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Aduke-Episode 9


Aduke-Episode 9

©Aderibigbe Ayomide(oko Adesewa)

Notice: This is my real life story and not a fictional one.
Rated 20+ contains foul languages and sex in writing.

The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of surprises.
When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. I sat there in bewilderment and not thinking straight. The whole situation mystify me especially when I heard let go naughty, and that left me completely befuddled.
“who and who is going naughty, I see no guys here ” I reasoned quietly. I was perplexed, but when it became crystal clear. I realized lesbians ain’t extinct, they never were, they are just living in the shadows like ware wolves.
It all started by some nasty kissing, believe me, I’ve never see a kissing like that before in my life. I thought it would end there, but they started stripping themselves naked.
“oh… My… Bastards of Togo land! ” I muttered slowly when I saw different size of breast.
The view was like watching a p--n in a cinema projected on a large plain surface.
Some were in Two’s, some in three, some were even gang bang.
I sat comfortably on the chair as I enjoy the view, Mr konji was already up, of cos he deserves to be up, the view was too much for him.
I looked at the ladies, some of them are big girls on campus, no one will ever suspect that they are lesbians.
I use my eyes to search for Adejoke but everywhere was too crowded to locate her position.
While searching for her, I saw Rose approaching my direction from distance so I quickly compose myself. I’ve forgotten that I’m the only one left on the high, the others has gone naughty.
“hi handsome ” she greeted. I looked at her to reply, but I swallowed back the word. My eye caught sight of her breast, it’s either someone pop it out or she did it herself.
” are you okay? Why are you not joining the party? ” she asked. This time, I think she deserved an answer.
” I’m fine like this, I’m enjoying myself from here, it fun ” I replied. She looked at me with some crazy look that accelerate my d--k a bit.
“you sitting here is no fun, going in there with the ladies is fun… ”
“what! That’s suicide, I won’t make it back ” I cut in.
” you know why you ain’t seeing anyone with you since? ” she asked. I waved my head to indicate a no response.
“because I asked them not to, I’m the celebrant and I deserve some special treat ” she said then she mount on me.
“hey wait… Where’s Adejoke? ” I asked trying to hold myself back.
” I don’t know, maybe she’s with her f----r ” she said then she place a light kiss on my lips.
” you ain’t saying a word about what you see today to anyone are you ” she questioned as she romance me slightly.
” no I’m not… But I can’t promise that I won’t write it in one of my stories ” I said.
” yeah, I would love that… One more thing… Write this too ” she said then she attack with a more rapid kiss. I’ve been anticipating to grab her breast and this give me no time but the best opportunity to have my chance.
I freed her breast fully from the gown, then I squeeze it hard with my hand. The sensory got more harder as she torn away my suit.
” easy… easy the suit is expensive ” I muttered out of sensual.
” I know, but I’m far expensive ” she said as she rip off my clothes.
Within some seconds, I’m naked. I felt a little bit ashem cos I’ve never been naked in front or in the midst of a crowd so I shyly focus on what I’m dealing with.
” we don’t have all the time, just hit me from behind, I prefer doggy. ” she muttered as she put in my d--k into her p---y.
Well since she did not have time, let keep it that way.
She screamed out when I d--k down into her p---y, I guessed she’s too used to dido and some little finger f--k. But this time, this is a real hard d--k.
I gave it to her from behind and her p---y cream came running all over my d--k. It feels so good to f--k a lesbian hole so I gave it my best.
I saw some ladies watching us, but I choose not to care.
I’m getting to enjoy the f--k when she suddenly pull her out and squirt right on my suit that’s on the floor.
” what the f–k” I muttered voicelessly.
” Yea… That’s the ladies things.Sorry about your clothes ” she said with a relieved smile.
” that’s bullshit, let continue our f--k ” I said as I drag her ass closer but she stopped me.
” why do you think I’m a lesbian, cos I don’t enjoy having sex with guys. I’m done f-----g, but if you still want to f--k that’s easy ” She said, and without seeking my concept she took the microphone and made an announcement.
” anyone here that want a real d--k!!! ” she let out and they all echoed ‘yeah!’
“very well then, come get him ” she said and they all rush forward towards me.
“Mothers of Toron…” I didn’t finish it.
They rushed at me like a hungry fowl that sighted a corn.
“wait are they really gonna f--k me? ” I thought widely.
Well just because you can doesn’t mean you should, I picked up my trouser and dash out of the hall. I rather go outside naked than dwell inside the oceans of p---y. I’m not ready to break any historical record, my d--k wasn’t design for multitude f--k.
