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Story: PASSWORD Season 2Ep2


password Season 2Ep2

©Aaron Ansah-Agyeman

Ato, transfixed and no more of his wits because of the evil spell the fetish priest had put on him, walked on stumbling legs to the centre of the yard. He was aware that he was under some spell, but try as hard as he could, he couldn’t shake it off.

He picked up the ropes attached to the gigantic rock.

Ato wanted to stop and run out of the evil place, but he had no control over his body anymore.
He placed the two ropes across his shoulders.

He began to pull the ropes, and the huge rock moved fractionally. For the next twenty minutes Ato Sey pulled the rock under the spell cast on him. His veins stood out, and sweat drenched his body.
The despicable assistant stood not far from Ato and laughed uproariously.

“I tuuld yew yew weel puller rock!” he jested.

Ato, feeling dizzy and weak from pulling that heavy rock in the sweltering sun, dropped to his knees and summoned all his inner strength and screamed.

“Jeeeeeeesus! Jeeeesus! Heeeelp me, Jeeeeesus!”

He was aware of the attendant screaming and running away, but he stumbled suddenly and went crashing to the ground!

Mallam Busanga fell from his perch and rolled down the steps!
Suddenly Ato was free.

He dropped the rope and shouted again.

“In the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus, inthenameofjesus, inthenameofjesus, i

Each time he mentioned it Mallam Busanga and his attendant groaned and held their heads.

Ato began to flee, stopping only briefly to kick Mallam Busanga in the head.

“Awo bribaba!” Mallam Busanga groaned with the pain.

Ato aimed another kick into the balls of the attendant, and had the satisfaction of seeing the man screaming and grabbing his balls, and then Ato fled naked out of the compound with his buttocks jigging and his balls swinging like pendulums.

He did not stop saying ‘in the name of Jesus’ until he was safely in his car and driving out of the forest!

He was still naked behind the wheel. He had only paused at the changing room to snatch his wallet and clothes, but hadn’t bothered to get dressed!

He would get dressed when he was safely away!

Nii Lin had gone to call Senior Nurse Elsie Ansah in a bid to persuade the Director of The Adada Asylum, Mr. Bobo Dovlo, from sending Kofi Kuntu to D-Block, precisely into the ward of the dangerous Baluu.

Maa Abena Nyantie waited, glancing frequently at the main entrance to ascertain that Nii Lin was returning with the nurse, but all hopes seemed lost because there was no sight of Nii Lin.

The security men bundled Kofi off into the back of an ambulance.
Kofi Kuntu, given a dangerous injection by the Director to induce temporal madness, was still screaming out obscenities, forcing the security detail to gag him and put him in a straitjacket.

They drove off with sirens wailing.

Maa Abena, heart beating with fear, sat in the Director’s car to D-Block.

She noticed that Mr. Dovlo had a strange contented smile on his face, and that he seemed to be secretly enjoying himself. Maa Abena scowled darkly. Contentment and enjoyment were not exactly the feelings she expected the caregiver to exhibit.
She got out of the car when they reached D-Block.

Kofi, now calm and appearing to be asleep, was put on a gurney and wheeled up the elevator, which swiftly took them to the fifth floor wards where, presently, Baluu was the only patient in the huge ward.

Baluu was a monstrously huge and abnormally muscled man who had been brought in after murdering his wife and his brother when he caught them in bed.

He was incredibly fierce and violent, and nobody could go near him. He was always shot with sedative darts which rendered him weak before anybody could enter his ward.

They were on the corridor when they heard Baluu screaming wildly inside the cell-like ward.
They came to a bend in the corridor, and stopped in front of the ward. The door was locked with an inner metal gridlock, and a normal door outside. Baluu was at the far end of the ward, standing on top of one of the beds.
He was wearing only a pair of shorts, and his abnormally huge muscles were flexing. He was sweating, and he had wounded himself high on his brow, and blood was streaming down his face.

Two nurses were standing by holding dart guns.

The security men were trembling badly with fear as they unlocked the padlocks which were keeping the gridlock secure.

Baluu suddenly let out an ear-splitting scream, jumped from the bed and raced towards the door, but he suddenly stopped when he saw the dart guns. He knew how painful the drugs from the darts were, and he tried to keep away from them.

They removed the chains in the gridlock, pulled it to one side, and then they pushed Kofi Kuntu into the ward.


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