Toto Pass Toto Episode 18



 Toto Pass Toto Episode 18

 ®️Fk Mask Z

Ada: my husband is back *tying her towel back*
Me: where should I hide? *parked the whole things I pulled earlier*
Ada: get inside the wardrobe *both of us sweating*
Me: no, no, bathroom.
Voice: sweetheart, am home! *heavy foot-falls coming from the hallway*
I ran inside the bathroom and I heard the door opening sound, breathing heavily and drenched with sweats of survival.
My foolish d*ck was still standing aright and strong, if I escape this I will stay away from s*x enhancer drugs I swore.
Voice: I was calling you, what were you doing?
Ada: I was naked, wanted to have my bath. Why are you home so early?
Voice: I forgot the file I wanted to take earlier inside the wardrobe *thank you Jesus*
After some minutes, I heard little sounds, probably he took the file…
Voice: you look so take away with the towel on you, baby.
Ada: owwhoo! I need you inside me baby *I dey inside this bathroom*
Heard kissing sounds for some minutes, and then the bed started making some sounds. I come wish say I don marry, my wife go hear am.
Ada: aahhh! Ooohh! Like that baby.. F+ck me hard, harder!! Ah ah..
Voice: ah aah ahh! your p+ssy so sweet!! *skin slapping sounds*
Bed: wikiwikiwiki….
Ada: sp+nk my big +ss *kpaaa!!*
Voice: yaaaa! Aaahhh!! Oh! Oh!
Two minutes later…
Voice: ummhh…… Aaaaaahhhh….. Am cummmmmmmmiiiiiinnnngggg….
Ada: no, no, am just starting to… Ah ah, enjoy it…
Voice: ah ah! ah! ah!! You are so sweet, baby.
I almost laughed out but I held myself, two minutes for quickie. I wondered how many minutes he will use in the night while servicing his wife, no wonder she is cheating on him.
I was anticipating for the man to leave so that I will rough handle his wife, everywhere was quiet maybe they are catching their breathes..
Voice: you are the best wife in the world, let me use the bathroom.
Ada: okay. * how em take dey okay?*
Heavy foot-falls approaching the door I was behind, my bladder immediately was filled up and I started urinating in my boxer and as pee dropped on the bathroom floor making sounds, I tried to stop it but it refused to stop.
Voice: did you keep the tap on?
Ada: oh! Yeah, yeah, I was busy washing my panties in the bathroom.
Voice: oh.. I will use the other bathroom then.
Ada: please do, I do not want you to see my dirty panties *so I be dirty panties?*
Voice: I love you so much darling, I will make it up to you in the evening.
Ada: love you too, I understand.
Their feet were making sounds as they exit the room through the door which sound I heard when it was slammed shut, I pulled my boxer and wore the short on.
I waited patiently for the door to open, my d*ck has already fallen by this time. The door was opened by Ada.
Ada: am so sorry… *with remorseful look*
Me: no be me and you oohh!!
I ran as fast as my legs could take me to my apartment, after washing myself and soaked my boxer I came out of the bathroom refreshed, I tried Tracy number…
Tracy: hope you did not take tramadol or viagra *laughing*
Me: Tracy, make thunder from transformer strike you with electricity.
Tracy: calm down now, I be wan come oh… But you see ehhnn.. I no get TP *laughing*
Me: na your parents you dey laugh, witch!! Idiot!! *she ended the call*
I angrily blacklisted her phone number and blocked her on whatsapp, Biggy entered the room…
Biggy: you been dey pray? I no know say you don join mountain of fire.
Me: oboy no be prayer oh, na Tracy wey for don land me for mortuary by now.
Biggy: I for come inherit this place na em be so, oboy… Your former yard girls bad oh!
Me: hope say you nodey f+ck f+ck those small girls?
Biggy: my brother, em hard to make heaven when person dey live for hell. Wetin you cook?
Me: I no cook anything oh, no near that kitchen oh.
He still went ahead and entered the kitchen and came back with a plate of rice, I decided to ignore him and ease my anger on social media.
A message came in from Albino…
Albino: chiaa! You wicked oh, you no even tell me say you don park commot sef.
Me: you no be dey around na, you go play away match.
Albino: shey you no get my number, if no be your friend I for no know, which side you dey? my come see you… *shey them send ona?*

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