Adventure Of A Bad Omo Pastor- Part 13/14



Adventure Of A Bad Omo Pastor- Part 13

Warning:Restricted Content: 20 Years +Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..

I stood up and went to pee and came back lying down. I turned on the green coloured light in the room. Her as.s was so beautiful in the short nightie that barely covered her tigh. Her a.s.s looked even bigger and looked like she didn’t wear a pant. I lied down again with my di.k still very hard. I got bolder and moved closer to her bringing my in contact with her behind.
I almost came immediately.
I got bolder and loosened the button on my boxer and pulled up her nightie revealing her fleshy a.s.s.
Yeah, I pulled up her nightie reavealing her fleshy and sweet a.s.s and like i guessed, she wasn’t wearing pant. I brought my di.k in direct contact with her behind and the feeling was like heaven. I was still in my heavenly state when I felt her move. Before i could adjust myself so it doesnt look like am doing anything, she had already turned around to see my homoerectus John Thomas staring directly at her.

As she turned around, I couldn’t take my eyes off her neatly shaved
It was moist and the green light gave it this glistening effect. Her was bald and fat as well and my J.T was pointing directly at it, like a hand pointing at something telling me “see that place, that’s where i wanna be”.
I expected her to shout, or insult me, treathen me, but instead, i guess she was turned on as well at the sight of my
her response suprised me so much she just said “wanna play?” and i nodded my head affirmatively like an hungry agama lizard.
She hugged me making her b0s0ms which was already firm, come in contact with my bare chest through her night gown. her night gown was a very light velvet material, making her look n.ud.e
As she hugged me, my cork came in contact with her pipi nene making me throb so hard. As we hugged, she used her hands to guide me into her sweet honey pot.
It was a triumphant entry into the treasure island. The place was wet, warm, smooth, sweet… all i could think of was: NO PLACE LIKE HOME

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