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Aduke-Episode 11


Aduke-Episode 11

©Aderibigbe Ayomide(oko Adesewa)

Notice: This is my real life story and not a fictional one.
Rated 20+ contains foul languages and sex in writing.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations we never for once imagined. Like kicking the snow at summer, unbearable I’m surprised as you are.
I was sitting on my bed with great confusion, how could she be so daft to bring her mother to me, Or having her mother as an alliance solve the whole issue?.
I’ve learnt something in life, and that’s how to let my No be No and my yes be yes. I still don’t know what will make me change my mind towards jummy.
“my son, my daughter came to me with tears saying you broke her heart, please whatever that might happen between the two of you, please forgive her. She love you ” her mother said.
I wasn’t taught to disrespect an elder, so I gave her mom the best respect that I can.
” I’m sorry to break this to you, jummy and i are never getting back together, we never were. Didn’t she tell you what happened? ” I threw out.
” she told me that you broke up with her because of a little misunderstanding and I’m here to settle it so that you two can be back together again ” she replied.
I looked straight at jummy wandering the kind of lie she cooked for her mom.
” I guess she didn’t tell you the truth and beside she’s been lying to you all this while…about the proposal, I never propose to her. Check her fingers, check mine, there is no promise ring ” I said showing her my hand.
” and also, the only reason why I was with her at the first place was because of a pregnancy…A pregnancy that was never there. She lied to me about being pregnant and I found out that it’s all a lie. I’m sorry Ma, I can’t be with someone that lay down a relationship on a foundation of lies. It over between us and there’s nothing that will make me change that. No matter what you say or no matter what anyone will say. I’m never getting jummy back into my life. With all due respect, I think I want to be alone ” I said then I point at the door for them.
Jummy came begging at me on her knees with some forced out tears coming down her eyes. I ignored her, then I saw her mom doing the same too.
I’ve never been in that kind of situation in my life, both mother and daughter begging me. So I decided it best I excuse myself away from them.
” I’m sorry you didn’t offend me and if you think you do, I’ve forgiven you. But that won’t change anything, we are still as good as a goodbye ” I said then I excuse myself away.
I head outside and then took a bike to marvelous place. I met her with a bottle of red label dancing to a song by cardi B, she was half naked with only a bra and a tight on. I guessed that’s her way of catching fun as I choose not to interrupt her.
I sat down on the bed enjoying the music coming from the sound system when I caught sight of a bottle of creamed Brandy.
“oh yeah! What do we have here, yeah… this is making sense ” I said as I grab the bottle. I opened it then I helped myself with some beautiful taste. I looked at marvelous she was dancing just like a stripper.
She reduced the music volume then she walk up to me like Nicki Minaj.
” wanna join me in the dance ” she asked sexily as she bite her lips slowly.
“No ” I declined. ” I’ll sit right here with my friend ” I said as I show her the bottle of brandy that I’m drinking.
“since we’ve been dating, we never have something mutual, if you are thinking that I’m a virgin… I’m not ” she said then she kiss me deeply without stopping. I broke off the kiss after a while, she seems to be turned on by the alcohol she is drinking, and I hate being the only one left out so I increase the volume of the music. Then grab my brandy bottle and swallow enough in my stomach, not all (when I did not want to craze) but enough to get me very tipsy. I drag her up to dance with me since it will take a minute before I’ll start seeing the reaction. But nevertheless, I’m still drinking. She seems to love the act as she grab her own bottle of red label. It seems we are dancing to cardi B album. A song from cardi B rolled in “I like it ”
” I say I like it like that !!!” we both echoed to the chorus.
She gave me some waist twisting and also some bad tweaking that woke up the devil in me.
I grabbed her ass then I fire some undecided kiss on her lips. Her response was far more like a pro as I turned to be the one trying to catch up with the kissing.
She pushed me forcefully on the bed then I watched as she unhook her bra and also as she pull down her tight, leaving her completely naked.
” oh my… Bitches of Madagascar ” I muttered slowly.
Her breast were standing firm and her p---y down below was clean shaven like Asa akira p---y.
She have a flat stomach like Allesia Cara and her hips could drive a beginner crazy.
