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Story: PASSWORD Season 2Ep17


password Season 2Ep17

“I know, dear,” Bobo Dovlo said, and he indeed sounded worried. “I didn’t know they have managed to fix secret cameras inside Kofi’s ward. They didn’t say when they will take the videos, did they?”

“No, dear,” replied Doctor Joan Kankpe. “I tricked them, like I said, and pretended to go along with it. My worry is also the testimony of that young security man, Fiifi Aidoo. If he collaborates Elsie’s claims, it could hold dire consequences for you, dear.”

“Don’t worry about Fiifi, my dear,” Director Dovlo said. “He’s the son of a friend of mine, and I was only helping them when I engaged him as a security man here. I’ll have him resign tomorrow, and find some money for him. One of my friends will employ him and send him to Nigeria. It is the video Elsie has that is the problem. I didn’t know she and Maa Abena Nyantie and Nii Lin were up to such evil undertakings.”

“If you can arrange to have that Fiifi Aidoo out of the Adada, that’s such great news, my dear,” Doctor Joan said. “I don’t think the other security men will betray you.”
“I can’t count on them,” Bobo Dovlo said. “When heat is mounted on them I don’t know what they will say, but I can definitely deny any knowledge because I wasn’t captured on tape. I will call the judge tomorrow. I’ve already called the Director of the Board and informed him about how nurse Elsie Ansah had been undermining my work and turning the staff against me in a bid to make me unpopular and drive me away so that she could be appointed the new head. Luckily, the Director is the best friend of Judge Buabasah.”
Doctor Joan Kankpe laughed lightly in the shadows and hugged Bobo Dovlo hard.

“Wow, darling, that is magnificent!” she said happily. “That’s what I love so much about you…that evil mind! Now you have to tell the Director of the Board that Elsie even has some videos of some security men misbehaving, and threatening to send them to the judge to paint you black.”
“Yes, I know,” Bobo Dovlo said softly. “But first, maybe they would decide to check for themselves, and send Kofi to another institution for a mental and psychological evaluation. If he passes, I would be in trouble. I’m now convinced they had not been giving the boy the medication I’ve been prescribing. This is what we’re going to do. Keep Kofi in the infirmary for a week. I would be giving you a specific drug to inject him with every day at four o’clock in the afternoon. It is going to make him completely insane after one week, and then I wouldn’t care about any request for re-evaluation of his mental faculties!”
“I’ll do that, my love!” Doctor Joan said happily. “I’m just praying that you can get rid of Elsie and Maa Abena too.”
“Don’t worry, dear,” Director Dovlo said thoughtfully. “I’ll begin pressing for her to be suspended, and then later transferred or preferably dismissed, together with Maa Abena and Nii Lin. And then I’ll have you appointed as Assistant Director, dear. After that, within a year, we shall get married. Right now, however, we still have to keep our love affair a secret until everything falls into place!”
Doctor Joan Kankpe laughed with happiness and leaned over to kiss him hard and long.
“I’ve been worried, but your plan is now making me relieved, happy and h---y! Feel like you can manage another one?” she asked lustfully.
“I don’t know,” Bobo said, feeling down for his joystick. “He seems flat. Let’s see if you can make him stand like a soldier!”
Joan Kankpe giggled and sidled down lower, and then put her lips on his flaccid member…
It took two days before Kofi Kuntu opened his eyes slowly inside the infirmary, and saw an elderly female doctor gently removing an intravenous feed from his arm.
She was slim and pretty, and she looked down at him without smiling as she swabbed his arm with methylated spirit in a piece of cotton wool, and then she applied a strip of Elastoplast to the needle point p---k in his vein.
She was wearing a green dress underneath a white doctor’s tunic. Her hair was cut short, and she was wearing contact lenses, and her lips were a bit too red from the lipstick she was wearing.
“Hello,” she said briskly. “I’m Doctor Joan Kankpe.”
Kofi stared at her, a little startled, trying hard to suppress the amused smile that threatened to explode out into gales of laughter.
“How’re you feeling now, Kofi?” she asked, and he wondered idly why her voice sounded so mechanical, as if she was really not feeling what she was verbally expressing.
“Where am I, Doc?” he asked from a dry throat. “I feel thirsty.”
She nodded.
“Yes, and you must be famished too,” she said. “You were involved in a rather bad encounter with one of the inmates here, Baluu, two days ago. Do you remember?”
Kofi squeezed up his face.
“I seem to remember something like that,” he said slowly. “But what’s going on, Doc? I feel so weird. So tired. And I have a splitting headache.”
“Yes, you’re going to be a bit unsteady for a while,” she replied. “You took quite a few bad knocks. You’ll be fine in a bit. Just rest now. You’ll be given some soup to drink, and then we would run a few tests, okay?”
She walked away before Kofi could utter another word.
He lay on the bed, strangely disoriented, and sometime later Nii Lin came in and stood by his side.
“Hi, buddy, how’re you?” he asked with a concerned expression. “You gave us all a scare, especially Maa Abena. You good?”
Kofi nodded slowly with a weak smile on his face. “Yeah, Nii. I’m good. Just hungry.”
Nii smiled. “Cool, bro. Maa Abena is rustling up some chow for you. Come, lemme help you take a bath. By the time you finish she might be here.”

