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Story: PASSWORD Season 2Ep13


password Season 2Ep13

©Aaron Ansah-Agyeman

“Oh, but she can’t do that!” Maa Abena cried. “Kofi is going to be so devastated! I have to speak to her. Can you direct me to the office?”
“I’m sending you the Google Maps location via WhatsApp,” Ato said. “I’ll wait for you at the entrance.”
“Alright, thank you so much, Ato.”
She cut the call and waited.
Less than a minute later Ato sent the location, and she hailed down a taxi and hopped in.
It took almost an hour to get to the offices of the renamed ODAMTEN & BADU ESTATES.
Ato, in a sleek black suit, white shirt and polka-dotted tie, was waiting for her at the plush reception. He hugged her briefly, and stayed a mite longer than usual just holding her, revelling in her classic beauty.
“Wow, you’re even more beautiful close up, my Gem,” he whispered, aware that people in the reception were looking at them intently. “But come on, dearest. I’ll take you up to the Executive Lounge where you’ll find Akweley.”
They exchanged light conversation as they rode the elevator to the topmost floor, and then walked along the most beautiful corridor she had ever seen into a glass-walled lounge with a breath-taking view of the city spread out beyond.
Maa Abena walked to the window and stood gazing out, enjoying the picturesque view.
“I’ll go get Akweley then, my gem,” Ato said with a smile. “And I hope afterwards we’ll go out to lunch.”
She turned and smiled at him.
“Took some heavy banku in the morning, Ato,” she said gently. “Still not feeling hungry yet.”
“Then maybe you’ll keep me company as I take my lunch?” he asked hopefully.
“Well, okay, that’ll be nice,” she said at last.

He smiled happily and walked out.
There was no one else in the lounge, and so she walked around, admiring the incredible furniture and the beautiful arrangement of the room.
Some minutes later the door opened, and she turned round.
Ato had returned with Akweley.
She was wearing an excellently-tailored cream skirt suit and a white shirt opened at the neck and displaying a very expensive-looking gold chain. Her strap shoes were cream and of impeccable quality.
Even then, as beautiful as she looked, she saw at a glance that the other girl standing near the window with a curious look on her face was a far more beautiful girl. Even in her black jeans and red T-shirt there was an inner glow about her that reflected on her clean, beautiful features.
Akweley walked forward with a slight frown on her face.
“Maa Abena Nyantie, I presume?” she asked, extending her hand. “We spoke on the phone. You said you had something urgent to tell me about a proposed business for my Dad?”
Maa Abena shook Akweley’s hand and smiled guiltily.
“Forgive me, please, madam,” Maa Abena said. “Actually, I lied. I didn’t want you to turn me away. Yes, I’m Abena, and I’m a nurse at the Adada Asylum where Kofi Kuntu is being kept.”
She saw the furious look on Akweley’s face immediately, and she was dismayed. Without warning Akweley’s right hand flew out, and she slapped Maa Abena across the face rather cruelly.
“How dared you, idiot!” Akweley hissed with uncontrollable wrath. “You’ll meet me under such deception? I’ll have the security throw you out of here, you idiot!”
Maa Abena clutched her cheek, but she did not look afraid. Her eyes blazed with sudden anger at Akweley.
Ato moved toward Akweley with an angry grunt, but Maa Abena held out her hand to him, halting him.
“Throw me out of here?” Maa Abena said angrily. “Go on and try! For the world of me I can’t understand why you claimed you loved Kofi when you refuse, even now, to hear anything about him!”
“Because he’s dead to me!” Akweley screamed, and raised her hand again.
“Don’t you dare!” Maa Abena hissed furiously. “I let you hit me once, because you were right, I deceived you into meeting me, but if you dare hit me again, lady, I’ll show you what a real b---h can do!”
They glared at each other, and Akweley realized slowly that indeed, this girl who looked so innocent and docile outwardly had a fire pit in her that shouldn’t be disturbed. Slowly she dropped her hand, breathing hard.
“If Kofi sent you here, go and tell him I’m moving on, okay?” she said furiously. “Tell him to forget about me, because I’m going to get married to another man! Tell him that he’s dead to me, and he should never ever try to contact me again!”
Maa Abena shook her head with wonder.

