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Story: PASSWORD Season 2Ep15


password Season 2Ep15

When Kofi got to the gate he reached through the bars and grabbed the large handle of the locking bar, which the security men had carelessly left unsecured with the padlocks.

Director Dovlo was still looking at the broad back of Baluu with incomprehension, and then he suddenly saw Kofi pulling the locking bar up.
Bobo Dovlo’s face paled, and sudden horror filled his eyes as it dawned on him that the gates had not been secured.
“Oh, no!” Director Dovlo whispered, and then he turned without a word and began to ran away.
“Oh no, you don’t, you lunatic!” Kofi screamed and yanked up the bar.
The security men stared after the fleeing back of their boss with uncomprehending eyes until one of them saw what Kofi was doing and shouted.
“Jesus!” the man said with terror. “He’s opened the gate, good grief!”
They took precious seconds to react as Kofi pulled the gate open and rushed out into the corridor.
There was a roar behind him as Baluu gained the corridor too in all his phenomenal fury and dangerous violence.
Kofi began to run after Bobo Dovlo.
There was absolute terror on the Director’s face as he glanced behind him and saw Kofi gaining on him.
Atakora raised his baton to strike, but Baluu grabbed his neck, lifted him clear off the floor and slammed him with such sickening brutality into the wall that blood rushed out through Atakora’s mouth instantly.
Baluu flung him away like discarded doll, spun round and slammed a fist into the jaw of another security man who had beaten Kofi the fiercest. There was a faint crack as the man’s jaw dislocated and he slumped to the floor with fractious torture on his face.
The third security man was a huge hulking man, the one who had slammed a baton across Kofi’s mouth when he had tried to scream. He bent quickly and pulled out a wicked knife with serrated edges from his boot.
He flexed the knife at Baluu.
“Come on, you mad piece of cow dung!” he hissed in a terrible show of bravado, but the sweat glistening on his face clearly betrayed how terrified he really was inside.
“Ei, no be small, you get the jaga-jaga knife!” Baluu said with a dark frown on his face. “Baluu will take the jaga-jaga knife and knife you deeply in your thigh, ei no be small! I’ll take the knife and knife you in your thigh chuuk-chuuk!”
The Director had almost reached the end of the corridor when Kofi hurled himself at him, colliding solidly into the back of Director Dovlo, and both of them crashed to the ground.
The Director shrugged free and tried to stand up, but Kofi swung his right leg straight into the man’s g---n.
Director Dovlo screamed with pain as Kofi’s kick sent shards of torture through his testicles. He clamped one of his hands to his testicles and, his face screwed up with pain, he tried to crawl to the stairs.