I wore back my trouser outside, I couldn’t wait to pick my shirt and suit up, well that’s gone to p---y adventure cos I’m never going back in there.
I heard a hasty footsteps behind me, I turned back and see Adejoke walking up to me in furry.
” hey joke, I’ve been searching for you where have… ” I didn’t finish it when she landed two hot slaps on my cheek.
“did you f--k rose? ” she fired out in anger. I didn’t know if I should get angry or not, I just hold the face she slapped and I kept staring at her.
” I trusted you!! ” she screamed.
” I don’t get the whole thing, what’s the slap for ?” I questioned.
” oh you are just an ignorant fool” she said then she walk away. I was still processing what she said when I saw her coming again. I thought maybe I’m in for another slap but I was surprise when she kiss my lips and rode away.
” can someone explain all this drama to me? ” I soliloquised.
Two days later, I was at chatting with Aduke on whatsapp when someone sent a video to me. The video automatically downloaded and I saw myself in it.
I was f-----g rose in the video but rose face didn’t show, Only mine did.
“shit!!! What kind of shit is this, who’s this person” I mumbled.
Immediately, I called the sender and the receiver voice sounds like rose voice.
Me: hello who are you?
Rose: it’s me rose, you’ve receive the package?
Me : that’s no package. That’s a bullshit!
Rose : scream at me again and I’ll release one video to your departmental group chat .
Me : what the f--k?
Rose : yes! and I meant it.
Me :Aye Mi… Is okay, what do you want.
Rose: I want you.
Me : you want me? As how.
Rose : you stole my girlfriend heart, you drag her away from me now I’m taking you away from her.
Me : don’t be ridiculous I don’t even know your girlfriend or whatsoever you call it.
Rose : my girlfriend is Adejoke, and she broke up with me because of you.
Me : don’t be daft I know nothing about you guys relationship.
Rose : keep pretending, I know how popular you are, I can ruin everything with this single video, so you better think twice.
Me: Rose this isn’t making sense, what do you want me to do?
Rose : since she has broken up with me, you will be my lover till I say it’s over. I want to show her that she can’t just break up with me.
Me: this is insane!
Rose : try me and beside I want you in my place now, I’ll send you the address. I need you to f--k me missionary.
She ended the call and few seconds later a text came in which indicate her address.
“oh meh you got to be kidding me ” I mumbled.
********* ********** ****** *************
Beautiful Wednesday afternoon , I went to grab a lunch at chicken republic when I bumped into marvelous. She’s looking as gorgeous as I can imagine.
” hi boo it’s quite a while ” she said as she hugged me passionately. I love the hug, cos it makes me realize that I’ve miss her too.
“where are you up to? ” she asked.
“over there to eat a lunch ” I said pointing at the chicken republic.
” great, I’m hungry too. Let’s go together and beside, we need to talk ” she said then she drag me happily with her.
I stared at her beautiful innocent face, her smile do remind me of Adesewa, I do say it, marvelous deserves someone better.
We brought fried rice and chicken, we were eating together when she threw up the conversation.
” I heard some rumors about you ” she said and my heart began racing faster .
“what rumour ?” I asked in fear.
“I’m just joking, Awwwwn did I scare you. I’m only kidding there’s no rumour” she said as she threw some rice at me.
I took a deep breath as I smiled in return. I looked at her face one more time, she’s d--n beautiful. I decided to make her smile so I follow up.
“marvelous you know what… It’s not the face, but the expressions on it. It’s not the voice, but what you say. It’s not how you look in that body, but the thing you do with it. You are beautiful.” I muttered slowly to her as I kiss her finger. She deserves to be happy and nothing more
“Ay… I love you ” she said in a middle of a silence. I looked at her for a while, I was speechless. I love her but I can’t say it out.
I got several apology text from Rita, but I ignored both her calls and texts. My heart melted when she knelt down to beg me in front of the school gate where student are passing. She was in tears as she kept begging me to forgive her. In the minutes of one to two, students has all gather around us. I couldn’t be so cruel so I let go of the little anger I have for her. I help her up and hug her and that solve the case. We returned back to the way it was and surprisedly she increased her love.
I was in the lecture room receiving lecture on a sunny thursday afternoon when I received a text from Adejoke. I waited till the lecture was over before calling her.
Me: hello Adejoke
Adejoke : hello ay
Me : how are you?
Adejoke : I’m fine please I need to see you.