I felt my d--k rising up like a werewolf transforming to a wolf at a full moon.
She stood there looking at me and I guess she want me naked. So without wasting time I undressed myself then I invite her over.
” how do we start? ” I asked. She looked down at me then she place her breast in my mouth.
” follow my lead ” she said then she press it more harder on my lips to suck.
I used my years of experience and my knowledge of expertise to handle her two standing breast which seems be very intriguing.
Sucking wasn’t enough so I fumbled, squeeze, rough-and-tumble her breast with the aim of making it fall and soft but it didn’t work out, it remain standing like the EPL title.
” all what you did on my breast with your mouth, I want thesame on my p---y ” she said slowly to me.
I processed what she said clearly then I move below to show her p---y some sucking hell.
Her p---y was as tight as a 10 years old girl p---y. Well we have different types of p---y, not all p---y are the same some p---y will look like a 70 naira Bread bend and press together while some will look like the long shopprite bread bend with a curve and their p---y length will be as long as a Go-TV remote. Sometimes too wide to feel the presence of a d--k….that’s why they love long d--k.
The p---y looks like the human lips, so to give the best blow job to a woman, just turn it to a lips and then give it a French kiss which involves the pulling out of tongue and the exchange of silver. But this time you’ll be exchanging silver for p---y cream. Position your tongue frequently at the edge of her p---y, the upper one and just follow ur sensual urge, If the lady didn’t let lose of some crazy shit talk, Then I’m not oko Adesewa.
Marvellous wanted to act strong at first, but when I balance the first equation on her p---y. She let off her guide as she began rapping like Rick Ross.
My d--k is dancing for a penetration, but I kept reminding him that the patient dog eat the biggest bone or is it the largest?
Some dude will just go into the glory hole just because they are being controlled by the craze fellow inbetween their laps.
Some will even get their d--k scratched by some p---y tools and factors (could be too hairy p---y or unwet p---y, both hairy and unwet can be dangerous) due to the fact that they want to force their way in when the door is yet to be opened. Which clearly won’t benefit the two of them, it will be a painful process for the lady and the Ebonite rod might get injured, but not broken and if it broke… Lobatan of Mexico. (Tie ba e)
After giving her p---y the best shot, I resquted for a little favor. I want a mouth action on my d--k too. I was dissapointed when the response came.
” I’ve not done it before, I don’t know if I can do it ” she mumbled.
And if she said she doesn’t know how to do it, don’t force her and don’t turn to a teacher just because you want your d--k s----d. If you should go ahead and force her and she press down the incisor teeth on your d--k or she position your d--k among the molars and premolars …(Aye e baje)
But you can risk it by asking her to give it a try, it always feel good having a head.
I looked down at marvelous then I said to her.
” just imagine you are licking a lolly pop ”
She nodded them she grab my d--k, then she put it slowy in her mouth.
” that’s it, keep going ” I muttered when I discovered that she’s doing it right. she s----d my d--k satisfactory for 10 minutes and I could grade her C, because it her first.
” I want the d--k now ” she whispered slowy to me. I look at her then smile.
” ladies first ” I said.
She climbed on me and sat steadily on my d--k in a slowy motion.
I felt both the warmness and tightness of her p---y, Believe me it was great.
She moved up and down my d--k in the velocity of 20km/h converting to speed will have distance (jump) over time taking which gives us a new unit in meter per seconds… I’m too h---y to do the calculation.
She was jumping on my d--k so high and low that her ass kept kicking my balls. It got to some point I began wondering if she’s a gym supervisor or a heavy weight champion cos she seems too fit and strong. I even look down to check if she’s really jumping down on my d--k or maybe she’s just jumping. That was when I realized… Red label is a bastard.
I also want to show forth the power of my brandy so I turned her over in a missionary position spreading her Northwest and Northeast at an angle of 315° and 45° respectively.
I drilled down the already creamy p---y then I bang both in and out in a tremedious way.
She loved being dicked down and I hate to stop. I kept on f-----g her tirelessly for almost an hour, I was covered with sweat even under a running fan.
I was expecting her to beg me before I release but it seems she won’t say the word please.
