Toto Pass Toto Episode 34



 Toto Pass Toto Episode 34

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Me: ona sabi rush oh, I dey come.
Victory: come quick oh.
He ended the call, I flagged down a taxi and entered.
Asked him to take me direct to Biggy’s yard, before an hour I arrived there and met Kelly with Victory standing outside the yard, with one rugged guy that his lips spoke volume of weed was here.
Kelly: guy you waste time oh.
Me: why ona dey wait here, what is the challenge?
Park guy: wey the toto wey dey make mouth, my show am say p---k get sizes, my blood dey hot. Ona dey waste time.
Victory: I trust you *Kelly and I, walk away from were both of them stand*
Me: na the burnt offering be that?
Kelly: carry your voice down, we need to carry Biggy commot from the room.
Me: na small challenge be that.
I scrolled through my contact list and find Chidi’s number, I placed a call to him.
Chidi was once recruited into state government baby police scheme, till the governor dissolved them.
Me: Chidi, how far na?
Chidi: I dey oh, anything for your guy?
Me: money dey ground, your police uniform still dey?
Chidi: yes na, who you wan scam?
Me: scam kill you there, you fit lap where I dey stay?
Chidi: we go charge you 10k as my guy oh, I go bring another person.
Me: just come first… I dey wait, no waste time.
I ended the call…
We went to were Victory and the guy they brought from the park stood, he already lit cigarette and started dragging smoke releasing it to the air afterwards.
I examined the guy and he looked good, the blueprint must have been Kelly and Victory.
Park guy: wey the toto na? Ona pay me to stand? *cigarette bass*
Me: oga chill, just wait small.
After some minutes Chidi arrived with another guy with police uniform, I went to meet them and we shook hands.
Me: Chiko! You look so officer, sure sir!!
Chidi: see why thunder go fire you, wetin be the deal?
Me: you nodey use money play o.
Chidi friend: make ona do na, before people go suspect.
Me: you carry your kinsman too, you know that my guy Biggy?
Chidi: that one I see you with that day?
Me: you get am, enter that my room. You go see am with one girl, arrest am.
Chidi: no issues, wey the money?
Me: you never do the work na.
Chidi: you wan use my head, pay before service or I go waka jeje.
Me: *hiss* collect, you love money pass your wife womb.
Chidi: *counting the money* em remain 1k to complete.
Me: i go balance you after the job *he shake his head* oya take na.
Chidi: is complete, officer Abuchi!!
Abuchi: yes, sir!
Chidi: lets go…
Both of them went inside the yard, while I waited alongside the trio I was with earlier. After some minutes they came out with Biggy from the other entrance and we all went inside.
I trust Chidi, the one he way he was forcing Biggy like an officer ehnn… Fear those who has undergo police training in Nigeria.
We got to the door and Kelly held back the guy…
Kelly: as you just enter, start to naked yourself.
Park guy: na wetin dey my mind sef, my p---k dey stand since *weed oh*
Kelly: no f--k up oh, f--k her like say her p*ssy na em make you poor *he nod and head to the door*
Me: Kelly mad oh!
Victory: what if the girl see am shout rape, I go just run leave ona.
Kelly: she nofit see d*ck reject.
Voice: who are you, and what are you doing here?
Park guy: na me be the person wey go scatter your toto.
Voice: what! Ooohh.. Is so big!!
Me: the thing don click oh, Victory carry Biggy go Kelly house I no want em wahala for now. Hungry dey catch me, I dey enter house… My call Chidi to bring am back.
I placed a call to Chidi while I was walking out of the yard.
Me: Chiko, bring am back.
Chidi: your guy dey vomit something wey dey like water water.
Me: after em don vomit finish, bring am come yard back.
Chidi: okay na.
I ended the call and picked bike, I took carb heading to my house.
I was so stressed out, I took my bath and ate then slept off.
My phone ringing tone woke me up…
Me: aunty Vicky, good evening?
Victory: you don see the address I send for your whatsapp.
Me: no, I never enter whatsapp. Which side you dey live?
Victory: I dey live for Ojoto junction.
Me: em no far from here, my baf come.
Victory: I dey wait for you oh, no fall my br*asts oh.
Me: na your husband go do that one *laughing*
I ended the call and dressed up, I did a make over and went outside the gate, I saw a taxi and flagged down. It was already getting late.
Me: driver Ojoto.
Driver: you get change?
Me: yes.
Driver: enter.
I did not check the people that were in the car, I just balanced inside.
After some minutes I looked around to see the passengers around me, I saw three other rugged guys.
I became scared…
Me: Driver, abeg drop me for here… I nodey go again.
Driver: you don already enter. *i face the other guys in the taxi*
Me: make ona see wahala oh, I no wan go again. Make ona help me beg the driver.
One of them sprayed sth on my face and I lost consciousness, I woke up to see myself tied to a chair, I could feel it but could not see anything ’cause I was blindfolded.
The blindfold was removed and I saw Tracy standing before smirking…
Me: aunty Tracy.
Tracy: you don add aunty to my name? *laughing wickedly*

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