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Story: PASSWORD Season 2Ep16


password Season 2Ep16

The men who had beaten him were still on the floor in various positions, totally destroyed by Baluu, and Kofi felt a great sense of remorse and guilt as he looked at them.
The young man was still pressed against the wall, still trembling and uttering gibberish, and Kofi felt so much guilty for the man’s predicament, and regretted setting Baluu on them. Maybe he should just have scared Baluu with the ‘jabujabu’ threat and left him alone in the cell.
By setting Baluu on them, in his fierce moment of pain and bitterness, he had also allowed himself to sink to the despicable levels of Bobo Dovlo.
There were some sounds down the corridor as Nii Lin suddenly appeared with two guards, two nurses and Senior Nurse Elsie Ansah.
They rushed to his side and looked at all the carnage around.
“Goodness me!” Nii Lin whispered with shock. “What happened, bro? We saw the Director fleeing down the compound and we thought something might be wrong. We went to your room and you were not there!”
“Let him sit down, Nii!” Elsie Ansah said with sudden alarm. “He’s weak, he might pass out!”
Nii Lin was helping Kofi on to the gurney when everything went dark, and Kofi didn’t see anything anymore.
He was unconscious.

The door of the infirmary ward opened, and Director Bobo Dovlo sauntered in casually, his hands linked behind his back.
There were six beds in the ward, three on each side. They were all empty except for the one at the extreme end of the ward where Kofi Kuntu was lying.
Doctor Joan Kankpe was adjusting the flow speed of the intravenous infusion in Kofi’s right arm. At the foot of the bed were Senior Nurse Elsie Ansah and a very scared-looking Maa Abena Nyantie.
The three women turned and looked at him with various degrees of fury and disgust as he approached, and he made a mental note to do something about them, especially Elsie and that Maa Abena girl. He stopped beside the bed without greeting and looked at the swollen face of Kofi.
He sighed deeply. It seemed the boys had gone a little too far and beat up the boy too severely, but then again, no one would know that it was the security men who had beaten him up. It could all be passed on to that crazy Baluu.
“And what happened here?” he asked calmly, and saw the fury sizzling uncontrollably out of Elsie Ansah’s face.

“My goodness, Director Dovlo, how can you stand there and ask such a question?” she shot back at him furiously, and he turned his cold eyes on her.
“And why can’t I ask that question, Nurse Ansah?” he asked calmly.
“The security men went to his room and beat him up!” Nurse Ansah said angrily. “And as if that wasn’t enough, they strapped him to a gurney, took him to the fifth floor and dumped him inside Baluu’s ward! Baluu almost killed three security men, and they are all on admission at the Central Hospital! The one that was spared, the young man, Fiifi Aidoo, confessed that you ordered that atrocity! If it is true, Director, I’m going to make a formal complaint to the Board!”
Director Dovlo looked at her impassively.
“Well, go ahead and make any complaints you want, Nurse,” Director Dovlo said with hard eyes. “I sent the men to take Kofi, that’s true. I told you I am working on new treatment schedules for both Kofi and Baluu. Kofi should have been docile, but when the men went there, he struggled with them. Do you know what that tells me? It only means that for some reason I don’t understand, either the medications I’ve prescribed for Kofi are not working, or someone is not giving him those medications. That was why he became so hostile, and we needed to subdue him, though I must admit that the men seemed to have gone a tad too far. So now, go ahead and report, Nurse Elsie, and I’ll also order lab samples of Kofi’s vitals. If I find out that somehow there are not expected levels of his prescribed medication in his streams, that will make this case criminal, and believe me I’ll have anyone responsible for not giving a mental patient the required medication thrown into jail. Do you understand me, Senior Nurse Elsie Ansah?”
He had uttered his last words in a furious shout, and the three women looked at him with sudden trepidation. For one brief moment he had seemed almost unbalanced himself, and they all knew that here was a man who was too dangerous to cross.
He turned his attention to the doctor.
“How’s the patient doing, Doctor Joan?” he asked abruptly.
“He’s badly bruised,” Joan said carefully. “No signs of internal haemorrhage though. Dehydrated too. He would run a fever for a couple of days, but nothing serious. He should be up and about in a week, as soon as he recovers from the wounds he sustained.”
“Good,” the Director said and ripped off a Lab report form, and proceeded to scribble on it quickly.
“I want these tests done on the patient as soon as practicable,” he said.
“Yes, sir,” Doctor Joan said. “I’ll see to it myself.”
“Good, doctor, and let me have the results as soon as they’re ready,” the Director said and turned away without another word.
Doctor Joan Kankpe was reading through the ticked lab requests that the Director had effected on the form. She looked at Senior Nurse Elsie with a worried little frown on her face.
“What’s going on here?” she asked carefully, and saw how Elsie and Maa Abena exchanged sudden worried looks.
“Why are you asking, Doc?” Elsie shot back in an unsteady voice.
“The lab request from the Director,” Doctor Joan said carefully. “Evidently, he wants to find out traces of some medication in Kofi’s blood streams and other vital organs. These traits come with extended use of some of the drugs he prescribed. If Kofi has not been taking the drugs, the results will indicate this aspect.”
“Oh, goodness me!” Maa Abena said, her countenance obviously very disturbed, causing Nurse Elsie to put a comforting arm around her.
“Anybody mind telling me what’s going on here?” Doctor Joan asked carefully.
Elsie Ansah deliberated with herself for a minute, and then she sighed and told the Doctor everything she knew about the Kofi Kuntu case.