I changed position to doggy with the determination for her to beg me. But when I heard the word please, it came in another way.
” please don’t pull out, just c-m inside me ” she muttered.
I know this feeling when a lady tell a guy to c-m inside her. The guy will feel happy, Like a prisoner set free from prison, he will stop f-----g with Sperm calculations, and also he will increase his f-----g tempo so as to c-m faster. He would want to fill her p---y with his c-m.
I did thesame, I was about to shut my c-m inside her when I remember jummy. Immediately I pulled out and release on her ass. I felt relieved and weak so I fall down on the bed to catch my breath.
” why did you pull out ” she asked after some minutes.
” I’m scared that I might get you pregnant ” I said while lying down on the bed.
“you don’t have to worry cos I have an after sex drugs. I have postinor 1. So next time don’t waste your c-m outside on my ass” she said. I grabbed her ass then put in my d--k back into her p---y.
“I’m filling the hole this time around ” I said as I set my d--k into action.
One Sunday morning, I was Drinking palm wine with baba dudu and some group of neighborhood friends which attend the church service only when there’s a ceremony that involves sharing of food.
They were saying shit all over and I was laughing and nodding to them. I also contribute when necessary.
During this period, a call came in from my mom and I knew her intentions was to ask if I’m in church or not.

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Before picking up her call, I quickly voice out to my fellow palm wine drinker to be singing Christian song.
just as I pressed the green button I head them singing “joy to the world ”
“What the f--k? Xmas song in early September? ” I muttered not knowing that my mom was listening.
Mom: ay you didn’t go to church again.
Me : seriously I’m suppose to be at the church just…
Mom : just what?
Me: someone borrowed my Bible and he is yet to return it.
Mom : but you have a Bible app installed in your phone.
Me : I’ve uninstalled it. I don’t have it anymore.
Mom : what about Google Play, can’t you download a new one. Don’t tell me that you don’t have data.
Me : I have data but the network is bad here in my area.
Mom: oh really, but if you want to chat with your girlfriends. You know how to use the 4G.
Me : OK… I’m sorry mom. You got me.
Mom : how’s study going?
Me : very well thank you.
Mom : I hope you still call Adesewa dad. You know you are like a son to him.
Me : it been a while I call him, he kept asking for my account number.
Mom : so why don’t you give him.
Me : I’m old enough to take care of myself. I work for the money I use in feeding myself. I pay for my house rent. The only thing you guys are doing for me is paying my school fee, which I assume is your responsibility because I’m your son. I can’t forever be mama boy or a daddy boy. If I expect everything from you, then I’m going to have a problem settling down. I Only call Adesewa dad to make him feel like a father. But I don’t like it when he want to send me money. I know I need his assistance but for now, I can survive on my own.
Mom : here he goes again. Do you still have food stuff?
Me : getting low, why do you ask?
Mom: I’m passing through Akungba to Ikare on Tuesday, I can help bring some food stuff.
Me : you know that won’t be necessary but… Thank you mom.
Mom : okay son see you on Tuesday.
Me : can’t wait. Bye bye.
Mom : you don’t even ask of your dad.
Me : he viewed my status on whatsapp 20 minutes ago. That shows that he’s fine.
Mom :funny you. He sent his regards.
Me : OK. Love you both.
I ended the call and the drinking continues. We were 12 in numbers and the drinking seems to be going quite well.
After we finished a keg of palm wine, we were still deciding whether to order for another one cos everyone seems to have reach a high limit of palm wine.
During this time, a call came in from mercy.
Mercy :hello oko Adesewa.
Me : My Aduke.
Mercy :(smiling) how are you?
Me : I’m fine what’s up
Mercy : are you in church?
Me :No why asking?
Mercy : OK, I need your help. Can your drive a manual car
Me : yes I can what’s up with a manual car.
Mercy : my dad is doing something in church today and all his cars are manual. We need someone who can operate a car, someone who can help us drive the food and drinks to church.
Me: why calling me? Why don’t you call your boyfriend?
Mercy : common Ay don’t be mean. Of cos I called him but he’s not picking. I guess he’s in church and I don’t even know if he can drive.
Me : OK give me your location.