He helped Kofi into the bathroom, and then after almost thirty minutes they returned to the ward, with Kofi wearing a blue gown and looking clean and shaved.
Maa Abena was in the ward, sitting at the foot of the bed.
She was wearing a simple blue dress, but it fitted her like a dream. Her hair was in a new style, a braided coiled beauty that set off her face to perfection.
Kofi stayed in the doorway for a while, just staring at her.
She looked at him too, with unblinking eyes.
Time stood still for a moment, making that slice of time a most magical and heart-stopping moment, grabbing them in a fierce cocoon of self-awareness that was both scary and sweet.
“You better sit down, Kofi,” Nii Lin said with a chuckle. “If this staring thing lasts a second more I’ll begin to think you’ve become a statue.”
Kofi shook himself free from the web of that frightening moment, admitting to himself that he had indeed not felt this overwhelmed ever in his life. For a moment there all he had wanted to do was rush to that beautiful girl and take her in his arms. All he had wanted to do was hold her gently in his arms for eternity and feel her heartbeats in tandem with his.
There was a slight frown of uncertainty on his face as he was helped by Nii Lin to sit down at the side of the bed.
“Well, guess I’ll leave you two for now,” Nii Lin said and patted Kofi on the shoulder. “Will come back later.”
“Thanks, Nii,” Kofi said weakly. “I really appreciate your efforts.”
When Nii Lin left Doctor Joan approached with a hypodermic needle already filled with a greenish drug.
“Just need to inject you with this, Kofi, before you drink your soup,” she said gently, and smiled at Maa Abena.
Kofi tried to stand up, but the doctor put a warm hand on his shoulder.
“Don’t worry, dear,” she said kindly. “I’ll inject you on the arm. No need to get up.”
After administering the injection, which turned out to be excruciatingly painful, the doctor also excused herself.
“I have a few rounds to make,” she said with a smile. “I’ll be back after you’ve eaten, Kofi.”
She left quickly, leaving Kofi with Maa Abena, who had not uttered a word so far.
And then, when the door closed behind the doctor, she stood up suddenly and walked toward him. Without warning she stood in front of him and put her arms around him, hugging him tightly.
Kofi slipped his arms around her, and buried his face in the side of her neck. He could feel the length of her against him, feel the pressure of her breasts against his chest. He held her tight, drawing her even closer to him. Her heart was thudding, and she was trembling slightly.
She smelled so fresh, so gentle. She was so beautiful, so precious!
It was the most comfortable position he had ever been…right there in her arms!

To be continued..


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