Adventure Of A Bad Omo Pastor- Part 17/18



Adventure Of A Bad Omo Pastor- Part 17

Warning:Restricted Content: 20 Years +Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..

Iwanted my revenge on that guy that punished me cos i love revenge like food.

I was thinking of a way to take my revenge but didn’t find anyway.
I went to redcross meeting and it was so easy joining.
They just sold form for me and asked me to pay N500 for I.D card and N1000 for uniform which i will collect after training.
They discussed about hostel purchase and said form is N14000, which is the normal price the school offers the hostel.
I enjoyed the redcross meeting so much as it wasn’t stressful at all. The redcross society is a paramillitary group so no too much millitary actions. There were fine girls there too.
I quickly picked up the redcross anthem and VAD prayer.

I saw one chick that caught my fancy. She was pretty and she had 2 holes pierced in her ear and a hole in her nose. She also had this gaga hairstyle that made her look like a rough girl.
She was still pretty though and she had nice small lips.
I got an empty seat beside her and sat. I just said ‘hi’ to her and she faced me and started smilling like a zombie and in my mind i was like ‘wetin do dis one? aha’ I looked away and looked back at her and she was still staring at me. I tried to imaging what she was thinking at that moment but couldn’t get it.
I looked in her eyes this time and said ‘hey whatsup?’
‘are you talking to me?’ she asked
conversation continues
me: yea… I’m referring to you… how are you?
she: I’m good, you?
me: Coool!
she: what is this redcross thing all about sef?
me: I just joined today… wait, why are you here if you dunno what its about
she: A friend invited me to join.
me: ehe! anyway, lets see how it turns out
she:yeah! lets see how it goes
we both faced front as the commandant was now speaking. He talked about training that would come up later in the year.
We were also taught how to administer first aid.


Adventure Of A Bad Omo Pastor- Part 18

Warning:Restricted Content: 20 Years +Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..

It was time for practical demonstration to be done by the assistant commandant.
She was an HND1 student of biochemistry.
She was somehow busty and light in complexion with very smooth skin.
She said she would choose someone for the demonstration and befor i could sum 1 + 1 to give 2, she pointed at me to come forward.
I went forward and lay on the blanket provided for the demonstration. She showed the process step by step and showed how to do the chest compression.
As her soft hand touched my chest, i felt electric signals flow through my body, but i controlled my d!ckson not to react.
After that she was about showing mouth to mouth respiration.
The name of the whole process was CPR(Cardio Pulmonary Resusitation) for an unconcious person which involved a mouth to mouth respiration.
She opened my mouth half way and suprisingly she placed her lip on mine which explaining to everyone.
Her was very soft.

My dic.k started raising its ugly head small small.
In the process, her tounge touched my inner lip.
All the guys there were just making noise and shouting ‘ehe! eyh! eyyh! bobo yi ti gba kiss olofe sha! ewo enjoyment!’ I just lied down with my eyes closed like nothing was happening.
She finished the process and I went back to my seat and the first thing the girl i had a conversation with earlier said was ‘omorr… you don take style collect free kiss abi?’
me: wetin i go do nau?
she: na you sabi
me: this place is fun tho
she: why wont it be fun for you?
conversation continues
me: na you know… hmmm… so which department are you and what course are you studying?
she: SMBS studying accounting, you?
me: Chemical science, Science Lab. Tech.
she: wow… eyin scientists… awon brain. Na una get brain pass
me: shey en whynne me… who wan get brain pass us before?

We gisted some more after the meeting was drawn to a close and she asked for my number which i gave to her.
Later that night, when i got home i told my dad about the redcross and about hostel.

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