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Story: PASSWORD Season 2Ep14


password Season 2Ep14

©Aaron Ansah-Agyeman

It was late afternoon.
Kofi had taken a bath, and read some Bible passages. It was amazing how he was becoming more and more fascinated by the things in the Bible each day.
He was amazed that there were so many incredible stories in there, and he had spent almost twenty-five years on earth without being exposed to such jewels of knowledge.
He wasn’t feeling hungry, and so he didn’t go for lunch.
Maybe it was because of the fact that he missed Maa Abena so much, although he would be the last person to admit it. He could see those beautiful eyes of hers when he closed his eyes, those incredible curves that would have made him go mad with uncontrollable lust just a few months ago.
But when he looked at her, lust was the last thing on his mind. He saw ant incredible woman, a selfless and entirely honest human being, the type of which he had not met frequently in life.
He admitted to himself that it was becoming increasingly difficult not to think oft her as something more than a friend, although he knew he shouldn’t entertain any ideas about her. A girl as pretty as her wouldn’t be single, even though Ato seemed to think so.
Ato, his best friend, was more than interested in Maa Abena, maybe he had even fallen in love with her.
Buddy Code…Desert Area!
Ato had told him about Maa Abena, and the fact that she could be the one woman he sent to the altar as his life partner. Kofi knew he had to honour that. Once Ato had put a claim of interest in Maa Abena, he had to abide by the ABCD of friends: Area for Buddy, Code Desert!
He couldn’t make a play for Maa Abena, even if she bounced Ato’s proposal.
Kofi Kuntu sighed deeply!
Here was one instance that, for the very first time, the ABCD rule was really pinching him up!
And of course there was Akweley to consider.
She still might be angry, yes, but there was still the chance that what they had shared was strong enough for her to forgive him eventually.
All that aside, however, he still missed Maa Abena so much.
Her smile, her gentle laugh, the twinkle in her eyes, her aura, the shock of her touch, the sound of her voice, the way she moved, how her white uniform simplyt fitted her body.
He missed her…

With his three companions out for lunch in the dining-room, Kofi lay on his back and surveyed the ceiling, wondering if he would ever leave the Adada Asylum and know the peace of a meaningful life outside.
He must have slipped off into sleep, because when he woke up he saw four fierce faces looking down at him. For a moment he thought they were his co-inmates, but slowly it dawned on him that they were wearing the uniforms of the security men of the institution.
Kofi was suddenly scared, and he bolted upward.
A fist thudded against his jaw, and he fell down on the bed again, and then the security men began hitting him with the short black batons they were holding. Kofi folded himself into a foetal position to protect his face as the blows pelted him left. right and centre.
The painful beating continued for a while, and he felt inflamed pains all over his body, and felt blood trickling down the side of his head from a gash one of the wooden batons had opened.
In the name of God WHY?
Why were they beating him now?
What had he done now?
His mind cried out against the cruel torture!
Oh why, oh why, oh why, oh why….dear Lord, dear Jesus, DEAR GOD WHY AM I SUFFERING LIKE THIS?
He was weak, almost passingg out, when they stopped hitting him. They held him by the arms and legs and lifted him onto a gurney, and they secured the restraints around his ankles, wrists and across his forehead.
None of them spoke as they pushed the gurney out of the door and along the corridor. Kofi was in excruciating pain, and he could barely move. He wondered weakly if this was the end of his life.
He had no doubts whatsoever that Director Bobo Dovlo was behind this new atrocity.
The gurney was now being pushed up the stairs, and Kofi’s blood ran cold!
Upstairs led to the floor where Baluu was being kept!
He began to struggle feebly, and opened his mouth to scream but a baton landed savagely on his face, breaking his lips and causing more blood to erupt.
He moaned with pain.
They were on the corridor now, and he was being pushed along.
This time Kofi did not weep.
He was suffused with so much fury that he wished he had a gun.
He would’ve shot all of them dead.
Finally, the gurney stopped, and then a face appeared above his.
It was the face of Director Bobo Dovlo.
He smiled down at Kofi, and it was a very nasty smile indeed.
“Now you know what happens to stupid young boys who go around sleeping with the wives of other men, you bastard! Next time, if you’re reincarnated, you wouldn’t go around sleeping with married women! Aboa bi ba!”
Kofi glared up at the man with fury.
He could hear a terrible sound on his left. It was a crashing sound, a destructive melee of violent sounds that filled him with fear. He knew it was Baluu. The giant was in a frenzy, like he sometimes slipped into, and he was destroying everything in his cell.
Director Dovlo could see Kofi struggling, as if he wanted to say something.
He bent low and peered at the boy.t

“Do you want to say something, fool?” he asked disdainfully.t
And that was when Kofi spat a mouthful of blood and spittle into the man’s face.
“Go to hell, you bastard!” Kofi screamed with all the fury he could muster.
Director Dovlo moved back from him with a scream of rage. He brought out a huge handkerchief from his pocket and wiped his face as ift there was something corrosive on his face.
“You mongrel!” Director Dovlo kept screaming as he wiped the disgusting liquid from his face. “You filthy, dirty, mongrel!”
He suddenly slapped Kofi across the face, quite hard, his eyes bulging with enraged hatred.
“Mongrel! Filthy, dirty, scum! Rabid mongrel!!”
“What do we do with him, sir?” one of the security guards asked.
“Throw him in there with Baluu!” Director Dovlo said. “Do it! Now!”
The security men looked at each other with sudden trepidation, faces stunned.
“Baluu is in murderous mood, sir,” said Atakora, the head of security. “He’ll kill the boy instantly!”

