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Adventure Of A Bad Omo Pastor- Part 21/22



Adventure Of A Bad Omo Pastor- Part 21

Warning:Restricted Content: 20 Years +Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..

She pulled down her short with one hand and took it off completely. She wasn’t wearing
[email protected] as I saw her slip her hand down and started massaging her Well and cl!t. It made my di.c.k throb and I dragged her close and replaced her hand with my mouth.
She smelt and tasted nice. I tongued her until she was m0an!ng and soon she got a shuddering orgasm.
She released her mouth from my d.i.ck and faced me. She sat on my di..ck and bent low and kissed me passionately.
I kissed her back burying my finger in her back.
All this while, my J0yst!ck was in her Kitty-Cat.
She stopped kissing me and started riding me on a journey round the world. I grabbed her small b0s0m covering it completely while squeezing her hard Tips. She was m0an!ng seriously at this gesture. I got tired of the position and we changed to doggie as she went on all fours on the bed while I stood on the floor.
I pumped in and out with fast rythmical moves and soon I wanted to Pour.

I remembered I wasn’t wearing a condom and I wasn’t ready to be called daddy yet, so I took out my J0yst!ck and she knelt and started sU-Cking and in few minutes, I came in her mouth. To my suprise, she swallowed all the load and licked me dry. She stood up and we lay on the bed for some kissing and b0s0m squeezing and sU-Cking and some Kitty-Cat licking before we both slept off in each other’s arm Unclad with only my blanket covering us. Our clothes were heaped on the floor beside the bed. We slept off for the night
I woke up the next morning and felt like someone hit with amnesia. I couldn’t recollect how she got in bed with me. I stood up and realised I was Unclad.
My other room mate had already gone out.
I woke her and she got out of bed completely Unclad. My di.ck started coming alive by the site of her bare body.
I told her to put on her clothes that I wanted to go somewhere and have to go take my bath. She dressed up and Bayo came in and they both chatted for a while before he saw her off out of the hostel.
I went to take my bath and prepared to go to my friend’s hostel so we could do an assignment together when Bayo walked in and we satred talking
Bayo: bad guy, you go don eff dat babe tire
Me: no ooo… how i go dey touch my oga property? you dey whynne me ni? abi you think say I no dey fear? I no fit touch my boss babe nau
Bayo: Ah! you mean say una no do anything?
Me: at all ooo… I swear, we no do anything
Bayo: you bleep up oo… How you and babe go stay the same bed over night you no do anything?


Adventure Of A Bad Omo Pastor- Part 22

Warning:Restricted Content: 20 Years +Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..
conversation continues

Bayo:abi you be impotent, wey you go see free toto, you no hammer am?
Me: I think say na your babe nau, na why I no do anything oo..
Bayo: No be my babe jare, na just side chick. I no know say you respect me like this o… you be real nigga man… I love you for that
Me: no, me no dey colobi my nigga babe nau..
even if na s£duce she s£duce me. That aside, I dey go one of my padi place for Complex hostel to do assignment till evening, maybe around 6.
Bayo: Okay bro, later then.
I went to my friend’s room in complex hostel. When i got there i was somehow suprised to find Moyo there. I greeted my friend, Stephen warmly and also greeted Moyo a bit casually.
I wasn’t suprised that she was there, but was suprised to see her there at that time.
Why wasn’t i suprised to see her there? because she was his gf, so she can be in his room at any time.
Seeing her, I discovered the love i had for her was growing small small. I felt like taking her right there and kissing her and…
Telling her how much I love her… my heart wasn’t beating well again. I was just looking at her as i held her hand in a hand shake fashion until her bf brought me back to life by tapping me on my shoulder.
‘oga wetin do you? you wan cut my babe hand?’
‘sorry, i shook my head I was lost… I’m just suprised to see her’ I replied still staring at her without even looking at who I was talking to.
We got straight to why I came and started working on the assignment.
We solved the assignment on calculus 1 together. I’m good at maths and futher maths, so solving it was no big deal for me, then we reported the practical we did on friday, which we were to submit on monday.
After doing all the neccessary things, I told stephen i needed to rest a bit and lied down on his bed while Moyo layed beside me. He said he wants to go get some ingredients to prepare lunch for all of us and left the room. I saw my chance and turned and faced Moyo and started talking out my mind…

I started a conversation with her
me: so you came for the assignment abi?
Moyo: No, I passed the night here
Me: coughed hmmm…
Moyo: hit me on my hand you’re not serious, why are you coughing?
she hit me hard but love made it soft, that I didn’t even feel the pain… #stupid love mtcheww
me: nothing ooo… just coughing.
Moyo: okay oo… cough very well, you go soon choke
We both laughed at the joke and i continued
Me: see Moyo, there’s something I want to tell you
Moyo: Yea, go ahead, am all ears…
conversation continues
Me: ermm… ermm…should i tell her on not? ah! d risk is there oo
She: what do you wanna say nau? say it…
Me: ermm… I… don’t worry
She: I want to worry
Me: no… i insist you don’t worry
She: okay if you say so
Stephen came back soon and by then I was asleep already, only to be awaken by the sweet aroma of jollof rice.
Stephen was a good cook and he prepared a delicious and proper jollof rice instead of the concuction rice we male students usually prepare
I woke up to see only him serving the food into two plates ans looked around but didn’t see Moyo. I inquired of her whereabout and was told she left some minutes ago. I said okay and started pouncing on the plate of rice in front of me.
It so deliciously garnished with carrot and spring onion with fresh red pepper and soft, delicious boiled fish, which i hardly put in my food when cooking *not cos of money, but no time to start seasoning the fish, slicing onion and pepper, dicing carrot, etc.

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