Mercy : I’ll text it to you… Emmm I don’t know if you can come with any of your friends to come help us. There’s no single guy to help us here. Maybe you can take segzy along…
Me : sorry who is segzy.?
Mercy : segzy your friend nao
Me : who?
Mercy : that black guy that spoke with Shukurah.
Me : oh baba dudu. Sorry I don’t know him as segzy. Is Shukurah there with you?
Mercy : yes she’s here.
Me : then he will definitely come.
Mercy : if you see another person too, you can call him to join.
Me: well if that’s what you want. I got dozen. Text me the address .
Mercy : ok ok. I will.
I ended the call then I face my fellow palm wine drinker.
“guys listen up, we’ve had enough of palm wine let go catch some fun, someone just invited me to a church that jollof rice will be certain. Not only that, we will have some girls to talk to at someone house, so who’s ready for the show ?” I said then they all yell in response.
” OK, let go home and freshen up. You pigs are stinking ” I said then I speed out while the rest came running after me.
“na your lecturer be pig ” they said as they came running after me, before we knew it, we were already at home.
I got the text from mercy, and after we’ve all had our bath, we head to the place.
Mercy opened her mouth in surprise when she saw our numbers and also, we were all dressed in a native attire.
” I thought you were joking when you said twelve ” she muttered silently to me.
“it appears I’m not ” I replied swiftly.
We entered inside the compound and we met some bunch of girls cooking something palatable.
We were offered 3 benches to sit on and we were served pepper soup and a cold malt drinks to step it down.
Baba dudu was nowhere to be found, and when I saw him, he was sitting beside Shukurah and they were both smiling at themselves.
“Aduke which car am I driving? ” I asked and I saw her pointing at a bus.
“bull shit! I’m driving a bus? ” I questioned immediately.
“yes the bus is more like a van, all seats are removed ” she replied.
“I repeat. Bull shit! ” I spatted.
“oh now I get it, it’s only the bus that can transport all this stuff, all those small car can’t ” she said. Well there’s nothing I can do, so I shrugged my shoulders.
After an hour, the food was all done and my friends began packing the drinks and food inside the bus. I also helped in packing and it was quiet tiring, all thanks to the palm wine.
A Toyota Camry car drove in while we are still packing the stuffs. Before the car came in, Mercy was talking to me and when she saw the car, she smiled.
I studied her face for a while and I observed that the smile seems to be a happy one. She ran to meet the car and thought maybe her mom has arrived.
My thoughts was proved wrong when Thompson came out of the car.
She rushed at him then they had a French kiss openly outside for everyone to see. I don’t know how i feel that moment but I got to take my eye away.
I focused back on what I’m doing and she seems to have forgotten me as well, that hurt, I felt like a hired worker payed with a plate of pepper soup.
She was busy chatting with her boyfriend while I was packing the drinks into the car, I felt like a fool and I promised myself not to approach them, but the promise failed when I discovered that the bus key is with her.
I approached them gentlely, then I cleared my throat to drew their attention.
” good noon bro ” I greeted then I face mercy without waiting for his response.
” give me the key, we are done packing. ” I said to her.
“oh sorry, here is the key ” she said as she give me the key. I was about turning to leave when I heard him mumbling. Well I didn’t care about what he’s saying I just went straight to the bus and drive out to the church.
We got to the church and we offload the food and drinks from the bus. Just as we finish offloading it, Thompson drove in and mercy came out of the car alongside with him.
Since my job is done, I decided to return the key back to her.
I gave the key back to her and she left me and Thompson to supervise the food distribution. I was about leaving when I heard Thompson saying something, so I stopped and face him.
“sorry about your trouser, I can give you one of my trouser if you don’t mind or I’ll help you get a new one ” he let out.
I force out a smile cos that came Surprisedly funny to me.
” this isn’t funny but thank you. I don’t want anything ” I said with some borrowed smile.
“oh No no no, you shouldn’t say no, I don’t wear fake things, it’s all original check this top out, I ship it in from Italy ” he said as he display the design on his top for me to see.
He seems to be looking for trouble, that day just happens to be his lucky day.
