Toto Pass Toto Episode 24



 Toto Pass Toto Episode 24

 ®️Fk Mask Z

Me: alright. *I was calculating the money with me*
She asked me to drive but I refused, it will be an insult to me.
It will not make sense I just met her and I will jump on the wheel.
We entered the car and she ignite the engine.
Me: I never knew you had a car.
Beauty: ohh.. I do not like show off. *I hear you*
Me: that means your kind is rare.
Beauty: you did not ask me where we are going to.
Me: oh my bad, forgive me.. So where are we heading to?
Beauty: to your house, help me with direction *my body and d+ck leap in joy*
We drove to my house and Musa opened the gate over greeting me with joy as if she came to visit him, we entered inside the house.
Me: welcome to my little abode.
Beauty: nice place, but come here…
We hugged each other and started kissing, s+x made easy I was scared of my life.
Beauty: I love it h*rdcore, do not act like a kid.
Me: really?
I was surprised and scared, but I did not accept defeat so easily.
I carried her bridal style and threw her on the bed, she landed chuckling.
I removed my belt and pulled down my trouser, flung it off my leg.
I pulled off my shirt and threw it away, I pulled down my boxer and my d*ck sprung up pointing gingerly at her. She gasped as she saw my size and bite her lower lip, she hurriedly off her gown and remained only on her white p*nties. I walked to the bed naked and dragged her both legs towards me, I lower my face and run my tongue on her p*nted crack.
Me: you are w*t…
Beauty: f--k me like a b*tch, am w*t for your big long d*ck.
I shifted her p*nt and dug two fingers inside her p*ssy and moved it in and out slowly, I brought out my two fingers and s----d on them looking at her.
Beauty: s*ck me please, use me like your sl*t! I need your f*cking tongue on my w*t p*ssy.
I nearly quit, she is too raw. I tore off her p*nt and forcefully spread her legs wide, I dug two fingers again in her w*t toto. And started fingering her very fast, I took her cl*t in my mouth and s*cked like a baby.
She placed her hand on my head and started m*aning so loud like a screamer, I bet all my neighbors will be hearing her m*aning.
Beauty: ooohhh! Aaahh!! S*ck me…
After two minutes of s*cking her w*t p*ssy she shook violently and squirted, she breathed out heavily after she cl*maxed.
Beauty: my turn…
Me: BJ.. *she nod*
She pushed me down and s-------d me, she unclasped her bra and let it fall on me. She grabbed her two round firm br*asts with her both hands, she used her tongue and tickled her n*pples.
She grabbed my h*rd long thick big d*ck and j*rked my d*ck very fast that I feared my d*ck will cut.
She blew breeze on my h*rd d*ck and tickled the tip of my d*ck with her tongue. She covered my h*rd d*ck with her mouth and started s*cking stimulating my balls.
I pushed her off and raised one of her leg up to my shoulder, so that the little hairs around my d*ck will tickle her cl*t.
I took one of the c*ndom on the bed amongst the numerous c*ndoms I kept on the bed, and tore.
Beauty: what are you doing?
Me: I want to wear c*ndom.
Beauty: I like it raw, am on pills and am free, are you?
Me: am free too.
Beauty: just put it, penetrate baby *she grabbed my d+ck and directed it inside her hole*
I started thr*sting in with reckless abandon as she screamed down the roof, I grabbed and squeezed her br*ast every moment, she tried to shift away from me ’cause of the pleasure, but I will drag her back with the leg I hung on my shoulder.
Beauty: aaahhh.. Ooohhh! You are f*cking me gooooddd… Am… Aahh, gawdd…
Me: aah! Ahh!
Beauty: call me b*tch, d--n! F--k me as your sl*t.
I increased my thr*sting speed and she tightened her p*ssy muscles around my h*rd d*ck, I could not hold back my pleasure as we both cl*maxed same time, I was sweating in a room that has A.C. she shook violently as felt my warm c*m spurting deep inside her sweet canal.
Beauty: d--n! Your d+ck is so sweet, and you are such a good f+ck *breathing heavily*
Me: thanks, you are so sweet too… Will you be my girlfriend? *she kissed me slowly*
Beauty: I want to sleep..
She woke up after some minutes and we ate and f*cked all over the house till the next day, Beauty was like a s*x lioness. We became tired around 3am, I was overly tired and feeling pains all over my body.
I dosed off after I received s*x overdose from Beauty, no thanks to her.
We both slept off, around 6am I felt a sweet sensation on my d*ck. I was dreaming where I was s*cked, it was so real that I opened my eyes.
Beauty: good morning.
Me: Jesus!!
She laughed and continued s*cking me, she s-------d me and rode me expertly, slowly and fast playing with her br*asts.
She rode both of us to c----x, I slept off immediately after she drained all the protein and blood in me through my sp*rm.
I was so tired and weak so I just slept off like a dead man after the good morning s*x, later someone woke me up. I opened my eyes and I was seeing everything double…
Biggy: wetin happen? This house look like war ground, why you resemble person wey trailer jam?
Me: oboy, na trailer of s*x jam me oh, Beauty wan kill me.
A message entered my phone and I was shocked, my throat dried up and I realized I have signed for early grave.
Biggy: why you resemble person wey em container enter Ocean? *I give him my phone*
Biggy: I will be your girlfriend, if you dare cheat on me. I will kill you, from your lovely girlfriend Beauty.
Me: Biggy, am gone…

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