episode 36



 Toto Pass Toto Episode 36

 ®️Fk Mask Z

My heart jumped inside my mouth, as I find it difficult to breathe when the owner of the foot-falls touched me, he removed the blindfold and I saw Jack smiling down happily at me.

Jack: you be tight ashewo *I chuckle*

Me: abeg, give me food make I chop.

Jack: no reason food again, you go soon enter house.

Me: my stomach dey sing hungry song, my first settle them.

He untied me completely and asked me to eat the fried rice he bought from one of those eatery that I guessed is close by, the room was locked and Jack went out.
After I devoured the meal, I lay down on the floor and slept off, I made no effort to escape ’cause I have resigned to my fate.

It was in the Evening when Jack came back with Piro…

Jack: bro, make you no reason, Tracy say make you no vex, she even dey shame to come see you.

Me: na revenge carry this matter reach here, I nodey think go that side at all.

Piro: I trust you, you be guy man. Carry this tp reach house and your phone, the tp go do you?

Me: yes, ona thank you *I set out for home*

Jack: the guy plan work like magic, I give the girl doggy 6 5 9, the toto sweet die.

Piro: *laughing* Bayelsa toto na water water.

I did not bother to hear more, the last thing on my mind is to talk about woman.
I left my phone switched off, luckily for me.
My room key is with me, I flagged down two taxi and none of them stopped so that I can enter.

Probably they think me as a madman, I was not actually mad but I looked unkempt.
One vehicle that looks like it will soon die or stop to move stopped and carried me, well… I chuckled inwardly ’cause that is the vehicle befitting my standard.

I looked back and realized mainly it was goods behind the only bench I sat in the bus, I exhaled lightly.
A driver and a man sat on the front seat…

Driver: I pity the man, em only cheat on his wife and she stab am to death.

Man: you call am only cheat?

Driver: yes na, em never reach for person to kill her husband. You reason am na.

Man: my tell you something, em get one time I been dey hear say my wife dey f--k another person, I no bother to ask if the rumour na truth or not. I just vex dey carry girls upadan, I no come dey reason my wife for bed as I dey get am from young blood. I return house one day, my pikin and wife I no see till now.

Driver: yeeee! Bros, na truth you dey talk?

Man: yes, no be joke.

I just busy myself with my thought, I had the urge to stop any form of double dating.
I did not even know who to choose among them, I got to my destination and tapped on the bus.

Driver: women dey reason after them don do sth finish, oga you wan come down? *turning back at me*

Me: yes, how much be your money? *both of them start laughing*

I knew the question I asked was a stupid one, one thing I realized is that women are driven by their emotions.
Never make her emotions go insane, I came down and find my way home.

On getting to my house, I saw Beauty car parked on my gate.
I realized it was Friday, I entered the gate and saw her sitted on my frontage. I wondered where Musa has gone to, Beauty stood up looking angry, she approached me and thundered my face with resounding slap, and the world stop rotating.

Beauty: you are alive, God! Who did this to you? *she hug me tight*

Me: I was kidnapped for days, am now fine.

We disengaged and I unlocked my apartment, we went inside.
I took my bath and she took me to the hospital,
After the doctor gave me treatment Beauty decided we should spend time in a beach.

Beauty: baby, you are yet to tell me who is behind your ordeal.

Me: I don’t know baby, let us just forget about it *the last thing on my mind is to start another war*

Beauty: here we are!!

We both came down from the car and locked hands, we went about chasing each other along the water line in the beach.
Beauty was a crazy twerker, as she asked me to sit on the sand and she moved what her mama gave to her like crazy.

We were tired after we exploit the bar and the City nightlife, we decided to go home.
She drove to my gate…

Beauty: do you know tomorrow is valentine?

Me: *I exhale uneasily* no, I don’t.

Beauty: now you know, you better get my gift ready.

Me: ma yes ma.

Beauty: I love you.

Me: I love you more *we kiss slowly* are you not coming in?

She shook her head and we said ‘goodnight’, and she drove out. My heart was heavy, I had the idea that Beauty has find another lover, maybe is because she just avoided having s*x with me.
I went home and took my bath, then jumped on my long missed bed and slept off like baby.

Hopeful to wake up as giant until a loud bang on my protector woke me up, I stood up ready to pounce on the fool behind the protector until I saw that the fool was also ready to pounce and devour anybody he is going to see.
I saw Ada husband dressed like a wrestler behind the protector breathing coal and fire.

Me: Sam, good morning.

Sam: what is good about the morning, where is your brother? *sb pikin cannot take holiday from problem*


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