“But that’s absolutely preposterous!” Joan exclaimed with disbelieving eyes, shaking her head in denial. “If what you’re saying is right, then the Director is nothing less than an animal! No, I can’t believe him capable of an atrocity like that! He’s too much of a professional to allow himself to stoop that low!”
“I know it’s difficult to believe, Doctor,” Elsie said calmly. “I couldn’t believe it myself. I told Nii Lin to have them fix secret cameras in Kofi’s ward since I needed evidence before going to see Judge Buabasah. Well, this morning I let them play back the video recording inside the ward, and I transferred it to my phone. Here, take a look at this.”
Nurse Elsie took out her phone and went to media. She selected the video and gave it to Doctor Joan, who watched it with mounting horror. She saw that the security men did not wake up Kofi, but began beating him mercilessly with their cudgels and batons as soon as they surrounded him on his bed and whilst Kofi was virtually still asleep.
“Oh, dear Lord!” Doctor Joan said, looking at them with horror. “This is terrifying! Goodness gracious! You’re right! They did this to him and then threw him into Baluu’s cell?”
“Exactly, dear Joan,” Elsie said softly. “By some miracle that boy escaped the horrors of Baluu, who could’ve killed him. The Director’s behaviour is both unprofessional and dangerous! We need to do something about it!”
“Yes, yes!” Doctor Joan said, horrified. “Listen, I’ll falsify the report on the lab form, okay? I’ll let it show appreciable presence of the medication elements. But whatever you’re doing, you must do it fast, otherwise I fear for Kofi’s life!”
“Thank you!” Maa Abena said and hugged Doctor Joan hard. “Oh, thank you so much! Thank you so very much!”
“It’s alright, my dear,” the doctor said with a gentle smile. “Seems to me you care for him a lot. Hmm, can’t blame you. He’s a real dish!”
They all laughed.
They chatted for a while, and then Nurse Elsie and Maa Abena left after the doctor had promised to take very good care of Kofi.
Director Bobo Dovlo had two residences.
There was the residence inside the Adada Asylum, officially fully-furnished for his comfort. And he had a house of his own, the one he had built and occupied with his late wife, located on the Boi Hills around Abokobi.
There was a caretaker in the little quarters he had built away from the main house. The caretaker’s name was Asiedu, and he knew that Sunday evening his master came around and spent the night with his mistress.
The car horn came, and Asiedu opened the huge gates; he had already opened the garage doors so Bobo Dovlo drove straight through to the garage and parked.
He got down and shut the garage door, and then the passenger door opened as usual and the woman stepped out. As it were, Asiedu had barely seen the woman before.
Bobo Dovlo and his mistress took their small bags into the huge house. They took a bath together, and then she prepared some tea for both of them, after which they retired to the master bedroom and made love once.
Afterwards they lay on their backs in the dark and checked their phones. After a while the woman drew closer to him and put her head on his shoulder.

“So what are you going to do, dear?” Doctor Joan Kankpe asked. “I’m getting worried. If Elsie takes that tape to the judge it will be very dangerous.”


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