Me : what makes you think that I would want to see you after what happened during rose birthday.
Adejoke : you hurt me by mating with her!
Me: common cut the crap, use another word insted, I’m not an animal to be qualify with mating.
Adejoke : cos what you did is as disgusting as that.
Me : you know what disgusting means, disgusting is you having sex with the same genital.
Adejoke : having sex in a public makes you different?
Me: if I wasn’t there, you would have been the one she will f--k right on the high table.
Adejoke : and you being there makes what difference!
Me: at least I f--k your boyfriend and there you are getting jealous.
Adejoke : oh… You knew. How did you?

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Me: of cos I know everything, I know that she’s your boyfriend and you guys are lesbians.
Adejoke : see ayo, that’s what I want to explain to you. Everything I did…its all because of you.
Me: all because of me? As if there’s something between us
Adejoke : you might not know but I don’t even know how to say this.
Me : how to say what
Adejoke : you are are the best thing that happened to me in a long time, I don’t know how to say this but there’s a certain connection between the two of us, I never like guys but you are the first guy I will like and I think I’m in love with you.
Me : you can’t be in love with me.
Adejoke : of cos I am. I didn’t feel jealous when you have sex with rose, I felt hurt as if you betray me.
Me: you never tell me you love me.
Adejoke : you are the guy you are suppose to ask me out.
Me : I’m suppose to ask you out?
Adejoke : yes, I’ve been showing you green light.
Me: I wouldn’t see it cos I took you as a sister.
Adejoke : I’m not your sister. I’m in love with you that makes us a lover
Me : oohh… We will talk about it when we see.
Adejoke : I know you love me.
Me : of cos but as a sister.
Adejoke : Ayomi na.
Me : I got to go, we will talk later.
I ended the call, then I pack my things and head out of school, I was trying to get bike when jummy car parked beside me.
” hubby get in let me drop you ” she said.
“termites of Cardiff castle so you are still alive” I muttered unknowingly
“what do you say honey? ” she asked but I quickly jump in into her car to avoid the question.
” you don’t even ask of me when I arrived “she said as she ignited the engine.
I put on a puzzled face cos I had no idea about what she’s saying.
” when you arrived ?” I asked with a little confusion.
“didn’t you get my text, I send a text to you telling you I’m traveling home, I came back today ” she said.
I shrugged my shoulders as I blend in with her.
“welcome back to Akungba ” I muttered slowly. She smiled as she focus back on the driving.
” I got something for you, maybe I should take you to my place first, then I will give you what I brought for you, later I can take you back to your place ” she said but I didn’t give her an answer, anyway I laid a trap in her house, I will just use the opportunity to check my trap.
We got to her place and I head straight for her trolley but I found not a single menstrual pad in the trolley.
Could it be that she has use it fall or she trow it away because she didn’t need it? Those were the questions that kept running through my mind.
I thought of asking her about the pads, but it will be totally out of it. I was beginning to blame myself for some stupid reasons when an idea struck me. I could check her waste bin for it, I might not find the pads there but I might find the package lylon inside.
I systematically excuse myself out of the room and while she was looking away, I carried the waste bin with me.
I emptied the bin on the floor outside her door and then began to search for a menstrual pads like Gulder ultimate search.
I found no pads, but I found a menstrual lylon. And that gives me enough courage to trow up a fight, but I didn’t, insted I decided to play along.
Without packing back the bin, I went out to buy a pregnancy test kit. I head back inside and sat in front of her like a judge.
” jummy… I know you want me to marry you, I will but only on one condition, I want you to do another pregnancy test right in front of me ” I said then I push the pregnancy test kit to her.
Immediately I pushed the kit to her, I quickly make use of psy 101. I studied her reaction and I observed that her reaction was a questioned one. She was shocked and her heart beats kept increasing which shows that she’s afraid.
“This… this is rubbish. I’ve show you the test result once…i… I..I can’t be lying about…abouu.. about pregnancy ” She stermared.
“I know, I never said you are lying. I just need to see the result again ” I muttered calmly.
“Ayomi this is not necessary, don’t let the devil come between us with this absurd thing. Let forget this, I’m carrying your baby ” she said then she made to kiss me, but I quickly stop her.
” I insist you do this test right now, if not I’m not ready to believe anything you want to say ” I said with more seriousness. She rise on her feet and I thought maybe she want to go get her urine for the test but it turned out to be something else.
“see ay, you can only force a donkey to the river but you can’t force it to drink water, I’m not doing any test and you can’t force me to do it, that’s final!!! ” she said with much action.
