The Addicted Couple - Episode 3
Warning:Restricted Content: 20 Years +Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence.. 

We were in the front seat of the car Bleeping
our souls out,I knew the car was obviously
bouncing and my continuous loud groans
could be heard by a passer by but still didn’t
care, I’ve missed this Joystick for too long…
A direct light flashed into the car, someone
pointed a touch light directly at us, it looked
like they were more than one , I jumped off
Fredrick and managed to pull down my gown
while hurriedly getting back on the drivers sit.
They were directly opposite our car, they
could be vigilantes I thought ,we were in deep
Sh*t!, I turned to look at Fredrick who had a
worried face and noticed that he also had
kept his Joystick back where it belonged.
They came to the driver’s window and
knocked on the glass. Fredrick told me to
stay in the car that they looked like vigilantes
and he opened his door and came out.
Immediately they saw Fredrick they pointed a
gun at him then I realized they weren’t
vigilantes, they were armed robbers!. They
ordered me out of the car or they would shoot
at my husband. Cold ran down my spine, my
hands were shaking and I was almost crying
,There was no way we could call for help now.
I came out of the car ,they were three in
number. all these while I forgot that I was half
Unclad and my torn gown barely covered my
Bosom, they all had masks on. The tallest
one who looked well built walked towards me,
I staggered backwards obviously scared to
death . His hand gripped my arm, and he
looked down staring at my hard Tips, he used
his other hand to cup my right t-t and
squeezed it hard, I squirmed and closed my
eyes. ” please take anything you want just
don’t touch her abeg! ” Fredrick shouted from
behind, I wished he hadn’t because the gun
was replaced by a slap on his head by the
chubby masked man who held him down. I
stood there my eyes closed shot, I couldn’t
bare watch another man touch me except my
husband, he turned around and threw his gun
to the third man who stood observing the
environment all these while, he tore off what
was left of my gown and stared at my Unclad
body, the only thing I had on was my heels.
He laughed and the others laughed with him,
” omo the chick make sense o” the chubby
one said, I froze, I suddenly wished I could
turn ugly. He began to squeeze my two Tips
simultaneously ,my breath was getting heavy,
he squeezed harder and a soft moan escaped
my lips and immediately I bit on my lips, he
looked at me and smiled. I hated myself, I
couldn’t help the moans, they kept coming
out, his fingers knew exactly what to do on
my Tips. He pushed his face to mine kissing
me hard and out of anger I bit his lips and
tried to run when he held me to himself and
and placed me on top of the car, I was
expecting a slap or the sound of a gun shot
but what I got was a smile from him , a very
wry smile that soaked my Kittycat. he took an
handkerchief from his pocket and gaged me
so my screams wouldn’t be heard. I closed
my legs so tight trying not to give him any
more ideas, my husband wiggled so much
that they had to gag him also and tie him up.
After they rendered Fredrick completely
helpless to the situation. The quiet one
dropped his guns and walked towards the
car, he attempted to spread my legs but was
stopped by the leader who still had a smile
on his face ” I’ll teach you to respect your
elders ” he said to me, pulled me up and bent
me over the car bonnet, I tried to wiggle free
but he pressed my head against the bonnet ,
was I going to be F***ed from behind by this
thugs?, I thought In horror, I wasn’t going to
let this bastard F**K me I rather be shot,
“Smack!” was the next thing I heard from
behind me .”smack!” I realized by the second
time that he was spanking me Fredrick was
squirming and mumbling something inaudible
from behind but the cloth tied around his
mouth frustrated him.


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