“Don’t you dare question me, you diseased cancerous menstrual clot!” Director Dovlo screamed. “Throw the mongrel in there!”
Kofi remained calm as they began to loosen the restraints holding him to the gurney. He was too weak to fight, anyway. When they unfastened the tight band across his forehead he turned his head and saw that Baluu was indeed in a killing mood.
The terrible giant had overturned his bed and shredded his mattress.
The floor was littered with torn Styrofoam and the covering around the mattress. He was naked, and he was breathing hard as he looked at the people on the corridor. He had smashed his fists into the walls, and he was bleeding across his knuckles. He was breathing hard, his monstrous muscles rising and falling.
He was indeed in a killing rage.
“Tuluku, tuluku, tuluku!” Baluu screamed fiendishly. “E no be small o, e no be small o! I’ll kill all of you tuluku shuku-shuku!”
The guards removed the padlocks, opened the gates, and then they hurled Kofi’s body into the cell and quickly closed and locked the gate again but without the padlocks.
Baluu gave a thunderous roar and raced at the cell door, crashing himself against it repeatedly, reaching through the bars to and trying to grab some of the securityf men, but they moved back out of reach with cries of terror.
Director Dovlo looked at the insane man without any expression.
“If you want someone to tuluku shuku-shuku, kill him!” he said, indicating Kofi’s body with a forefinger.
Baluu turned round with another maddened roar, huffing and puffing like an angry giant, and then he saw Kofi’s body on the floor.
He screamed insanely, bent, picked Kofi up, and then he threw him with savage madness against the far wall. Kofi’s body smacked into the wall, and he dropped to the ground, all but dead! He could feel every nerve end paining him terribly as he got to his hands and knees.
He fought against the unconsciousness because he knew Baluu would kill him instantly if he became unconscious.
Across from him, through the bars, he could see Director Dovlo and his four bad men laughing, and again his wrath soared at how human beings could do this to another human. They wanted him dead, and now they were going to stand there and watch Baluu killing him.
Baluu roared insanely and rushed at Kofi again.
Kofi raised his forefinger and pointed it at Baluu, remembering how the giant had been terrified of the fire extinguisher. Not knowing what he was doing, Kofi held out his right forefinger like the nozzle of a fire extinguisher and crooked his left forefinger like he was pressing down the trigger of the extinguisher, and then he made the sound of gaseous emissions.
Baluu stopped suddenly and threw up his massive arms as if to protect his face and he began to shake immediately with fear.
“Ei, no be small oooo!” he screamed with sudden fear. “It’s you again o! Ei, no be small ooo! Don’t spray me with white jabujabu!”
He stood trembling, as Kofi got to his feet slowly and in much pain, and approached the giant. He put a hand on Baluu’s arm, and Baluu flinched, his face torn with fear, terror shimmering in his eyes.
“Ei, no be small!” he said, trembling. “Please, don’t spray me with white jabujabu!”
“I’m not going to spray you, Baluu,” Kofi said weakly. “You see those men over there? They forgot to lock the cell door with the padlocks. I’m going to open the cell door. They wanted me to spray you, so I want you to kill all of them like tuluku shuku-shuku!”
There was an instant look of wrath on his face.
“Ei, no be small!” he said with fury. “They wanted you to spray me with white jabujabu? They’re dead! All the tuluku shuku-shuku are dead!”
“Yes, with the white jabujabu, but you’re my friend!”
“Ei, no be small!” Baluu said with a sudden huge grin. “Jabujabu is my friend!”
“Yes, Jabujabu is your friend!”
In the corridor the four security men stopped laughing.
Director Dovlo was standing near the cell gate. He could see that Baluu and the boy were talking, but he didn’t know what they were talking about. Baluu was so huge and broad that he had totally blocked out any view they might have of Kofi, and so the director had not seen Kofi imitating a fire extinguisher.
The fact that Baluu was not attacking Kofi and was having a conversation with him really infuriated the Director and absolutely flabbergasted him.
He just couldn’t understand how Kofi had been able to neutralize the terror of this beast. It just didn’t make sense! His plan of having Baluu kill Kofi was not working, and it filled the Director with much murderous ire!
“What’re you doing, Baluu, you filthy piece of piss?”
“Ei, no be small,” Baluu said softly. “That man is calling me a piss!”
“Yes, yes, Baluu,” Kofi said weakly. “Stay here. I’m going to open the gate for you! He is the chief tuluku shuku-shuku! Jabujabu wants you to hammer him first!”
“Ei, no be small! But I hear you, Jabujabu!”
When Kofi walked past him and approached the gate, they all moved back toward the wall with looks of shock and disbelief on their faces.
“How did you control him?” Director Dovlo shouted with sudden shock, his face all contorted up with a mixture of fury, demented hatred and sudden apprehension.
Kofi simply smiled as he walked forward.
Just stand there, Director Kwasea Bobo, Kofi thought to himself as he walked, smiling fiendishly…
Just stand there, don’t make a move, just wait for me…I’m the Jabujabu, and I’m going to show you how it is done…I’m going to let Baluu tear you to pieces, so you stand there for a minute longer, please, don’t you dare move…I’m going to let Baluu shred you like tolo beef!

Kofi could actually hear the evil voice in his head, and at that particular moment all he wanted was to see Director Bobo Dovlo being mauled and torn to pieces!


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