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PASSWORD Season 2Ep24


password Season 2Ep24

“They escaped?” Director Dovlo barked with demented rage into the telephone. “How on earth did that happen?”
“I don’t know, dear!” Doctor Joan Kankpe said from the other end, her voice unsteady and miserable. “Somehow, your plan of putting Baluu in Ward B so that he could attack Kofi failed! It seems Kofi can control Baluu! He used Baluu to escape! I tried calling you last night when the alarms went off, but all your phones were off!”
“You nincompoops!” Director Dovlo barked with venom. “I left you just one bloody day and you allowed them to escape? Dearest goodness me! Have you informed the police?”
“Yes, dearest,” Joan said miserably. “They’ll capture them, they promised! An alert has gone out!”
“I’m coming over immediately!” Dovlo screamed. “They should stake out all the houses, including Maa Abena’s house! Incompetent fools!”
He rushed out of his house in a maddened wrath!
Maa Abena Nyantie, miserable and missing Kofi Kuntu terribly, had had a very bad night.
She was worried because they had not parted on a good note, and if he found out that nobody had told him anything he would be very hurt.
Secondly, although she trusted Doctor Joan Kankpe, she was still worried that Director Dovlo could reach out and hurt Kofi through some of the loyal employees. She was worried that Kofi was cooped in there all alone.
She woke up early in the morning and went to the hall to begin tidying up.
Her father, always an early riser, was in the hall reading his Bible.
The television was on, but the volume was turned low.
“Good morning, Dad,” she greeted.
He looked up with worried lines puckering her brow.
“Princess!” he said with disapproval. “You shouldn’t be up so early! I know you’re under a lot of stress, but the truth will come out, trust me. Go back to bed and rest a while.”
“I can’t sleep, Dad,” she said miserably. “I’m so worried.”
“Is it about that fool, that Kofi guy?”
She looked at him sharply.
“He’s not a fool, Dad!” she said, a little piqued. “He’s just a victim of his own ineptitude! He was lost, Dad!”
He shrugged.
“Well, he proved he was no fool, in fact!” he said with a little smile. “Story on television early this morning says he escaped from the asylum. He and a murderer called Balloon.”

Maa Abena felt a kick to her heart and looked at her father with sudden shock.
“Dad, what are you talking about?” she asked hollowly.
“That Kofi Kuntu guy escaped from the asylum last night,” he said, gesturing toward the television with her head. “Was on the television a few minutes ago. He was with a guy called Balloon.”
“Baluu?” Maa Abena whispered, aghast. “Kofi and Baluu?”
She rushed to her room and picked her phone, and put a call through to Doctor Joan Kankpe.
The screen said ‘Call Waiting’, and just as she was about to cut it, the Doctor’s voice came through.
“Hello, Maa Abena!” she said, and her voice sounded very concerned. “Have you heard from Kofi?”
Maa Abena gave a sharp intake of breath.
“Is it true?” she asked in a horrified voice. “Kofi escaped?”
“Yes, he and Baluu,” Doctor Kankpe said. “They wounded some of the guards severely! But don’t worry! The police are on their tails and they would be captured quickly enough. They went to the house of the woman Kofi was going to marry this morning. The lady’s father has reported them to the police so the search is concentrated on the area. Soon they would be captured.”
“Oh, my God!” Maa Abena said hollowly.
“Yes, dearest,” the doctor said. “If they contact you let me know okay? I want what’s best for him.”
“Yes, Doctor,” Maa Abena said softly. “I’ll let you know immediately!”
She sat on her bed for a long time, stumped.
She just couldn’t wrap her mind around it!
Why had Kofi done a thing like this?
With Director Dovlo out of the system, he had been perfectly safe with Doctor Kankpe!
Why then had he done this when it looked liked things were finally looking up?
Her door opened and her father came in.
“Confirmed?” he asked softly.
Maa Abena looked dazedly at her father.
“Yes, Dad, he escaped with that violent Baluu!” she said tremulously. “Baluu shouldn’t be out of the institution, Dad! He is dangerous and murderous! If he kills somebody out there Kofi would be held responsible! Why did he do such a thing, Dad?”
Mr. Agyeman walked to his daughter, sat down beside her, and took her in his arms.
“Just pray for him, dear, because I can see you care so much for him,” he said gently. “Just remember that sometimes all things work out for best for those that trust the Lord!”
Maa Abena held her father tightly, and she bit her lower lip as tears shimmered in her eyes.
The truth suddenly dawned on her!
Kofi was at Akweley’s house!
She remembered telling Kofi that Akweley was going to get married!
It made perfect sense now!
Kofi had broken out of the asylum to find Akweley because he didn’t want her to get married!
It seemed Kofi was still in love with Akweley!
The pain Maa Abena felt at the thought was so terrible that for a moment she could barely breathe!

