Toto Pass Toto Episode 29



 Toto Pass Toto Episode 29

 ®️Fk Mask Z

I knelt down and prayed over two hours, I have never in my life be so scared of dying.
Me: who wan kill man pikin, now that am enjoying my life.
I felt thirsty, so I visited the kitchen and drank one cup of water.
Me: na wa oohh… Small enjoyment kingdom of darkness will start running upadan to kill somebody.
Sleep was not an option so I busied myself on my study desk reading and doing research. When the time was 4am, I took my bath and prepared for work. I was a bit nervous, I pray I do things right.
Around 4:20am, I left my room for work.
Luckily for me I took a taxi plying the road after I beat up Musa before he opened the gate, he sleeps like someone who has been carrying trailer.
I paid the taxi driver who only had me and one other elderly man as his passengers that morning, after he dropped me at the gate. Surprisingly the gate was open, I just entered.
Me: my eyes dey worry me, Abigail!
She turned with a surprise look, she sure do recognized my voice I grinned from ear to ear. She was hugging herself, as she stood before the security checking point.
Abigail: Vic, you are early.
Me: very early, why are you here?
Abigail: came to supervise supply *shivering*
Me: cold dey finish my love *I hug her tight and refuse to let go*
Abigail: I never knew I needed that.
Me: you never can tell, my shift my hand small *she punch me playfully*
Abigail: bad pikin *her pidgin was struggling*
We stayed like that for awhile, before a thought came to my mind.
Me: why did not you, let your dad the director to do it?
Abigail: he is not my dad, he is just my uncle managing my dad’s industry *am safe fah!*
Me: visit me na! Please na!! Before you go na!!! *Abigail laughing*
Abigail: why so many na in your pleading, I will think about it. I may come, so… Close early.
Workers started arriving, she left after a brief chat with me. We were given the necessary training, the place for work smelt like hell. I would have quit right away if I had a choice, after the tutorial tour. I was stationed to a specific duty, mixing of chemical.
I was introduced to few apparatus that I have read in the books but have not seen them, after a brief trial. I was bailed out to start work tomorrow,
I did not eat anything. So, I was very hungry and I started seeing everybody as food, I cursed the instructors for not giving us a break.
I was in a taxi and my stomach was singing songs, in between two slayqueens.
Slayqueen1: oga, why you dey look me like say I be food *no lies, she resemble fried rice*
Me: no vex, you just too fine like fried rice.
Slayqueen: oga na wow for you oh, hope say you get money sha… *who call you?*
Me: no worry, you be stew rice. I nodey chop stew rice. *she is even chewing gum like prostitute*
I ignored both of them and concentrated on my ordeal, I was shifting uncomfortably moving the angry worms eating up my stomach walls.
I jumped down from the taxi immediately I got to my gate..
Driver: oga, my money! *I never pay, chaii*
Me: oga no vex *i give him 5h*
Driver: your change.
Me: keep the change *no be my mind sha… To prevent insult*
I ran pass Musa, and knocked repeatedly on my protector.
Musa: kai! Me dey catch am for shit!?
Me: Musa, my brother dey inside house?
Musa: yes oh.. Me dey hear am for hadar, f--k me me.. For inside.
He came out with sleepy face and unlocked the protector for me, I briskly walked pass him and settled with a plate of rice that I dished for myself in the kitchen.
After I swallowed 7 spoons in a split of a minute, I drank one bottle of water.
When my stomach has settled, I moved myself with the precious plate of rice to the bedroom.
The room was having foul smell, Musa was not actually lying.
Me: why here dey smell sp*rm sp*rm and toto water?
Victory: *smiling like Okafor* oboy, Ada sweet oh.
Me: you know say she don marry? her husband na millitant oh.
Victory: no mother force.
Me: I don hear you, when I rest finish we go enter Kelly house.
After I was done eating, I took my bath and rested for awhile before we left for Kelly’s house.
We dropped at Kelly street from a taxi, me and Victory.
Victory: no be Tracy be that? *pointing across the road*
She stood before the car’s driver seat talking with the car owner, I did not see her face but that Shape was that of Tracy.
Me: na she oohh, the witch have die in my hand today.
Victory: wetin she do?
Me: forget about question now, help me scatter this girl show. I go tell you later.
We quickly crossed the road, we were very closed to the car when Tracy looked back and saw me. She became scared, “you never see anything”
Tracy: baby, you can now go. I will come to your house later *go to where?*

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