Meanwhile the brawny guard leapt forward with his knife, intending to slash into Baluu’s stomach, but the giant jumped back with the litheness of a matador and unleashed a horrific right uppercut that almost tore off the man’s head!
The blow lifted the huge man off his feet and slammed him into the wall, and he collapsed to the floor with terror on his face. Baluu squatted, picked up the knife which had fallen to the floor, and then he began sticking it into the security man’s thigh.
He would stick it in, pull it out, stick it in, pull it out!
The man moaned in deep anguish each time Baluu stuck him with the knife.
“Ei, no be small!” Baluu was saying as he stuck the man. “I told you I’ll take your knife and knife your thigh chuuk-chuuk, take your knife and knife your thigh chuuk-chuuk, take your knife and knife your thigh chuuk-chuuk! Ei, no be small!”
Blood had drenched the security man’s thighs, and Baluu got fed up and stood up, turning to face the fourth man.
This last security man was young, around Kofi’s age, and he stood petrified against the wall. He was so filled with fear that his back was pressed against the wall and his hands splayed wide and up against the wall, as if he had been crucified to the wall.
He was trembling rather badly, his eyes bulging and streaming tears, his mouth opened wide, and his nose trembling with uncontrollable terror.
Baluu approached him holding the bloodied knife.
“Ei, no be small!” Baluu said as he looked at the young man. “I’m going to knife-knife your throat chaka-chaka-chaka!”
And when the young man heard these words from Baluu, his bladder loosened up much against his will, and hot urine came gushing out, splaying his cream uniform and falling down his legs in torrents.
Kofi got up on a half-crouch and slammed a shoulder into Director Dovlo, sending the man crashing to the floor once again. Kofi clamped his left arm around the Director’s neck and began to choke him.
“Let me go!” Director Dovlo struggled feebly, his skin suffused with the putrid sweat of a coward. “You’re going to let that man kill me!”
“That’s the idea, isn’t it?” Kofi hissed angrily into the man’s ears. “You wanted him to kill me, didn’t you? Now it’s your turn!”
“Oh, please!” the Director wailed, and his face looked absolutely tattooed with fear. “Oh, please! Don’t do this this, please, please!”
Kofi held on tight and looked up just in time to see Baluu standing in front of the young petrified security guard, and there was a bloodied knife in the giant’s hand!
Kofi’s heart skipped a beat as terror grabbed him!
He knew without a doubt that Baluu would kill the young man without the least care.
“Hey!” Kofi screamed loudly. “Hey, Baluu! Come here! Jabujabu is calling you! The Chief Tuluku is here! I have him! Come and shuku-shuku him!”
Baluu looked down the corridor at Kofi holding the Director, and then he looked at the young man against the wall standing in a pool of his own urine, and then he looked at the bloodied knife in his hand.
“Ei, no be small!” Baluu said softly. “I don’t want Chief Tuluku. I want to knife-knife this one chaka-chaka-chaka!”
“Come here, Baluu!” Kofi screamed desperately. “Jabujabu is calling you!”
“Ei, no be small!” Baluu replied. “F-----g Jabujabu! Where’s your jabujabu?”
He suddenly reached out and grabbed the throat of the young man, and then he raised his knife.
“Nooooo!” Kofi screamed.
“If you don’t let me go, Baluu will kill that young man, and his blood will be on your hands!” Director Dovlo said through his choked throat.
Kofi knew that Bobo Dovlo was right.
As much as he hated the man, he would have to let him go otherwise Baluu would commit murder.
He threw Bobo Dovlo away from him with disgust, stood up, and raced down the corridor towards Baluu. Director Dovlo got agonisingly to his feet and fled down the stairs, moaning with pain and terror!
Kofi came to a stop and glared at Baluu.

“Stop, Baluu, stop!” he shouted, straining to sound authoritative. “Leave that man alone right now! Don’t make me spray white jabujabu on you!”
Baluu turned on Kofi with sudden fury and raised the bloodied knife.
“Ei, no be small o, ei no be small o!” he screamed in a demented fashion. “I want to knife-knife this man chaka-chaka-cha
ka! If you keep disturbing me, I’ll knife-knife your aponkye face for you! Okusiee!”
Kofi licked his lips.
His fear was palpable.
The young man against the wall could barely breathe, and his terror was making him pass more water, making the pool of urine around his feet even wider. Kofi tried a final time.
“Jabujabu commands you to leave this man alone and return to your cell at once, Baluu!”
And with a scream of demented fury Baluu swung the knife wildly at Kofi, almost splitting his face from forehead to chin. The only thing that saved Kofi was that he was already taking a step backward!
Baluu swung the knife again, in a wide arc, aiming for Kofi’s throat this time. Kofi felt a faint scratch across his throat, and he knew death was beckoning him, and he was just seconds away from a most terrible end!
He turned and ran down the corridor, and with a scream of fury Baluu came after him. Kofi was wounded, and his bones were cracked, and he was weak and dizzy, but he forced himself to ran to the fire extinguisher against the wall, all the while expecting Baluu’s knife to sink into the base of his neck!
He dragged the fire extinguisher from the wall and released the pin before turning and aiming the nozzle!
But Baluu was already running away from him, screaming with terror as he dropped the knife and ran like mad!
“Ei, no be small ooo, ei no be small ooo!” Baluu was screaming as he ran, pumping his massive arms hard. “He has the jabujabu o! He has got the jabujabu o!!”
Kofi’s heart was thudding with reaction as he dragged the fire extinguisher behind him to the cell gate. Baluu had entered the cell and was cowering in the far corner, covering his face with his arms with fear.

Kofi sighed and dropped the fire extinguisher. He pushed in the locking bar on the cell and arduously fixed in the heavy padlocks.


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