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Story: PASSWORD Season 2Ep6


password Season 2Ep6

©Aaron Ansah-Agyeman

“Yes, she hasn’t,” Ato said sadly. “I’ve called her and tried to explain the situation to her, but she wouldn’t listen to me. I’ve been told she’s now thick with some guy who’s investing in her father’s business. But it’s all good. I know Kofi will be well.”

“I’ll be praying for him,” Maa Abena said. “God can cure him of this evil curse. I’ll be trying my best to steer him towards God. Anyway, I have to catch up on some sleep. Will link up during the week, okay?”

“Sure, sure!” Ato said. “Good night, Princess.”

Maa Abena cut the call, sighed, and then lay staring into the empty darkness.

It was indeed a very shattering and sobering story.

If indeed Kofi Kuntu wasn’t insane, and had been a victim of his own personal folly, just as he had told her himself, why was Director Dovlo now so bent on presenting Kofi as mad, and even endangering his life by putting him in a room with the lethal Baluu?

As Maa Abena drifted off to sleep it was Kofi’s handsome face that she saw in her mind’s eye.

And, several miles away, Ato Sey put down his phone and walked to the bathroom to relieve his bladder. He walked back to his bedroom sleepily, and fell down on the bed.

That was when the mattress gave a really scary bump, as if someone had kicked it from under the bed!
Ato’s heart gave a lurch, and goose pimples sprang on his body immediately. He thought he had imagined it all, until it happened again, harder this time, making his body bounce on the mattress!
There was no doubt about it!
Someone, or something, was under the bed, kicking it up!
Ato was so scared that he could barely breath!

He could suddenly hear a soft voice coming from under the bed!
His lips were very dry as he edged his body slowly to the side of the bed and peered under it. It was quite dark under the bed, and he could not see anything for a moment, but then he heard the low, angry voice from under the bed.

“Yew keeked the Mallam Busanga in the haid!” the voice said in a grumble. “Yew keeked the Mallam Busanga in the haid!!”

Ato was so petrified with fear that he could not move, and it was as if he was having sleep paralysis! He made moaning sounds in his throat as his bed began to tremble rather badly, as if the bed wanted to jog. Now he could hear the voices, thousands of them, in various tones, coming from under the bed.

“Yew keeked the Mallam Busanga in the haid!”

Ato Sey screamed and slammed off the bed in one motion and ran from the bedroom, through the hall, and tried to open the main door.

It was only when he was out on the corridor of the apartment, and other neighbours were opening their doors to find out what was wrong, that he realized he was butt naked!

He covered his genitals with his hands as his next door neighbour, a lady banker, stared at him with her eyes agog.

“Mr. Sey!” she cried, alarmed. “Are you alright?”

Ato Sey beat a hasty retreat back into the room and closed the door.
He did not lock it though.

He put on all the lights and sat on the floor.

“In the name of Jesus!” he kept repeating over and over.

When morning came, he came awake on the floor, and he stood up slowly. With the darkness gone, his fear was abated, and he smiled sheepishly, wondering how he was going to face his neighbour ever again.

Maybe he had had too much to drink and dreamnt it all.

He sighed heavily and walked to his bedroom, and when he entered he just stood there glaring at the bed.

The mattress was on the floor, and all the wooden planks lying in the bed and supporting the mattress had been broken into several pieces.

Lying on the floor, in the middle of the wooden debris, was a small black pot and a horsetail whisk.
Ato’s heart gave a murderous lurch again.

Now he was terrified!

Nii Lin took Kofi to another ward on the second floor of D-Block.
The room was pleasant, and had ten beds in a row, but there were only three other people in the room.

They were all wearing the sky-blue pyjama-like uniform of the Adada Asylum.

One was a smallish man sitting on his bed and watching the television fixed on the wall. He was sitting absolutely still, his eyes never moving from the television.
Another was a really tall, gangling man, also in uniform, and he was standing with his face pressed into the wall, and his hands flat on the wall, as if he wanted to disappear into the wall.

The third man was quite young, around Kofi’s age. He was of medium built and height, and he was lying on the bed curled up in the foetal position, gripping a huge black teddy bear with his right arm, and his left thumb stuck into his mouth.

“Remember I told you only the severe cases were brought to the D-Block?” Nii Lin said as he pointed to a bed. “This is your bed, Kofi. You have a wardrobe here where we’ll keep your gowns and other essentials. The bathroom is in there, but it is mostly locked because these three need supervision to perform even the basic needs. You’re not going to be here long, my friend. We’re all finding out ways to help you.”

“Thanks a mill, bro,” Kofi said sadly and sat down. “I appreciate it, man. But you better find some people to help me fast before that Director Dovlo drives me crazy, man.”

“Don’t worry, bro, you’re in good hands,” Nii Lin said and smiled. “Senior Nurse Elsie has assigned Nurse Maa Abena Nyantie to take care of you. She’s a d--n stunning hottie, isn’t she? I’m sure you’re going to like her. Now, I’ll go and rustle up some chow for you. It’s almost dinner time. But first, let me introduce you to your Ward mates. These are men who will not harm you if you leave them alone, Kofi, unlike Baluu. We give them nicknames here, you know, as part of the programme.”

He pointed to the man watching the television.

“That is Malboro. He’s okay, just that he can’t retain a memory for more than thirty minutes. He’s a great sort, but he’s irritating sometimes. The young man with the teddy lost his mind when his girlfriend jilted him and married his best friend. He’s Captain. Please, never touch his teddy bear. He’ll kill you if you do. The man against the wall is Pilot. He says he hears voices in the walls, and virtually anywhere. Like I said, they’re pretty harmless as long as you leave them alone.”

“Thanks, Nii, I appreciate it,” Kofi said sadly.

“Right,” Nii said. “Dinner is in the dining-room at the end of the corridor in thirty minutes.”

Nii went out and Kofi Kuntu slowly changed into his gown and lay down on the bed, staring up at the ceiling morosely.

He had lost everything.
Sajili had taken everything from him. Worst, Akweley was gone now!

But, in retrospect, he really had himself to blame.
He had had it all! A good job, a good life, a wonderful woman. The only dark side had been Laryea Odamten, his girlfriend’s father, but he knew he eventually would have won the man over.
Then he had gone in for the d--n Jamaican Stone, and that simplest of acts, which had been targeted at some harmless fun, had progressed through a horrific series of events that had finally brought him into the claws of a man who felt aggrieved that his late wife had once been Kofi’s lover.

Now he didn’t know what the future had in store for him, or how he was going to get out of this grave situation. Director Dovlo had almost gotten him killed, and Kofi was scared. That man was capable of anything.

And even if redemption should come his way he might not have Akweley anymore! The pain was so sharp and devastating that tears came into Kofi’s eyes, and tried hard not to let them spill.

This was not the time for crying; this was the time to get out of this extremely unfavourable situation.


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