I realized this is more of a standing situation so I stood up.
” ooohhh the donkey can’t be force to drink water Abi, well if the donkey know what is good for herself she better start drinking water now!! ” I said pointing down at the pregnancy kit on her bed.
“Ay leave me ooo, I’m not doing any pregnancy test ooo, you better leave me alone before I report you to my mom” she let out loudly.
” report me to your ancestors, I don’t f-----g care, Anything that makes me walk out of this room without seeing the Godamn test result. Believe me, it will be the last time you will see me ” I fired back.
” you…you… you are threatening me abi, and you know that I’m pregnant and it’s not good for my health, don’t you know that with the way you are doing I’m might have miscarriage…”
“will you shut up!!! Do mouth like roasted rodent dey follow me talk shit, you said you are pregnant what the hell are you doing with a menstrual pad ” I said while I show her the menstrual lylon in my pocket.
She flinch back with shock when she saw the lylon with me.
” where… Where did you see that, you can’t just fool me with someone else menstrual lylon. How can I be menstruating when I’m pregnant… ”
“Sharap!!! ” I cut in
” see let me make something clear to you. Your plans to have me forever has failed. Now get this into your foolish head everything that ever happened between was a mistake right from day one, and I’m not going to let a mistake stay a mistake so I’m going to make the right thing now. I’ll forget you exits in short, It’s Over!!!” I screamed then I head out of her room.
She ran after me but she’s too fat to catch up so I quickly stop a bike before she could reach me.
I got home with a boiling head to meet Ruth at the front of my door. I tried to cool down myself but Ruth was an expert in detecting someone’s mood, so she got me.
” what’s up dear, did anything goes wrong ? Anger is written all over you ” she said as she caress my face.
“nothing serious, I had a little disagreement with a bike man today, that’s all. It’s nothing to worry about, why don’t we go inside to… Chill out our nerves ” I said with an eye wink. She gave me a playful punch as I open the door.
” I miss you Ay, I felt like you’ve forgotten me but I was wrong, it was the semester test that took you away from me, and now that the test is over, I hope you will show me more love than before, I’ve took risk because of you and I don’t want to regret it. The risk was falling in love with you, and I don’t know how to stop it. I don’t know how this sounds but I completely trust you. you have the key to my heart, I’ll never love anyone like I love you ” she said then she kiss me passionately.
I broke the kiss and look back at her with sincerity, I wish I can tell her I’m not the right guy for her, but I don’t have the strength to tell her.
“I just want you to know that you’re very special and the only reason I’m telling you is that I don’t know if anyone else ever has. Billions of characters,millions of words,thousands of sentences,All just to convey a simple feeling, A feeling as old as humanity,As faint as your smile,And as beautiful as you. you deserve the best of love, I don’t know if I’m the right person to give you that…” she stopped me by putting a finger on my lips, then kiss my lips slowly.
“I don’t need the right person to or the perfect guy to show me the beauty of love, having you is enough to swim an ocean ” She said then we kissed again…
Rose never let me be, she kept using the video to control me and it got to some stages, she started acting weird. The job I put in with her was to hurt and make Adejoke feels jealous for breaking up with her, but as the game goes she began making it looks real, like a real dating.
She graduated to be calling me sweet romantic names and with the way she behaves especially when people are around, you will definitely think she’s my Juliet.
Adejoke at the other hand seems to understand Rose game, so she planed within her to disgrace Rose by winning me back for herself. The love Adejoke was showing me was real but she didn’t know that I’m being tied down to Rose by something.
Along the way, I couldn’t understand Rose anymore, what was suppose to be a game, began changing to real love. I don’t know how it happened, but I found her confessing love feelings to me. I was befuddled by this sudden love of a thing that I had to drink myself to sleep the night she told me that she love me.
I was at Rose place one Friday evening when Adejoke banged in without knocking. I was playing game with my phone while Rose was sleeping on the bed. The way Adejoke banged in woke Rose up and with the look on Adejoke face, it’s like that of a fierce hyena, laughing but very dangerous.
” what is this slot doing in my room? ” Rose asked looking at me for an answer. But I didn’t say a word.
” Boyfriend snatcher, I’m here to claim back my man” Adejoke let out in fury. Rose gave some mocking laugh as she claps her hands as well.
” who is your boyfriend, I’m sure it’s not my Ayomi ” Rose said with a rolling eye. Adejoke also gave out some laughs before replying.
