Toto Pass Toto Episode 31



 Toto Pass Toto Episode 31

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Our pursuers foot-falls stamped on the ground like racing gorillas.
Voices: make ona stop there! We go kill ona today! Ona dey challenge area bone breakers *thick bass*
Me & Victory: we dey go, abeg oh! *we enter the car*
Me: oga, start this car na.
Driver: ona never pay na.
Victory: take take!! * he receive the money*
Our pursuers were closing in when the driver ignite the engine and put the car in motion, he sped towards East and we lost our pursuers.
He got to the junction and slow down the car, he pulled over.
Driver: make ona come down, we don reach junction?
Me: is your brain aware of what you are saying?
Victory: if you no move this car now, now! I go kill you here oh!
Me: oga recite the Lord’s prayer.
Driver: ona nofit do anything, make ona come down!
Victory: you wan go or not?
Driver: I nodey go anywhere.
Me: you wan know say kingdom of God dey suffer violence?
Driver: ona be devil oh! Make ona carry ona body commot from my car na.
My twin brother came down and went to the driver seat window, he snatched the key from the driver. And I also came down, we went towards the busy road as the driver of the car that dropped us earlier chased after us.
Driver: bring my key! Hey!! Hey!!!
Victory: our 1k.
Me: no do wetin I go shake all the bones commot from your body oh.
Driver: ona be devil oh, bring my key! We go fight oh.
Victory: sas you dey, bone bone… No flesh, commot your hand from my shirt before I change am for you.
Driver: I nodey gree, my car key.
People were looking at us like demented people, as everyone mind their business in city.
Is only a well dressed man with bible that walked to us…
Preacher man: why are you people fighting?
Me: fight ke! If i descend on this man, na 8feet em go dey na.
Driver: them don collect my car key, i go call police for them oh.
Victory: bring our 1k.
Preacher man: money and cars are all vanity, please brethren… Seek the kingdom of God, and there is no space for fighters.
Me: we don hear you, oya na. Give us the 1k, so that we go return the key.
Driver: oga I know you oh, why you dey collect offering if money na vanity?
Preacher: the bible says bring the first fruit of your labor, even in Malachi.. He will open windows of blessing.
I deep my hand inside the driver pocket and dragged out the 1k, my brother gave the key back to him not without a fight.
Driver: ona be thief!! *shouting*
Preacher man: repent oh sinners, turn away from Babylon.
Conductor: going! Psst!! Ona dey go?
We took the bus and left the driver with the preacher man behind, I could not wait to get home and changed my wet shirt with sweats. We arrived at the gate and I met Musa smiling at me from his doorpost.
Me: why you dey smile like roast goat?
Victory: I wan even ask am.
Musa: ehnn… Kai! Somebody come check am for you, she pine well well.
I quickly brought out my phone, did not know it was on silent all along.
I checked missed calls and I saw two missed calls from Beauty and that is the only missed calls I had, my mind started beating like warrior drum.
We went inside, and I tried her number twice before she finally picked up.
Me: hello, baby.. My sweet heart.
Beauty: don’t sweet heart me, where did you go to?
Me: I went to a friend house.
Beauty: I came to your house and I did not see you, I was missing your d*ck *thank God you no see me oh*
Me: me too baby, please can you come back?
Beauty: no, I will not… Are you cheating on me Vic?
Me: God no go gree..
Beauty: so why were you not picking or you were with your useless girlfriend.
Me: I did not know my phone was on silence, if no be you. No one else my baby.
Beauty: make sure, I do not catch you with those useless little girls. I will cut off your manhood and feed the girl to vultures *she hiss*
And rudely ended the call, i felt my g---n with my palm to make sure it was still intact. I uncladded myself and took my bath after my twin brother, we were playing ps when a knock landed on the protector.
I stood up quickly, and lo and behold Abigail was the one looking extremely gorgeous beaming like the sun behind the protector.
Me: you came? *smiling*
Abigail: before *giggling*
Abigail: *I hug her tight* you will just kill somebody’s child.
Me: sorry, I cannot help it. You are so pretty.
Abigail: thank you.
We went inside together, the moment we entered the room. Victory’s eyes left the television and focused on Abigail.
Me: Abigail meet my twin brother Victory and Victory meet Abigail *with one breathe*
Victory: oh! Where did you get this pretty one born once in 20 thousand decades *coming to shake her, i grab his hand*
Me: no try am, just park your load and vamoose.
Victory: na wa for you oh, welcome our brother wife *walking towards the door*
Abigail: your twin is so sweet.
Me: you never can tell, what should I offer you?
Abigail: just water, dear.
Me: I dey craze, you must chop the food I cook today, by force and fire *Abigail laughing*
I went to the kitchen and returned with a plate of rice, the door pushed open and Victory came in looking worried. My heart beat rate increased…

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