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Toto Pass Toto Episode 46



 Toto Pass Toto Episode 46

 ®️Fk Mask Z

I started hearing Ikenna’s voice from the verandah and Umashi, he was cracking dry jokes and the mumu girl is busy laughing.
So this boy really vowed to shift my sister’s p*nt, he has graduated from outside to verandah who knows if I give him more chance he will not ascend to bedroom skipping kitchen then bed.
I appeared before them, Umashi was surprised she was not expecting me to return by that time.
Me: eeeehhh! Ona don graduate from outside to verandah, Umashi!! *I scream*
Umashi: daddy, welcome.
Me: welcome bomb you there! My fiend will you disappear inside?!
Ikenna: uncle Vic, welcome… Am just teaching her biology.
Me: abeg, no teach am again. Go your house, she no tell you say I be the best student for biology for theory and practical for my state.
Ikenna: uncle Vic, is not what you are thinking. Me and Vera are just friends.
Me: you even know wetin I dey think, you don see where girl and boy be friends? Umashi you still dey stand there!! *she run inside the house*
Ikenna: I am different, am just helping her.
Me: which kind help mama thank you boy like you wan render to my sister? I take God beg you, leave my small sister alone she never mature.
Ikenna: but Vera is a big girl, she can decide for herself *this boy want my kill am*
Me: no problem, as she be big gal, bring 5k come give am, if you like my sister go pay her bride for Ochigba, na one million naira. As I dey go inside, I no wan come out see you here again oh.
I warned and entered the house and saw Umashi on my reading text reading.
Me: you wan disgrace me? Tell the satan say them don loose. When you dey write Jamb?
Umashi: is tomorrow, daddy.
Me: na you dey dey talk with that boy wey no get anything to contribute to your future, you wan write Ikenna for your answer bah?
Umashi: *she shake her head* he scored 230, and he is teaching me how to score higher.
Me: anything below 250 you don fail, you better read forget about boys wey nofit sit down think about their future, from tomorrow you go be my P.A till you travel.
I wore my clothe and went out to get something for us to prepare beans she selected during the day, I came out and did not see Ikenna, very good.
I wore my clothe and came out of the gate, looked left and right before crossing the road when Traffick was free.
I looked around and saw the shop I usually buy ripe plantain from, I walked to the shop and was surprised to find a beautiful girl rather than a woman who has been my customer for her cheerful attitude of giving me customer bonus anytime I come to her shop.
Girl: good evening, what do you want to buy?
Me: you are very beautiful, I want to buy you.
Girl: *she blush* am not a goods oh!
Me: girl you too fine, where is your village, I wan pay your bride price?
Girl: hiaa… Owey oh! We nodey marry outside for our church oh!
Me: which church be that?
Girl: Jehovah Witness *toasting end there, I no want bible troops to frequent my house*
Me: you just make everything fine for this shop, how much be this beautiful plantain?
Girl: 400naira.
Me: hiaa! You want give me bp, abeg commot small money na.
Girl: bring 350naira.
Me: thank you so much my wife, you too fine. *she package it and give it to me*
Girl: you stay in that house *pointing to my house*
Me: no, I just go greet person there, I stay for the back.
Girl: okay.
I left the shop and went to the yard and saw Ikenna sitting down on a plastic chair pressing his phone, facing my apartment.
I laughed he thought my sister will come out not knowing that I have placed her under house arrest.
My phone rang and I picked it immediately…
Me: my one and only blood brother.
Victory: you wicked oh! You allow us trek like mad people that day.
Me: no vex, I think say ona no wan come that time, ehnn… Come carry Umashi go where she go write jamb tomorrow.
Victory: no problem, I go come.
I went inside and we prepared the beans together, she had good kitchen skills but I did not allow her to cook.
After we were done eating, I was so stressed out that I have to bath and sleep very early.
I held the kitchen key that leads to verandah in my hand while sleeping.
I was getting tired of sleeping, and I was about opening my eyes when I heard Ikenna’s voice calling out from the window.
Ikenna: Vera, come out, please.. *whispering*
Vera: I cannot come out, my dad has locked the entrance doors.
Ikenna: are you done thinking about it, I want you to be my girlfriend? *ehhnn! I stir on my bed*
Vera: am still thinking about it, go go… Before my daddy will wake up.
Ikenna: I will go, he is just jealous that I love you.
Love will kill both of you, after your exam tomorrow you will go back to where you came from.
I later called my two love before retiring to the land of dreams afterwards, the next day.
I quickly asked my sister to brush her mouth and start revising her books before 10pm, ’cause from were I stay to where she is going to write her jamb is just an hour ride.
She had her bath and we waited for my brother Victory, when it was 9:30am he did not show up. I have to call him…
Me: Victory, where you dey?
Victory: I dey for your side, carry her come out. I no wan see Sam.
Me: you see wetin your d*ck don do you?
Victory: just do am joor…
He ended the call, I carried all Umashi luggage and started arranging her belongings.
Umashi: daddy, what are you doing?
Me: your eyes dey pain you, after you write jamb finish, na from there you go go.
I carried her travelling box outside and locked the door, locked the protector and carried her box inside the booth.
She was looking at me with teary eyes, ‘I no send’ I started the engine and she entered, Musa ran to the gate and opened it.
I drove out of the gate and took a left turn, we were headed to the junction when I saw my twin brother waving at us.
I slowed down and parked my car at the road side, he came over to the window.
Me: drive am go there, from there… Carry her go house.
Victory: no wahala, car keys.
Me: take am easy oh! That car cost pass your destiny oh!!
Victory: you don kolo.
I came down and handed the car keys over to him, I walked down to my house, on entering the gate I saw two female and a matured man knocking at my protector.
I examined them, they were holding an umbrella with office bags.
One of them held bible, I continued walking…
Me: ona good morning, the owner of the house nodey around.

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