ADANNA Season3 Ep3


Adanna Season3 Ep3

THEME: The Sacrifice

©Akhigbe Oziegbe

I saw myself in a hospital bed with plasters all over my body, i tried
to move my hand but i cant, i look at my hand and saw handcuff.
Okay what i did was out of this world, Joshua is my best friend and we
love each others like brothers, you dont think i will purposely want
to kill him do you?
Oh well me myself dont know but am feeling tasting like i want to kill
everybody around me, am i now a serial killer or what?
I thought she said i will kill only Mercy? I can see everything
happening but i cant stop it, it like been remote.
I relaxed in the bed since i dont know what else to do or where i am,
all i know is that am in a hospital bed probably in aba and i know am
in a serious trouble for cutting my neigbhour’s hand, i will probably
face charges, but how come am injured on my head and body because i
wasnt beaten up at all as far i can remember.
Some guys came in with uniforms, they discuss somethings before they
remove the handcuff from the bed and took me up, they chain my hands
together and start pushing me out of the building, they dont even care
about the injury on my body, they suppose petting me self not been
hard on me, i came out of a big building and in front of me i saw a
police van with other guys surrounding it holding cuttlass and all,
they tried to collobi the police men so that they will take me but
when the police men crack their gun they shift back immediately, they
pushed me to their van and force me inside, as they drove off the
people started throwing stones at us, we came out into main Aba /
Owerri road, going to park side, before getting to UBA bank after that
cathedral, a van came from nowhere to hit our van, we carry head go
scatter Rhema University building with heavy injuries, even the car
throway me inside the Rhema building, i was bleeding and i cant even
move, some guys came down from the van with cuttlass and guns, they
wore masked with black shirt, they left the officers and came to me, one
of them hold me my leg and started drawing me on the ground, they took
me to their car and drove off


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