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ADANNA Season 2 Ep12


Adanna Season 2 Ep12

©Akhigbe Oziegbe

Road to her house no change na just the road itself change honestly
speaking the road need deliverance not just deliverance but total

As i come out from my school street and cross the hospital road cloud
start to they change, e be like say rain wan fall oh that means i nor
go tey for her house at all i will just give her the note and the
report book and maybe i will collect it in school tomorrow or better

self she snap everything instead of writting them.

I enter her compound and everywhere they quiet e be like say people
never come back na we science student they always first resume, reach
her door and knock.

“who is that”?
Me: mumu na me open door.

Ble: i nor blame you (she open the door) how far oz, “she said and
open the door for to come inside.

Me: you don fine oh na wetin them they feed you for your IT?

Ble: come inside joor and shut up.
I enter inside and guys am telling you the room don change well well
everywhere don upgrade as if na family wan they stay here, not only
her room she too don fine put she don resemble queen, i look around
the room as if i be stranger.

Ble: you don become stranger here abi?

Me: na who come butter your bread like this na?

Ble: na God.

Me: shatup you don catch one mugu abi?

Ble: hahahaha you never still change abi?

Me: change to what you nor like me like this?

Ble: na you sabi abeg give me wetin una learn.

Me: chai see as you don even fine put self (i sit down for her reading
chair while she relax on her macho bed).

Ble: i nor fine before?

Me: of course you fine but now you fine pass mammi water.

Ble: shot up no just talk nonsense here at all because i don repent
and i nor get time for those nonsense talk again.

Me: hahahahahahahaha

Ble: wetin do you?

Me: you repent?

Ble: yes na.

Me: if you repent that means fowl don get teeth be that na.

Ble: na you sabi wetin una learn abeg?

Me: wetin i go lem first?

Ble: wetin you mean?

Me: i they h na.

Ble: ok no worry rice they fire e go soon done.

Me: okay i dey here they wait.

Ble: so make i see the note.

Me: nothing much just things in the laboratory and their uses.

Ble: but we don do that one before na for ND.

Me: yes na so e go they easy to report (i brought out the note from my
bag and gave it to her with her report book).

Ble: waoh you buy report book for me?

Me: yes you no go fit report without report book na so i just say make
i use am welcome you.

Ble: hmmmm thanks dear i appreciate.

Me: no worry you know say you be my fine lady na, so everything
suppose to be free for you.

Ble: you nor they ever change abi?

Me: lol abeg na when the food go done abeg.

Ble: e go soon done no worry meanwhile use that grape wey they there
they pass your time make i copy this note sharp sharp.

Me: okay thanks love.

She stood up and took note from her shelf she wore bumshot with single
wey no get hand, her bum don big put also with her boobs i wonder
wetin make her property come heavy like this oh like person wey don
throway one (we call them after one).

I was really starring at her ass cause i think i need them now since
Mercy they go at least she can satisfy me throughout our stay here.

Ble: no even think about am at all.

Me: wetin be that?

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Ble: wetin you they think for mind.

Me: i nor think anything oh.

Ble: better just concentrate on that grape wey you they lick.
As a respectful boy i face the table on the wall and concentrate on
the grape am licking, she gather her writting materials on the ground
and went out to check the food she put on fire (their kitchen they

back though she still they cook with gas cooker for inside sometimes
but this time she they cook for outside).

As she went out i took her laptop ontop bed and switch it on, after
booting i saw enter password i type her name e no work i type her
surname e no work too then i try both but e no still work, i pause for
a minute and think for something as if i can remember i try different
code e no word then i saw a hit below the box, the password hit is
three word A.G.O, that AGO is my full name though i know the code is
not my name but i just say make i try am, i type it on the box and
surprisely the laptop open i was like waooh, why is she using my name
as her password i was confuse because i dont understand, as i hear her
voice from outside as she they greet her neighbour i quickly shutdown
the system and drop it on the bed, i nor fear say i carry the laptop
but i they fear say she use my full name as the password,if she see
say i don open am she go they somehow and i dont want that she open
the door and came in.

Ble: hello dear how you doing.

Me: waiting for my food.

Ble: keep on waiting oh because e be like say na here you go sleep today.

Me: how?

Ble: come see as up dark as if nit don reach.

I waka go door and look outside, oh men up don really dark oh i check
time again four thiry.

Me: this one na heavy rain oh.

Ble: e be like say u go start to dey go now oh.

Me: for wetin i go sleep here.

Ble: u nor well.


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