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Adventure Of A Bad Omo Pastor- Part 27/28



Adventure Of A Bad Omo Pastor- Part 27

Warning:Restricted Content: 20 Years +Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..

we started talking
me: so hope you enjoyed your day
she: of course i did, thanks a lot
me: thanks for what?
she: for taking me out and for the special treatment
me: ohh! okay, u welcome
she wrapped her hand around my neck and leaned closer and kissed me briefly.
Immediately she broke the kiss, i moved closer and started kissing her with so much passion.
She was trusthing her tongue into my mouth and rolling it like she lost something in my mouth. I started loosing my breath and broke the kiss.
we had to stop the romance because of the light that came on. She told me she’s going already so i saw her off to the bus stop where she was to take a bus to her house. I gave her some money for t. fare but she refused, claiming she had money on her and i have already spent enough money at the eatery.
I bade her goodnight and went back to the room and met Daniel watching movie on my laptop while Bayo was with a girl on his bed.
I went to my bed and slept straight off.

************fast forward**********

On thursday, I saw Tope in school and she told me she was having her birthday the next day and she’s organizing a party and i must be present. I said okay.
The next day, friday, she called me around 9am asking me to come to her house plsss…
I got dressed, and headed for her house at Yaba, where she lived with two of her friends who were coursemates of mine.
At her compound, different activities were going on. Cooking, arranging canopy outside, in front of the house, in the compound, etc…
i went into the house and she welcomed me with a kiss, thanking me for coming. I asked why she asked me to come at that time.
She said she needed a dj and musical set.
I picked my phone and called one of my friends that rents out musical sets and ordered two speakers and a mixer. He brought it down within few minutes with his car and i gave him some ca$h. I also called a friend of mine to come help me do the DJ work. He gladly came and we negotiated on any amount i had, since we are close pals.
the party was a success. Many of our coursemates turned up. I was the MC for the occassion. We had so much fun and Tope dressed very beautifully putting on a tan top on a jean and putting a jacket. Her b0s0m and butt0ckz are really really big, thats why i love her am an a.s.s and b.o.o.b.s freak.
After the party, around 8pm all the guests were gone and her two roomates or flatmates, informed us that they wouldn’t be sleeping at home that night.
better pikin them
See signaalll!!!

Adventure Of A Bad Omo Pastor- Part 28

Warning:Restricted Content: 20 Years +Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..

I payed my padi that did DJ, N3000 from my pocket while me and Tope went into the house and i fell on the bed like a bag of rice while she pulled off her jacket and put her hand inside the tan top and removed her bra. Her Tips was showing through the top. Her booby was round and beautiful. She fell on me and rolled amd lied beside me. She put her hand on my chest and was rubbing my chest, sending signal to mi d!ckson. I told her i wanted to take my bath and suggested we took our bath together.
We went to the bathroom that was like at the end of the corridor, you know how all these face me i slap you houses are. While we were coming out of the bathroom holding hand, one guy was going in with a bucket and giving me this hard look like he was saying “lemme catch you, you go know”. I ignored him and put my hands around her waist and this got him squeezing his face like a monkey. We got to the room and i was putting on my boxer and singlet while she tied a wrapper.

She sat on a chair filled with creams and make up kits with a mirror. She was applying one cream on her face and then called me to come help her apply on her back and help her massage her shoulder that she was feeling pain on her shoulder and neck.
I knew that was a sign.
I went and took the cream from her and started apllying on her back. Her skin was so smooth, it gave me an Attention. I moved upward and was doing a good job on her shoulder and then used skill to move forward and down…

I skillfully dipped my hands into her wrapper and started squeezing her bobby. it was so soft but was too big for my hand to cover.
I was pressing and squeezing and handling while she closed her eyes and was rubbing my hand. I moved to her front and pulled the wrapper off until she was completely unclad.

I took the b0s0m into my mouth and started sU-Cking while she shut her eyes and use one hand to press my head and slipped the second hand down and started fingering herself.
i could tell she was in cloud nine as she started m0an!ng and shoving her finger faster.
I replaced her finger with mine and started finger-bleeping her. After some time, i felt a warm liquid pour on my hand. My di.c.k was throbbing hard, begging for attention. I stood up and raised her from the chair. We started kissing passionately and went to the bed.
She raised one leg and put on the bed giving me full access to her p. I love that style so much. It give oppurtunity to hit the lady to the fullest.

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