Toto Pass Toto Episode 30



 Toto Pass Toto Episode 30

 ®️Fk Mask Z

Me: Tracy! Tracy! Where is my money, cheap ashawo!?
Victory: bro, na the girl be this? after you f--k am finish. She take your money run.
Me: yes na, wey she get stretch mark for left br*ast, she sabi swallow sp*rm.
Tracy: excuse me, who are you people?
Tracy bf: what is the meaning of this, Tracy?
Me: the meaning be say, after I f--k your girlfriend anyhow. She get mind thief my money, after she tell me say nobody don f--k am like me.
Tracy: baby, he is lying *crying*
Victory: em dey lie now, when you dey shout give it to me h*rder and faster, em no lie oh *thumbs up*
Tracy bf: how come he knows you have stretch mark on your left br*ast?
Me: ohooo! Ask am o.
Tracy: he is just guessing, no no.. He is my jealous ex boyfriend.
Victory: he is now your ex boyfriend now?
Me: you don know me ba, guy leave this ashawo.. She get hiv.
Tracy bf: don’t ever dare call me, if I see your both legs in my house. I will release my bull dogs for you *he ignite the engine and put the car in motion*
Tracy: please… Baby! I love you, please.
Victory: eyaaa.. Lover girl *Tracy running after the car*
Me: first to do, nodey pain. Second to do ehnn… Tracy, ntooor!!
Immediately we accomplished our mission, I and my brother disappeared from the scene. People were now coming out wondering why Tracy is ranting like an injured dog, we find our way to Kelly’s house.
We took a curve ’cause Kelly’s house is in east ward block, we were still walking on the road when a girl…
Girl: good evening.
Me & Victory: Evening. *she walk pass us vibrating her *ss more, we both turn at a time to witness it*
Victory: that kind small girl carry that kind big thing for back, na weapon of mass destruction if she grow oh.
Me: na those ones wey her nyash big pass her destiny be that, bro. You try for me oh.
Victory: you sabi scatter relationship oh *both of us start laughing*
Me: put legs for ground, make we go jassle Kelly before the idiot go run.
We reached Kelly house and we knocked, he opened the door wearing just boxer.
Kelly: Vicko… The twin don remember me today.
Me: Kello… This one you dey boxer, hope say you nodey knack sha.
Victory: make we enter inside na, this sun dey fry brain.
We went inside and Kelly offered us drinks, we refused to touch the drink.
Me: wetin be the name of the witch you carry give Biggy?
Kelly: you mean Chioma, na God safe me oh! I for don die by now.
Victory: you don turn Biggy to woman wrapper, Biggy don graduate from women washing undies university with distinction.
Kelly: em don reach that level?
Me: your head dey pain you? Em don pass sef. The girl get remote for Biggy.
Kelly: except say, we go go fine person wey go f--k her. If she like the person, she go release Biggy as she release me.
Victory: nobody wey no go fear for free s*x oh.
Me: no worry, all those park boys wey sp*rm don full their body. Dey even fine to f--k devil daughter, we go just select the biggest d*ck dash am.
Kelly: make we enter park go fine na, make em try fine small oh. She nogo gree for burnt offering oh.
Victory: no worry, we go select one wey fine give her. After em massacre her toto, she go free Biggy.
Me: oya na, come make we go… I get visitor, Kello we go enter park together na, tomorrow.
I and Victory left the room, Kelly escorted us down to the gate. He left us and we both entered the open street, we were gisting and talking when we sighted Tracy with four macho guys approaching us.
Me: bro, you dey see wetin I dey see?
Victory: yes, you wan wait to fight?
Me: I dey craze, apply speedometer without break.
We took to our heels and the hefty men with Tracy pursued after us, their heavy foot-falls shook the ground threatening earthquake, I ran like never before.
I do not imagine myself in any other place apart from mortuary if those guys lay their hands on us.
Luckily we saw a taxi and flagged it down, the driver examined us. We were breathing heavily like people escaping death. We were escaping death sha…
Me: oga, junction how much? Just there…
Driver: 1k.
Me & Victory: one thousand! Na plane?
Driver: ona dey go or not?

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