” like I said, I don’t want anything from you. You should focus more on your girlfriend than the online shopping you are doing, I’m here because you didn’t pick up her calls when she needed you. I can see that your car is manual, you could have be the one to drive that bus and not me ” I said and I saw him laughing like a kid watching Mr Ben comedy.
“so she told you that I didn’t pick up the call, I’m sorry to break this to you, that was a lie. I was beside her when she make the call, we just need someone to use as a transporter and a worker and you fit clearly for the post” he said as he continued laughing.
That moment I felt like a fool, I looked straight at the direction where mercy is and I felt like I was being used.
I was hurt deeply down, I never imagined she could lie to me.
I turned back slowly without saying a word to him. I was just a fool to believe her.
Baba dudu saw me and he knew something was wrong with the way I’m walking so he approached me before I take a bike.
“Ay how far wetin happen? ” he questioned.
“Nothing, I just need to get out of here.” I replied.
“okay make we dey go house together then…”
“No no no” I cut in. ” have fun, spend time with your new babe Shukurah, we will see later ” I said then I move away.
I was on the bike when I saw Mercy waving at me to stop, she was holding a nylon bag which contains a package take away rice with a bottle Coca Cola.
well, I was too hurt to wait for a package piece of shit. I told the bike man not to stop and he zoom off.
She didn’t call that day to say thank you or to show some appreciation, I doubted Thompson before but when she didn’t call for two consecutive days. I believed him.
On the fourth day, I saw a call from her, I ignored the call cos I never want to talk to her.
When she called the second time, i wasn’t there so my school son accidentally pick the call while trying to give me the phone.
Mercy : hello
Me : hi
Mercy : oh no Aduke today.
Me : I choose to stop calling the name.
Mercy : hope you are not mad at me sha, I was so busy…
Me : so busy with your boyfriend I guess
Mercy : no na, I was busy with work.
Me : I can’t believe any word you say now, probably he’s there teaching you what to say again.
Mercy : ay what is the meaning of what you are saying?
Me: don’t act as if you don’t know, you make a fool out of me.
Mercy : calm your voice, I don’t understand what you are saying.
Me : of cos you can’t understand. I came to help you just because I trusted you not to lie to me. It feels good hearing the truth from your so pampered boyfriend that you wouldn’t want to work as a labourer or drive a rickety bus to the church. You would rather prefer him driving you with his Toyota Camry car. I wish you both the best.
I ended the call then I switch off my phone. I’m done having her around.
A single mistake can change the life of a man, also a single chapter can change the bearing of a book.
In the Game of thrones, Daenerys happens to be someone I loved from the first season and a mistake of just an episode, she became a history forever, murdered by someone she trusted.
Sometimes we see love in where there is no love. And what appears to be illusional came to be the real unbelievable love.
Two weeks to exam, I got a make up wedding contract at bayelsa state.
I thought of declining the Make up work due to the fact that the examination is close and also bayelsa is a not just a bit but very far from Akungba where I’m schooling.
I couldn’t turn down the offer due to the fact that I was recommended by someone that taught me some little secret about woman beauty and besides she got alot of connection in Make up Business.
I decided to go to bayelsa since I also need the money and beside my work there could bring me more connection so I contacted my make up assistant at akure her name is Sade, and we met at the park to board bus to the igbo land.
After journeying for several hours, we arrived peacefully at Bayelsa state. I make the right call and we were directed to the bride house by the bride mother.
We went in with our luggage and make up box which was quite big.
We were introduced to the bride and she’s looking just perfect for a conjugal bliss.
She took us to our room and we drop our luggage there. Sade and I were tired due to the travelling stress, so we didn’t know when we fell asleep.
Around 12 in the mid night, I felt something big moving slowly on my leg. I thought it was Sade rolling her legs around.
This movement continues until I felt it moving on my abdomen. I got irritated thinking it was Sade moving her hand unknowingly. So I decided to push her hand away. I brought my hand down to my stomach with the intention of pushing Sade hand away when I felt something cold and hairless.
” Sade hand couldn’t be this cold ” I thought out from the dream land.
I forced myself to open up my eyes and I saw a fully grown cobra on my stomach
“Mothers of Toron…” I didn’t finish it when Sade screamed out.

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