Toto Pass Toto Episode 23



 Toto Pass Toto Episode 23

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The driver tapped the bus twice and it moved, he was busy cursing me. I walked towards Small Mama, she did not see me earlier if not she would have ran.
She has a little baby on her back, she is one of those girls that Jay Z called ever young.
Small Mama was very beautiful and everyman wanted to be her husband, she kept on rejecting them because of her very young stature she did not realize that she is old. She always told us that she wants to marry a rich man as Dangote and famous as Wizkid.
After we learnt that futureless fine boy have impregnated her, we kept on pestering her mother to tell us her whereabout because she disappeared all of a sudden. And her mother kept on lying to us she has married a South Africa man, and both of them have traveled out of the country. Small mama was shocked to see…
Me: Small mama, how far now?
Small Mama: Victor, this one you dress like this? You wan go chop burial rice.
Me: your mouth still dey smell, here no be South Africa.
Small Mama: we just come back to greet my mama na…
Me: I see, why you dey trek like Job. Na rich people exercise be this? Wey your driver and car *her baby start crying*
Small Mama: you wan come laugh me? My driver dey fix my car for mechanic.
Me: eehhnn… I be wan give you 1k for life support, my dash you 2h to buy fuel.
Small mama: thank you.
She collect the money and I left laughing, I took bus and drove to my work place.
I entered the big gate after a brief talk with the gateman.
I saw one of the guy that laughed me on the interview day, I later learnt his name is Obinna…
Me: how far?
Obinna: oboy! You get the job?
Me: yes na, what of your friend?
Obinna: that one no pass the interview after em make mouth finish say the interview simple, my name na Obinna what of your name?
Me: I be Victor, make we stroll around the industry na.
Obinna: my guy, here big oh.. Work dey here and the place wey them dey process the soap dey smell well well, the interview no be here o.
Me: my brother na on God I take get this job, the canteen fine oh.
A girl came out of the canteen, she is so pretty that the world stopped rotating for me. She smiled and waved at us, and she walked towards the gate.
Obinna: guy!! wetin happen?!
Me: nothing oh, I dey come.
I ran after her and caught up with her outside the gate.
Me: hi, you are the one giving me sleepless night.
Girl: how? Do you know me?
Me: am Victor but you can call me Vic, am please to meet you.
Girl: am Abigail *forming*
Me: that is one of the angel name missing in heaven, my dear.. You are too beautiful to be human *smiling*
Girl: but am human.
Me: *scratching my head* umh… Please, can I have your phone so I can put my phone number?
Girl: no.
Me: since you want me to die.. *I walk towards the busy road in an attempt to commit suicide*
Girl: hey! What are you doing?
Me: I thought you said I should go and kill myself.
Girl: you must be joking, I did not ask you to commit suicide, alright. Take *I take the phone from her*
Me: thanks my love, I will call.
I ran back happily her eyes did not left my body, when I looked back she was beaming and shaking her head.
What a beautiful young lady, I met Obinna who was waiting for me.
Obinna: you go scoop that babe?
Me: yes na, the God of fruitful and multiply go vex iffa allow that babe just go.
Obinna: hope say God of fruitful and multiply go give you strength to act beauty and the beast.
Me: which one be beauty and the beast again?
Obinna: the beauty na that girl and the beast na our director, na director pikin be that oh.
Me: I don go fine trouble, I go delete her number. I no want make one bull dog bite me oh *Obinna laughing*
We started walking around the company and in the process we saw the director, the man is awfully big and huge. I doubt if he has cheek bones because his jew dropped like bull dog.
Me & Obinna: good afternoon, sir.
Director: afternoon, both of you are the new employees. *assassin bass*
Me & Obinna: yes, sir.
After we are done with the sight seeing, I took bus and went back home.
I did not find Biggy at home, I tried Beauty number since it is Friday that she promised to go out with me.
I called her…
Me: hello, sweetheart.
Beauty: hmmm.. Sweetheart? Are you still interested in taking me out?
Me: ofcourse my love, I want us to go to a club and remove the week stress.
Beauty: send me the address, am very busy now.. I will see you in the evening.
Me: alright, love
The call ended, I swept and cleaned my house thoroughly ’cause my crazy friend have messed up my house. After the clean up I took my best stachy out-fit to a dry cleaner, I asked him to apply his best washing and ironing skills on the out-fit, after I gave him extra cash for efficiency.
I went home and prepared my house like am expecting a governor, I set condom around the house it will happen in a moment.
Towards Evening she called,
Beauty: hello… Am at the place you asked me to come. *this girl na witch oh*
Me: sorry, I will be on my way right away.
I ended the call and rushed to the dry cleaner, took my outfit. Did a quick wash and made myself look nice then set out, I got to the place when the day was getting dark already.
I called her but she did not pick but she came down from a parked car, I was shocked. She looked prettier than the person I normally saw on her pictures.
Beauty: you are late.
Me: am sorry beautiful, you look prettier than your name. *she start smiling*
Beauty: I do not like here… Can we go to another place *my heart skip a beat*

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