After their breakfast, Kofi took one of the sachet water and was drinking it when Baluu suddenly stood up and began running!
“Oh, no!” Kofi cried and stood up.
He grabbed the fire extinguisher and raced after Baluu.
“Stop, stop, Baluu! The Jabujabu wants you to stop!” Kofi screamed as he ran.
Baluu did not heed him.
He suddenly veered off into a clump of bushes, running very hard, and Kofi chased him!
It was a form of forest reserve, Kofi saw.
There were a lot of trees, but the vegetation had been weeded nicely, leaving the trees standing proudly and well-reserved.
Baluu was running like a man demented, and Kofi could barely keep up!
He raced after him as best as he could, and a moment later he stopped running because he was absolutely out of breath.
He walked along dejectedly, sure that Baluu was gone, and sick to his stomach of what the huge giant could do around people.
There could only be chaos and absolute havoc!
Finally, he came to the edge of the trees, and saw a huge expanse of water ahead of him. It was a man-made lake, and it shimmered so grandly and beautifully in the early sunlight.
Kofi saw Baluu.
The giant was sitting down on the edge of the lake quietly.
Kofi, extremely tired, stopped several paces away to catch his breath, and when he was relatively calm, he moved forward haltingly, going round Baluu and coming to stand in front of him with the fire extinguisher raised.
“We don’t have to be here, Baluu,” he said, trying to sound very harsh and in command. “Get up, let’s go, or I’ll spray the white jabujabu on you!”
Baluu lifted up his face slowly, and then Kofi gasped at what he saw.
The giant’s face was wet with tears, and on his face was the saddest expression Kofi had ever seen on a human being.
It was not what he had been expecting, and he took a step back with stunned incredulity.
“Whoa!” Kofi exclaimed, absolutely stumped. “What’s going on here, Baluu?”
And then, incredibly, abnormally, the huge man’s face cracked open in a sad smile, further disorganizing Kofi.
“My name is Baffour Adom Lawer Ugom Utey,” he said gently, and held out his right hand. “My initials form BALUU. I was a professional wrestler, and I was drafted into the WWE. Glad to meet you, my friend Kofi.”
“What the f--k!” Kofi whispered and took a step back with fear. “What the f--k!”
He thought he was going mad.
He raised the fire extinguisher.
“Let’s go, Baluu,” he began lamely. “Jabujabu wants you to get up!”
And then the giant did something else that stupefied Kofi.
He began to laugh gently.
“Jabujabu? What’s that, Kofi?” he asked, his face filled with curiosity.
Kofi stared at Baluu with his mouth so wide open that he was sure his jaw would hit the ground very soon.
Surely this gentle, sweet man could not be the incredibly mad man he had known! This just couldn’t be true!
“Am I going mad?” Kofi asked with sudden fear.
Again Baluu laughed gently, but it was tinged with a load of sadness.
“No, Kofi, you certainly aren’t,” he said gently. “This is my lucid moment. I have been having lucid moments quite frequently nowadays, and I try to hide those moments. I don’t know if I’ll ever make a full recovery because Dovlo had really been filling me with his deadly medicine for so many years now. But I do get lucid moments like this frequently now, and I see things clearly.”
“Jesus!” Kofi whispered with absolute shock. “You’re Baluu! You caught your wife in bed with your own brother, and you killed them both! Since the time you’ve been at the asylum, you’ve killed two guards and one female nurse! Hell, you’ve tried to kill me more than three or four times, Baluu! What the hell is going on here?”
The giant raised a hand and cleaned the tears from his face.
“It’s a long story, Kofi,” he said gently. “But believe me, I’ve never killed a soul. Those are silly stories Dovlo used to keep me in his d--n asylum. He has taken me from two previous mental institutions that he worked with, and he developed that false story to make people fear me. I’m aware he injects me to make me violent and absolutely mad, but I haven’t killed anybody. Those moment I try to kill people are times his drugs take total control of my brain and mess me up.”
“Jesus!” Kofi whispered with horror and sat down beside Baluu, shaking violently. “You mean you’re also sane? Dovlo drove you mad?”
“Well, I’m not mad,” Baluu said gently. “Dovlo has been injecting me, I know, trying to make me mad, and he has succeeded so far.”
“Goodness me!” Kofi whispered, numb all over. “Why on earth would he do a crazy and wicked thing like that?”
“He was married to my sister,” Baluu said with a sad chuckle. “Not his second wife, no. His first wife was my sister. Our parents had a lot of money, but my sister was in charge of it all, because she was older. Her name was Pomaa, and she fell in love with the wrong man, Bobo Dovlo.”
Baluu paused and stared down at his linked hands for a long time, and then he took a deep breath.
“You see, our parents wanted Pomaa and me to share everything equally. They died peacefully, seven days apart, after Pomaa’s marriage. Now, Pomaa’s wealth would come to me if she died earlier, and mine would go to her after my death, which was how our parents wanted it, if none of us had children. Pomaa didn’t have any children with Dovlo, but she entrusted him with our inheritance documents.”
Kofi was horrified!
He knew what was coming, and it terrified him!
“She was diagnosed with cancer later on, and she died two years after our parents’ death. I’m inclined to believe that Dovlo might have had a hand in her death, because of what he did afterwards. He gave me something to drink after Pomaa’s burial, and I collapsed. I woke up in a room at the asylum tied up, and that was when he began to give me injections. He made me behave like a mad person, and then I was sent to my first asylum, with him taking care of me.”
Kofi stared at the giant with horror.
“And all your money went to Bobo Dovlo?”
“All the wealth went to him, yes,” Baluu said sadly. “He had been giving me bad medicine to make me mad all these years, and maybe you saw me at my worst. I don’t remember those moments much, Kofi. They were terrible times for me!”
“Oh, goodness me, I can imagine!” Kofi said with horror. “He planned to do the same thing to me.”
“I’m going to kill that man,” Baluu stated so coldly that Kofi looked at him with fear.


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