“Goodness me, but this attitude is strange!” she said with repressed fury. “Of all the attitudes I expected, this blatant self-denial wasn’t one of them. You’re capable of walking away from Kofi without bothering to know what really happened that day he was caught on top of a corpse?”
“That’s what I’ve been telling her all this while,” Ato said softly now, and the two of them became aware suddenly that he was still with them.
“Well, what he did wasn’t shrouded with invisibility that required a special Merlin to interpret, was it?” Akweley asked angrily. “He was making love to a corpse!”
“As ugly as that notion is, as shattering as it was, lady, you still owed it to him to know his side of the story, to know why he did it! You two were going to get married, for God’s sake! Instead of feeling so affronted why didn’t you just ask him why he did it? Why didn’t you allow him to explain himself even if he was speaking nonsense?”
Akweley was still breathing hard, but deep in the depth of her eyes lurked a scream of uneasiness. She licked her lips and moved to the window where she stood gazing out for a long time, and then she turned and dropped into a chair.
“It seems to me you know what really happened. Maybe he told you why he did it!” she said coldly. “Fine, sit down, and tell me what the catalyst for his madness was!”
Maa Abena shook her head, staring at Akweley with disdain and disbelief.
“Really?” she asked tightly.
“Please, Abena, allow me,” Ato said, and sat down on the settee next to Akweley, and then he began to speak fast, narrating in detail everything that had happened to Kofi.
Akweley sat quietly for a long time when Ato finished speaking. She looked suspiciously from Ato to Maa Abena, and it was quite evident that she found it hard believing them.
“And you’re telling me this man, this Bobo whatever, decided to keep Kofi there because he feels affronted by Kofi’s supposed seduction of his late wife?” she asked softly. “You expect me to believe that?”
Ato got to his feet warily, his face cold as he looked at Akweley.
“I don’t expect you to believe it, Ak,” he said coldly. “I told you what went down, and you have two choices here: either believe your man, or don’t.”
Akweley got to her feet and looked at him with fury.
“You sick bastard!” she grated out with uncontrollable fury. “You sicken me! I gave that bastard everything! Everything! My life and my soul, and he was cheating on me with numerous girls?”
“Yes, he was, Akweley, because deep down he’s always been the boy whose parents died in an accident, and he had to struggle through life from one foster home to the next! I’m not trying to justify his actions, far from it, and I know you got really hurt by what Kofi did, but we all learnt a lesson from what happened! I haven’t slept with any girl since! I can’t even sleep in my own bedroom now because of some scary shit happening in there, but my womanizing days are over. I want to fall in love, and marry! My playing days are over! This has changed Kofi too, and made him a better man! If you can forgive him, and help him to come out, you’ll have yourself a handsome, young husband devoted only to you! But, like I said, the decision is all yours, Akweley!”
Akweley laughed scornfully and looked at Maa Abena.
“Well, thanks for being here, but I possibly can’t forgive him for all the crap his selfish behaviour has brought my way,” she said icily. “I gave him my life, and he treated it with scorn! He exposed me to the worst form of public ridicule and humiliation. I’ve lived through hell! Now, my life is open ahead of me, and I have a man who will care for me. Kofi made his bed, and he can lie in it! He means nothing to me now. I hate him, and he disgusts me! Go and tell him that. It’s over, and I don’t ever want to see him again!”
She left the room in a huff, leaving Maa Abena staring at the closed glass door with shock and disbelief.
Ato sighed miserably and rubbed his forehead.
“Well, that’s it,” he said sadly. “Listen, is there any way you can arrange for me to see Kofi?”
Maa Abena placed a hand on her shoulder.
“Not now, Ato,” she said kindly. “The Director has put a total slammer on all visits to the inmates at D-Block, especially to Kofi. We don’t want to do anything to alarm him or make him aware that we know what’s going down. I’ll speak to Miss Elsie and see our next line of action, okay? And then maybe we can work something out.”
Ato leaned back and sighed heavily.
“Well, then at least just smuggle a phone in there, okay, so that I can speak to him for a few minutes, please. I miss him so much!”
“I’ll try, Ato,” she said gently. “There are CCTV cameras all over the place, but I’ll see what I can do. Now, I really have to go. I must admit that Akweley’s behaviour has put a damper on my mood. Rain cheque?”
He smiled at her, although it was evident he was very disappointed.
“No sweat, gem,” Ato said gently. “For, you, anything. But come, my shift is totally washed out by that encounter. I’ll drive you as far as my break-time will allow.”
He took her hand as they walked to the elevator, and she smiled nervously.

To be continued..


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