Toto Pass Toto Episode 27



 Toto Pass Toto Episode 27

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I opened the door and saw Albino standing at the door with a tight pink gown, torn on her right leg upto her laps. She was glowing and slaying me with her perky b*obs, ’cause she was not wearing any bra and I assumed she neither wore p*nt, she came prepared and s*x was the last thing on my mind.
Me: Albino, chia… You fine die, you fine pass queen of England.
Albino: abegii.. Shift joor.
Me: this one you remember me today, I go make heaven if na so.
Albino: you dey fine talk, wetin you cook? *she enter inside the kitchen*
Me: nothing oh, cook for us na.
Albino: I resemble your wife, see your mouth like cook for us *talking from the kitchen*
Me: you know iffa I go marry you after you cook for me, nodey open pots like that. Na bachelor kitchen be that oh, and those pots are liable to rape.
She returned to the bedroom were I was lying on the bed with just boxer, with a glass of juice in her hand.
Albino: na only wetin you sabi, s*x and rape always on your mind, you nofit cook.
Me: you don see am na, this one you no wear bra. Hope am safe?
Albino: you be learner?
Me: yes na, am a virgin in the Lord *Albino laughing*
Albino: you wey devil don prepare s*x room for hell fire, you go manage indomie do the work?
Me: which work?
Albino: go ask Rihanna, my go prepare the noodles.
She entered inside the kitchen and started cooking, I was still thinking on what to tell Albino. Releasing more proteins from my body was not a good option to me at all, a knock landed on my door, at first I was scared it might be Beauty.
One mind was telling me to inform Albino to lie that she is my sister, I do not want to die young.
I kicked against that thought and went ahead opening the door that the person at the door knocked incessantly.
Me: break the door, say your papa na carpenter.
Voice: open door joor *I open it*
Me: Victory, mumu boy, how far?
Victory: I just dey na, you nodey reason your twin bro.
Me: no be so, bro. Na hustle ’cause am oh, come inside. Who give you the address?
Victory: na Biggy.
Me: Biggy don join press men *we enter inside the bedroom*
We were discussing when Albino brought two plates filled with noodles, the smell of the food was unusual and I was suspecting she added weed to the indomie.
Victory: pretty, you are so beautiful, bro na your babe be this?
Me: no oh, na my best friend.
Albino: thank you.
Me: babe meet my twin brother.
Albino: ona be twin, why you come black em come fair?
Me: when you see my mama ask her, I dey come my go buy sth.
Victory: I wan eat oh, this food go sweet die.
Albino: this food na for people wey wan do work.
Me: no worry make ona two eat first, my go buy tools for the work.
I signaled my brother to handle her on my behalf, I used my eyes and directed him to where condoms are kept in my room.
I came out and called Biggy line, it rang twice before he picked.
Biggy: oboy, where you dey? *low voice*
Me: you dey talk like person wey get accident, I dey come your house right away.
Biggy: accident kill you there, I just return from s*x hospital. Abeg, come quick quick, before man pikin die.
I ended the call and walked out to the open street through the gate, I was waiting for a car when I saw Chichi crossing the road to come and meet me.
I pretended that I did not see her and flagged down a taxi, and the idiot driver did not stop immediately.
Chichi: Victor! Wait for me… *walking towards me*
Me: Chi the heavy duty, cause trouble *she beam with her heavy gap teeth*
Chichi: you just dump your gal, where you dey live now na, I be come check you for that yard you been dey live before.
Driver: oga, you still dey go? *smiling like otondo*
Me: no, I don park for that side since na. *pretending not to hear the driver*
Chichi: you dey live here? *the driver jejely move his car*
Me: no, I dey live for Kingdom their side now. Make we talk later, I wan go see my aunty wey get accident for hospital, give me your number my call you?
Chichi: no, give me your own *she bring out her phone*
Me: *thank God my phone is on silence* 08041966600, my phone dey for charge.
Chichi: okay, the thing dey ring, no forget to call me oh *I nod*
I gave her Beauty phone number, she left and I took a taxi down to my former yard were Biggy now stays.
The children of the yard ran towards me, immediately they saw me.
Children: brother! Brother!! Brother!!!
Me: children! Children!! Children!!!
Children: yes, uncle!!! *they start laughing*
Me: make ona share this money.
I gave them Nigeria highest currency and left them fighting over it, I was shocked to see a girl foot wear on the door post of Biggy’s room.
I knocked..
Voice: come in…
I recognized the voice immediately and entered, I met the girl that was at Kelly’s house.
She wore only a bumshort and bra, pressing her phone on the bed.
Me: fine babe, what of Biggy?
Girl: em dey wash clothes for backyard.
Me: thank you.
I left the room and went to the backyard, I saw Biggy drying a girl’s p*nt and bra on the rope.

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