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Dirty Hustler - Episode 17


Dirty Hustler - Episode 17

After our meeting with Mr Bayo who had given us the sum of 200 thousand Naira, Broda wasn’t satisfied.

He dialled Musa’s private phone number severally but Musa never picked.

Broda told me he contacted Musa’s wife on facebook informing her of my pregnancy but she blocked him. He also tried reaching out to Musa’s brother but he also ignored him.

For three long weeks, Broda made me shuffle between the Company and Musa’s house where I stood by the gates from dusk till dawn just to get Musa’s attention. It didn’t work, the only attention I got was ridicule by other staffs.
“I don tire, this belle don dey reach 4 months…I no think this man go pay the money, e better make we comot am now.” I said to Broda one evening.

I had just returned from standing at Musa’s gate, I felt very tired.
Broda turned to eye me. “Na you never ready to collect the money. You suppose dey cry, dey shout for him gate. No way wey he no go answer you.”

I frowned at Broda. Whenever Musa’s car came up his driveway, I always ran to hit at the doors and window as I begged him. His security men always chased me away, sometimes they would lash me with their whips. Broda would never understand how humiliating it was, I thought.
“For 3 weeks now, I dey stand under sun and rain dey beg am… If he fit pay, he for don do am since, I don try abeg…the pregnancy sef dey weigh me down, I need remove am, the earlier the better.” I suggested.
Broda looked me over with the corner of his eyes. “Hmm…okay.” He said as he nodded. “You no wan go beg am again abi? No wahala…but make I ask you first, you get money to take remove am?”

I was surprised and irritated by the question. “Which money? I dey give you all the money na.”

Broda hissed. “Sister, your abortion money dey part of the 20 million wet the Arab dey hold. If he no gree pay, born the pikin, go drop am for him house.”

I began to vent as tears rolled down my eyes.

“Which kind talk be that?! The man pay 200k, na only 10k I need for the abortion, you fit keep the rest to yourself!”

Broda raised his brows at me and laughed.

“Abeg o, Madam vex…no be me you suppose dey para for, go meet the man wey give you the belle…after all, when una dey screw, you no include me…na now wey e no sweet you again you come dey drag me inside, it’s not done.” He said as he kept on laughing.

My cheeks felt hot, I wished I could punch him in the face.
“No be you tell me say make I carry the Belle for am?!” I screamed at him.

Broda shook his head at me. “Cherry you see how dumb you can be…no be you go open your mosquito legs for am in the first place? It was bound to happen. Don’t force the bastard in your womb on me–”

I didn’t think twice before I landed a slap across his face. I opened my mouth wide in surprise at my action. I wanted to apologize to him but I couldn’t find my words.

Broda held his face, his eyes shot daggers into mine. “What did you just do?” He asked as he stood up from the mat, he started to unbuckle his belt.

I stood up after him. My instincts told me to run but I decided to stand still and face him.

“Beat me! Beat me!!” I raised my hands to my sides and moved closer to him. “You don already kill me finish, I am dead inside! Nothing wey you do me fit pain me again!” I cried.

Broda pulled my hair and used my head to smash the wall. I yelped out in pain. I turned and stretched my hand to grab him by his shirt, I used that as leverage to pull my body close to his and I sank my teeth deep into the skin on the side of his belly.

He groaned in pained and landed powerful blows on my head for me to let go but I clenched my teeth and held his skin firmly in my mouth.

“You dey craze abi?!” He yelled at me as he kept on pounding my head and back. I began to feel dizzy from his blows and finally let him go.

He pushed me to the floor and picked up his belt. “You b---h!” He screamed. “Who dey give you mind, you wan fight me?! Who you be?!” He asked as he struck me severally with his belt.

I whined and whimpered but I didn’t beg him to stop.

I heard him panting. “You be waste product! Thank God say I don process my visa finish, I dey go buy my ticket and next week by God’s grace, I don move!”

I looked up at him with my eyes wide, I couldn’t believe what I heard him say.

He laughed when he saw my face. “You dey surprised? You think say I fit put up with a prostitute like you!” He spat at me and struck me again with his belt. “By next week, I don leave the country, I be wan kick you out since but–”

I didn’t hear the rest things he said. My mind raced and my head began to spin. Never would I have thought Broda could betray me so. I never suspected he was planning to travel, I had been busy with work and running helter skelter to get Musa to pay the money. He purposely kept me in this dilemma to distract me from his wicked and selfish plans, I thought.

“…Better go back to your Mama’s farm you bush pig! Oh, I forgot! She won’t even let you in. The last time you came back home pregnant she footed the bills and you ended up selling the child and you plan to take home this bastard to her?” He laughed with scorn.
“Cherry, I no say make you pack o, you don try for me, I be wan even drop like 2k for you as I dey go but you just spoil everything… Anyhow sha you fit do wetin you wan do after all you get Arab sugar daddy…” He said and laughed again.

My chest began to feel tight. I couldn’t breathe properly. I wished the ground could open up and swallow me.

“….Make I tell you one secret, you wan hear?” He looked at me for an answer but I didn’t reply. He continued anyway. “After he pay the 200k, I tell your Arab say I be your boyfriend and na me get the belle… I know say he no go pay the 20 million, if I persist, he fit kill me, I just want make you suffer, make you know say you no fit cheat on me and go scot free. Ashawo!” He spat on me.

He turned away and began to walk out of the room.

Till this day I tell you, I don’t remember how I got hold of the pestle or how I ran after him, I don’t even understanding how he didn’t hear me come after him.

All I know is that I hit him with the pestle at the back of his head and he fell to the floor. I kept on pounding his head with the pestle till he stopped moving.

When I finally stopped, I was deeply satisfied with the way his face caved into his skull and the sight of his blood had a calming effect on me.

For the first time, I spat on him.

To be continued.

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