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Adventure Of A Bad Omo Pastor- Part 23/24



Adventure Of A Bad Omo Pastor- Part 23

Warning:Restricted Content: 20 Years +Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..

I went back to my room after eating, with a plate of food that Stephen gave me. We were very good friends and most times, when i think I’m in love with his girlfriend, it pains me and I try eliminating the thought of it. That was the more reason I refused to tell her how i feel about her earlier on, I couldn’t imagining taking her away from Stephen. I knew how much he loved her so much and he once told me that he can do anything for her, and betrayal wasn’t and still isn’t associated wit me.

After eating, i put Nikita on my system and started watching. I had not watched up to an hour, when I got a call at to 10 and i answeres

me: hello

caller: hello dear

I thought to myself who could have this kin sweet voice, aha! she said hello dear sef, who could this be?

I couldn’t alot the voice to anyone in particular

me: pls who’s this

caller: Its Tiwa…

me: trying to rack my brain ermm… Tiiiww-aaaa… erm… sorry, the name doesn’t ring a bell except Tiwa asin Tiwa Savage

call continues

caller: lol… don’t be hillarious, shey Tiwa Savage go call you? who sabi you? I no fit laugh

Me: okay, which Tiwa

caller: redcross, we met last week at redcross meeting and i took your number

me:okay…just remembered i didn’t take her name or number

caller:now you remember abi?

me: yes, i thought you’ll never call sef

caller: don’t mind me av been busy

me: alright, how u dey?

caller: am good, please I’ll like to call you for extra cool tonight, hope you’ll be free?

ehe! back to the tori
where was i sef? yeah was making a call with Tiwa

call continues

me: yea, I’ll be free… don’t think I’ll be going to church tomorrow. Wait aren’t you going to church tomorrow? dat you want to call me overnight.

She: I’ll go to church but I’ll join the 3rd service around 12, so there’ll be enough time to sleep in the morning before church
me: okay then, i’ll be expecting your call

she: aiit, bye… don’t sleep off oo..
with that, she ended the call and i went back to my movie.

Adventure Of A Bad Omo Pastor- Part 24

Warning:Restricted Content: 20 Years +Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..

I went back to my movie absent-mindedly, watching and thinking of Tiwa, her sweet voice just kept ringing in my ear like how it happens in Nollywood movies. I started picturing her pretty face in my mind, her straight legs, her round-shaped b.o.o.bs and aa.ss.ss.
It was 12:30 already and I was watching my phone, expecting her call. I was still watching Nikita, but concentreting more on my phone than on the movie.

Around 1:10 exactly, her call came in and we started talking.
on the phone
me: hey babe, watsup?

she: am cool… your voice…
me: what happened to my voice?
she: it sounds different… like a bit thicker

me: yea, my voice is usually thicker at night or when i just wake up
she: okay…

me: and your own voice too.. sounds sexier, maybe cos its night
she: hmmm… funny you… so, hw did your day go?

………………..bla bla bla…………….
we talked and talked and when i checked the time, it was already 3 o’clock.

3:30, we were still talking. By now, nepa had taken light and my phone was hot and i was sweating seriously. I had to put her on hold and get my earpiece to use since i was sweating and didn’t want it to affect my phone.

We talked and talked about everything.

From family, to background, to church, activities, hobbies, and then love. At a point, she was like “I love you victor”. I was speechless and just told her I can’t say the same but that we should remain friends for now and see how things turn out.

We talked some more and she sang me a nice love song and i also sang for her. She had a lovely voice. We kept singing to each other’s earing till 4:00 then we ended the call and decided to spend some time together that sunday, when she’s back from church.

With that, we ended the call around 4am and i slept off.
I didn’t wake up until 11am that sunday.

Bayo and that my padi/roomate, whose name is Daniel were around.

I fixed myself something to eat, and went back to sleep.

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