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Adventure Of A Bad Omo Pastor- Part 19/20



Adventure Of A Bad Omo Pastor- Part 19

Warning:Restricted Content: 20 Years +Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..

I told my dad I’d gotten hostel buh it goes for N20,000, so as to use the remaining money to do some runs around school.
My dad gave me the money the following morning and I got to school and together with some money i got from a friend, I paid for two hostels and in a week, the hostels were ready.
I solicited for buyer and sold one of the hostel space for N28,000 and gave that my friend his own share of the money.
The business of buying and selling hostels went well until people were not looking for hostel anymore. I made quite a good sum of money from it. Some people will only be too glad to pay as much as 32k just to get an hostel.
My hostel was quite annoying due to it being the worse. It was an 8-man room(meant for only 8 people) with double-bunk beds at the four corners of the room.
In my room, we were up to 14 guys and it was annoying. Someone could just use your stuff without you knowing who used it
Some of the guys there were boring guys asin pastorial, but there was one guy, Bayo.
The guy was a soji guy. He used to bring babes to the hostel and some nights I would hear their noise of intimacy. The guy some nights will bring my coursemates and would f.c.k them at night without feeling ashamed that other guys were there in the room.
One of the days, he brought a coursemate of mine called Dami.
Dami was a girl the same height with me,she had very cute face but small b.o.o.b.s and quite moderate a.r.s.e
Th at day was a friday and all my roomates had gone home for weekend break but I stayed back in school. In the hostel, it was only me, Bayo and my padi that we did sales of hostel together.

The room was quite when we heard a knock on the door. Since my bed was close to the door, I went to open and we were surprised to see each other. She opened her arms and hugged me tight. I could tell she was happy to see me.
I ushered her into the room and Bayo saw her and took over from me
He took her to his bed where they both started gisting till 10pm. Beyo told her he wasn’t going to sleep in the room that night as he had work to do with one of his coursemate that night. She told him she wanted to spend some time with me before going and he agreed and bade her goodnight.
Immediately he left the room, she came over to my bed and informed me that she can’t go home again since it was late already that I should please allow her to crash with me for the night.
I told her ‘no problem’..
We went to the bathroom together so she could take her bath. She went into one of the bathrooms in the hostel you know all these hostel bathrooms are arranged the bathroom while I stayed beside watching for her, so I can ward off any guy coming that a girl is in the bathroom.
She finished bathing and came out with only her towel. She wasn’t s*xy** at all due to the small size of her bo.o.bs I took her by the hand back to my room and by the time I got there, my padi around had slept deep already.
I tried waking him up for dinner but to no avail.
Dami asked for something light so I gave her one of my polo and a short to put on. She turned her back to me and unrapped the towel completely. Her beautiful round behind came into full view and when she bent to put the short on, I could see her p.u.ssy from behind, it was beautiful too. My J.T was already gaining some attention but I was able to put it under control..

Adventure Of A Bad Omo Pastor- Part 20

Warning:Restricted Content: 20 Years +Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..

She was done with dressing up and we ate together and watched a movie on my Laptop before going to bed.
When we lied on bed, I turned my back to her and she put her hands around my body and started rubbing my bare chest I wasn’t putting on shirt cos of heat. The school gen had been switched off and Nepa didn’t give us light I instantly developed goose bumps and a hard-on. She teased my Tip and sq££zed it a little making me harder.
I turned and faced her and asked why she didn’t allow me to sleep.
I asked her why she wasn’t sleeping and why she didn’t allow me to sleep and she gave me a very shocking reply that I didn’t expect, she said “you’re sleeping and backing a lady sleeping beside you… abi you’re impotent?”

Those words were so shocking as I wasn’t even thinking of anything of such but my di.ck was thinking of that. I knew what she was talking about but acted like I didn’t one thing about me is that I always like a girl to make the first approach when it comes to intimacy
‘What do you mean?’ I asked, acting ignorant. Nepa brought the light our room lights came on. I looked at her eyes and saw the passion in her eyes. She was licking her lips and smiling and eyeing my seductively.

She started rubbing my chest with two fingers and said ‘you know what I mean nau! stop acting like you don’t’. She saw the buldge in my short i was wearing and took her hand from my chest down to my belly and then teased the hair on my lower belly then started stroking my d.i.ck gently.
My d.i.ck was growing harder with every touch as the short i put on was quite light and free.
She put her hand on the head of my rooster and rubbed it making it throb.
I looked down and the short was a bit wet with pre-Pour.
She looked in my eyes seductively as she went down on the bed and brought out my J.T and put her soft mouth around. I felt so much pleasure as she circled her tongue around the head of my di.ck. Her pu.s.sy was directly in my face as she sU-Cked in a 69 fashion.

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