” is like your brain is faulty, this guy here is mine and not yours! You steal him just to hurt me, unfortunately it makes me stronger and I’m here to fight for who I love!!! ” Adejoke replied. Rose stood up as she face Adejoke more closely.
” let me tell you something, at first I don’t have interest in him, cos I thought taking him away from you will make you feel jealous and hurt. But right now, I don’t care about your feelings anymore cos I realized that there’s so much fun in f-----g a guy and not a lady. I fell in love with this handsome guy and I won’t let him go cos he’s mine !!!” Rose fired back.
All this while I was silent, I couldn’t interfere and it’s best I remain mute.
“b---h!!! Ashewo!!! Leave my boyfriend alone ” Adejoke screamed out which attract the attentions of the neighbors.
” if you did not leave my room right now, hell will lose ” Rose said then she made ready to fight.
Within few seconds, the two of them grabs each other clothes and I knew what will happen after. Just as they were about fighting, the neighbors came in an separate them, without wasting time I use the medium to find my way out.
I head straight to Last Don place and fortunately I met apple boy there too, which makes us complete.
“Aweedy how far na” last Don greeted just as I entered.
“see as your face dey fresh ” apple boy added but I waved him away.
” guys I’m in a love mess oo” I announced slowly to them.
“Ehen? Tell us what happened ” apple boy asked.
” there’s this two lesbians that are on my neck ooo, you guys know Adejoke, don’t be surprise that she’s a lesbian. There’s another one name Rose which happens to be Adejoke boyfriend. You know the lesbian things, one will be the girlfriend while one will be the boyfriend. So Adejoke went ahead and fall in love with me which makes her break up with Rose. Rose on the other hand want revenge so she framed me up with a video beyen sha, which tie me down to her. Here’s the problem, while Rose was trying to hurt Adejoke, she fell in love with me and it makes the matter worst. Meaning the two lover birds before now fell in love with thesame guy which is me. Today they almost tear themselves naked while fighting over me ” I narrated and they both burst into laughter.
” Aweedy wait, which black soap dem take bath you when you are small, cos this one wey big girls dey fall in love with you up and down I no understand again ” last Don said.
“last Don you know the number of girls wey fall in love ‘ legitly ‘ with Aweedy ni?” apple boy said in coarse tone.
“make I count them, jummy, Ruth, Rita, marvelous , Adejoke.. Wait Aye MI I Don lost counting ” last Don said then the two of them laugh uncontrollably together again.
“Aweedy I know say that badness still run in your blood, Adesewa was Just a witch that cast…” I didn’t let apple boy finish the statement when I cit in.
“mention a word about Adesewa there again and see if I won’t make you bleed ” I fired back in anger.
“Aweedy calm down, idiot why do you drag Adesewa to this? ” last Don said as he face apple boy.
I felt my phone ringing so I checked the caller and it’s an unknown caller. I picked the call and then put it on speaker.
Me : hello
Unknown : hello oko Adesewa.
Me :yea… Who am I speaking with?
Unknown :My name is Doris and I’m one of your top fans.
Me :oh thank you.
Dories : I’ve been following your stories and I love them all.
Me : thanks for reading my story friend
Dories : you are welcome, emmm… I’ve been sending you messages for the past few weeks.
Me :oh… On social media?
Dories :No not social media, it Network SMS
Me : I’m sorry I never check. What’s in the message?
Dories : emmm… I would have love you to read it but I think I’m now brave enough to say it to you.
Me : OK what is it?
Dories : emmm… While reading your story, I fell in love with it. But later I discovered that I’m not just in love with the book but also with the person writing it. I didn’t know how to express myself so I sent you text messages explaining how I feel, I know you might have a girlfriend I just want you to put what I said into consideration.
Me : OK I’ve heard you, thanks for sharing your feelings out to me. I’ll call you before night falls.
Dories : okay. Bye bye dear.
Last Don and Apple Boy were listening to the whole conversation and when I ended the call, the both look at me with eye pregnant of words.
” Aweedy this is no more ordinary ” Apple boy said
” You go reach cele church today, for women deliverance…”
” serious one! Serious deliverance ” apple boy cut in.
” what’s so special in that? I do get alot of calls and texts like that so I see no reason why the two of you are doing like Togo dog ” I said.
They both look at me with a their eye widely open which shows that they are surprise.
“ha! Aweedy, this life wey I dey live don tire me, let swap. I’ll take yours you will take mine. I’m tired of f-----g two girls, give me yours please let me f--k half of this Akungba ” last Don said.

To be continued…

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