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Dirty Hustler - Episode 16b


Dirty Hustler - Episode 16b

Two weeks later, Broda and I arranged a meeting with Musa.
We were to meet at an open field close to an Anglican Church, three streets away from where we lived.
We had done an ultrasound which indicated the foetus was about two months old.

Broda and I stood waiting on the field for Musa for over two hours. The sun was blazing hot and there was no shade around to hide under. The sun burnt my skin. After a while, my legs became weak.

I complained to Broda about it but he asked me to shut up, he was getting impatient with Musa’s
lateness as he had dialled Musa’s number severally but he didn’t pick up. I almost suggested we leave but I was scared Broda could hit me.

A black SUV drove into the field and parked in front of us. A short bald man with dark sunglasses alighted from the Jeep. He was escorted by two armed police men.

I gulped and turned to look at Broda. I could see fear in his eyes but he didn’t move.

“Make we go.” I whispered to him as they approached us. He ignored me.

My heart began to race as started to regret the whole situation.
“Good afternoon Sir and Madam.” The short man bowed his head slightly at both of us. “I am here to represent Mr. Ibrahim Musa. My name is Mr Adekunle Bayo . He sends his apologies as he had something urgent to attend to. Nevertheless, he briefed me about it and I can take it up from here.”

“Why did you bring them?” Broda used his chin to point at the police men who stood beside Mr Bayo.
“Oh never mind them. They are just my bodyguards. I move everywhere with them.” Mr Bayo shrugged.

I didn’t believe him. I wanted to grab Broda’s hand and ask him to run with me but I froze like a statue.

“Let’s go straight to the point.” Mr Bayo spoke quickly. “What is it you want? Mr Ibrahim has told me about the whole pregnancy saga, he suggested she goes for an abortion as he doesn’t want it.”

“She can’t do such. We are Christians and it is against our family tradition. He needs to take up his responsibility.” Broda said with a firm voice.

Mr Bayo took off his sunglasses and held it in his hand. He nodded his head slowly at Broda like he understood him. “If I may ask, what sort of responsibility?”

“It’s his child we are talking about here, he should know. My sister needs comfort especially now in her delicate condition. She needs accommodation, a car and all that would make things easier for her. Nobody is asking him for marriage as he has already made it clear he won’t marry her.”

Mr Bayo nodded as Broda spoke. “I understand, my boy.” He stretched out his hand and one of the police men stepped forward to drop a fat brown envelope on his open palm.

“Here.” He handed the envelope to Broda who received it. “That is the sum of 200 thousand naira. Do as you please with it. Mr Ibrahim wants the case closed.”

Broda threw the envelope to the sandy soil on which we stood.
“The case is just beginning.”

As Broda dipped his hand into his bag, the police men pointed their guns at him. I let out a loud gasp as I raised my hands and I turned to look at Broda to see his hands were also raised.

“I just want to bring out my phone.” Broda announced. The police men didn’t put down their guns. Broda left his left hand up while he slowly used his other hand to reach into his bag to bring out his phone.

He fumbled with his phone a bit before holding it out for Mr Bayo who squinted his eyes to look at the screen.

“I know his wife and some of his family members. I am ready to let them know of my pregnant sister.”
I opened my mouth wide as Broda spoke.

“He’s married?” I asked Broda. I couldn’t understand why I felt so downcast.

The look Broda gave me made me feel stupid. I lowered my eyes to the floor.

“We need 20 million. It will be like nothing ever happened.” Broda said to Mr Bayo.

Mr Bayo chuckled. “My boy, if I were you, I would be grateful for the 200 thousand.” He turned to me. “Mr Ibrahim said I should let you know your employment with the company has been terminated. Good day Sir and Madam.” He bowed his head slightly and turned to walk to his SUV.

“His wife will hear about this! And the company too! It will be all over social media!” Broda yelled. It seemed like the veins in his neck would burst.

Mr Bayo turned back slowly to look at Broda. “And you think anyone would listen to a hungry scoundrel? My boy, don’t push your luck.”

The police men kept their guns pointed at Broda and I till Mr Bayo entered his jeep before they followed suit. The jeep drove off spraying dust on Broda and I .
Broda’s eyes were red with frustration.

To be continued.

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