Adventure Of A Bad Omo Pastor- Part 6/7



Adventure Of A Bad Omo Pastor- Part 6

Warning:Restricted Content: 20 Years +Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..

We danced, danced and danced and then we all decided to play a game called ‘devil’s basket’ where an instruction will be written on a paper and put in a basket being passed around while music is playing. If the music stops and the basket is with you, you have to do what is written on the paper or pay a fine of N800. It was so much fun as people were doing crazy stuffs there.
Kissing, carressing and even smooching was not left out of the things you must do.

The next i knew, the basket stopped at one girl like that Ijeoma was her name and she was asked to pick any guy. She came to me and picked me before reading out what was written on the paper.
I had never got a lap dance before. I didn’t really fancy her though she was quite pretty nut she didn’t have a big a.s.s. Moderate sized. She was wearing a tank top on leggings and the leggins did the work of making her butt quite inviting.
I didn’t know what to expect..

I just sat on the chair provided for the dance stuff like a criminal waiting to be interrogated by a police officer.
Slow music started playing and she came closer to me and started wriggling her bo.o.ty in my face.
She sat on my lap and partially my d.i.k which was already gaining momentum and started whinning her waist slowly but rhythimically.
I was in heaven*
At interval, she would stand and sit again on my d.i.k giving me this s£nsat!on like i was about to release right there.
She was doing the dance like a professional stripper.
I felt like grabbing her and sqeezing the hell out of it but I wasn’t allowed to use my hands.
While all this was going on, i noticed that some guys nd girls were going outside the party which i knew was for a quickie.
The dance was stopped and Ijeoma stood up from my leg which was shaking like that of a goat on heat. She winked at me and whispered “hope you enjoyed the dance? Can we see outside for a minute please?”..
Show time.
yeah! so we went outside the party and the first thing i said was “mehn!… you’re good at the lap dance thing” she just smiled and said thanks. I knew she wanted s*x and that was why she called me outside but i didn’t wanna iniciate the idea. I wanted her to ask for it, just incase that’s not her intent on bringing me outside and i didn’t really fancy her because she didn’t have all the qualities i liked a lady to have #you know what i mean nau
We both stared at each other mute waiting for who’ll make the first move. The thruth was, we both knew that we came our for s3x but who to make the first move was the point and it wasn’t going to be me.

“So why did you call me out here?” i asked her, breaking the long silence.
“You know why” she replied with a whisper bringing her lips closer to mine to meet for a kiss.
I held her head and pulled her closer to me kissing her like i was going to eat her lips off.
we kissed for some seconds but i wasn t enjoying the kiss because her lips were somehow hard and dry, therfore i broke the kiss. She scoffed and drew in for another kiss. I didnt refuse the kiss but kissed her back and this time i grabbed her butt and sq££zed hard it was soft though small and the leggins she was putting on made it sweeter to sqeeze.
The kissing continued as we moved away from the light to somewhere dark. Immediately we got there we did everything fast.
I turned her around swiftly and she bent over and leaned on the wall close by while pulling down her clothings.
I pulled down my trouser and inserted a condom on my already standing Mr. John. I went sraight into her honey pot with ease and started banging hard and fast.
kpaka! kpia! kpak! that was the only sound emitting from that dark corner we were in.
She wasnt making any noice and i didn’t like it so i increased the ferocity of my bangs and it worked.


Adventure Of A Bad Omo Pastor- Part 7

Warning:Restricted Content: 20 Years +Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..

ashh!! oh yeah!! f**k me!! oww!! harder!!! ouch!!
She was screaming like a Slt. I kept hitting harder like i wanted to win an oscar for sx and she was motivating me with her scream. within minutes i felt my load rising and i knew i wouldn’t stay longer before exploding.
In few seconds i was shooting my load in the C.D.
I checked my phone and saw it was 8 O’clock already and daddy had warned me to come back home before 8:30.
‘IJ, I have to get going’. I said to her as we hugged and kissed.
I got home and didnt even bother going to greet my parents in their room cos i was smelling of liquor. I just went straight to the bathroom and brushed my teeth thoroughly and take my bath.
I came out freshened up and smelling good and my dad inquired why i didnt even come to inform them i was back. I told him i was tired and sweating and smelling and that i needed a bath immediately. I ate my dinner and went in to sleep and i got a call from Ijeoma.

We talked for like 30mins and we discussed various issues like our plans after secondary school, and we also talked about the s.x we had at the party and from the convo, i discorvered she was still at the party. After I dropped her call, i called Stella and we talked for about 20mins before i heard “you have one minute left”.
That night i slept so well and woke up the next day at about 11am.
No one was at home except me and so i was left with a chunk of house chores and cooking to do all alone.
I finished my chores before 3pm and called Stella to inform her that i was coming to her house.
I knew s*x was sure to happen as there was no time i visited her that we didnt do the needful.
I checked my wallet and discovered i used my last c.d the last night with Ijeoma. Now i was faced with a problem of how i would buy condoms. I’ve never bought a condom before, i always collect from my friend.
The reasons why i felt somehow about buying a c.d was: first i had a small stature that could pass for a child and secondly, many people knew i was a pastor’s son. So going to ask for c.d was terrifying.
I got to the first chemist shop and one matured woman was there. Immediately i saw her, I lost my nerves thinking of how she could insult me and all that… I just told her i wanna buy paracetamol and water
I went to the next chemist shop on my street and i met a young guy selling but…

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