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Story: PASSWORD Season 2Ep11


password Season 2Ep11

©Aaron Ansah-Agyeman

“I’m going to stab you,” Pilot said ominously. “I’m going to stab you really badly!”
Kofi Kuntu opened his eyes slowly.
It was still dark, and that meant they were supposed to be asleep. Pilot was standing beside his bed with his right hand behind him, concealing something, maybe a knife.

Kofi’s heart gave a lurch of fear.
Pilot was grinning fiendishly in the dim light provided by the shaded lamp above, the one that comes on during sleeping time. Kofi saw that Captain and Malboro were sleeping soundly.

Pilot grinned again, and his teeth glinted in the dim light wolfishly.
“I’m going to stab you goooood!” he drawled.

Kofi was terrified. He carefully swung his legs to the other side of the bed and rolled off, gaining his feet. Pilot screamed behind him and came for him.

Kofi fled to the door and yanked it open, and found himself on the corridor. He ran blindly along the corridor, and behind him came the Pilot, screeching maniacally.

“I’m going to stab you goooood!”
Kofi had never been so terrified in his life! He ran to the end of the corridor and found the stairs that led to the downstairs were cordoned off with huge chains linked with a padlock.

He moved to the stairs that led upstairs and ran hard, wheezing with terror.

“Oh, Jesus, dear Lord, please help me!” Kofi said as he ran, taking the steps two at a time, and all the while Pilot followed him, screaming with maddened glee.
“I’ll stab you! I’ll stab you goooood!!”

Kofi gained the upper corridor and ran down its length, wheezing for breath because he was so tired and scared. He was afraid that he would have a heart attack soon.

Suddenly he tripped and fell, crashing heavily to the cemented floor. Panting with terror, he turned on his back and tried to get on his feet, but Pilot fell on him, giggling and screaming.

Kofi screaming with fear as Pilot drew back his hand, sure that the man was going to stab him to death with his wicked knife…
But there was no knife in Pilot’s hand.

Instead he used his forefinger to stab Kofi’s chest over and over again.

“Stab, stab, stab, stab!” Pilot said, laughing uncontrollably. “I told you I’ll stab you! I told you I’ll stab you goooood! Stab, stab, stab, stab!”

Kofi’s heart was yammering crazily in his chest as he lay there, waiting for the terror to subside and feeling each jab of Pilot’s finger.

He put an arm across his face suddenly as the sheer hopelessness of his situation hit him again, and he wondered if he would ever get out of the Adada Asylum alive, and with a sane mind!

He was assailed with a sadness so deep that he could not control it. To think that he had it all…a good job, a good life, the love of a good girl!

And he just threw it all away in the silly pursuit of the pleasure of the body.

And now here he was, running in the deep of the night from inmates in an asylum who wanted to stab him with their fingers!

Great sobs racked Kofi Kuntu, and he wept bitterly on the floor of the D-Block corridor.

Pilot stopped jabbing him and looked at him with sudden dismay.
“Hey!” he said, getting off the prone body of Kofi, who still cried, unable to stop himself.

And then Pilot also began to bawl loudly, and as the two of them cried they failed to see that they had landed on the floor just in front of Baluu’s cell. Baluu, asleep on his cot, was awakened by their combined bawling, and he stood up slowly and walked toward the gate.

Pilot was sitting with his back to iron railings of the cell gate, and Kofi’s arm was still flung across his face, and so neither of them saw Baluu approaching.

Baluu reached between the railings, grabbed Pilot’s neck, and banged him hard against the railings, and then he began to choke Pilot.

Pilot could not breathe, and in his agony he flailed his legs desperately, kicking into Kofi’s side. Kofi put down his arm and turned his head angrily, and that was when he saw Baluu choking the life out of Pilot.

“Hey, Baluu!” Kofi screamed desperately. “Stop that! You’re killing him, you animal!”

Kofi grabbed the giant’s arm and tried to pull it off Pilot’s throat, but Baluu’s arm did not budge! He was as strong as Samson! Kofi tried and tried! He pinched the man’s arm and even bent and bit him hard, but Baluu would not let go! Pilot’s eyes began to roll, and Kofi knew he could be dead in less than a minute!

His eyes roved the corridor desperately, looking for something to use as a weapon, but there was nothing.

Kofi began to scream for help, and then he saw the fire extinguisher against the wall at the end of the corridor. He ran to it fast, unclipped it, and ran back to where Baluu was killing Pilot.
He removed the safety pin and pointed the nozzle at Baluu’s face, and then he depressed the trigger. The white foam jetted out with maximum force into Baluu’s face. The giant screamed with terror and let Pilot go.

Baluu looked at the spraying foam fizzing out at great speed at him.
“Eiii! No be small! Yieeeeeee!” he screamed, his eyes wide with fear and fled from the cell gate to the far end of his ward where he sat down in one corner, shivering with terror at the spray still gushing out of the nozzle of the extinguisher.

Pilot was coughing on the floor, and he moved away quickly from the cell gate.

“Come here, you bastard!” Kofi screamed at Baluu. “You bully, you murderer! Come here and I’ll spray your d--n face for you!”
But the giant was cowering in his corner, face still terrified, and he was making gibbering noises. He raised his hands suddenly and covered his face.

“Eiiiii! No be small ooo! Eiii, no be small ooo! He gave me the white Jabujabu! He gave me the white Jabujabu! He sprayed the white jabujabu fuuuuuuuuush in my face o….ei, no be small! White jabujabu!” Baluu bellowed suddenly with fright, and trembled violently.

Slowly the anger left Kofi, and he dropped the fire extinguisher. He stayed near the gate, so furious that he dared Baluu to come get him, but the giant remained on the floor, still terrified.

“Dandruwaaah!” Kofi said disdainfully.

He reached down and grabbed Pilot by the arm.

“Hey, buddy, are you alright?”
Pilot got to his feet and smiled weakly at Kofi.

“Pilot wants to sleep now,” he said weakly.

“Yeah, let’s go and sleep, buddy,” Kofi said with a relieved smile.
As they walked toward the stairs, Pilot spoke.

“Herh!” he said.

“What?” Kofi queried.

“That man was killing me paaa!” he said. “Herh, he squeezed my neck until I saw my own ghost standing in front of me.”

“I’m sorry buddy,” Kofi said softly.
“But you saved me, Kofi,” Pilot said. “Otherwise he would have killed me. I think he’s mad. Herh! He squeezed my neck paa o! I saw my own ghost standing right there in front of me ready to go somewhere la! That mad man almost killed me totally!”

“Yeah, he’s very mad,” Kofi said.
Pilot smiled and shook his head.
“Why do they keep brining mad people to our house?” he asked. “It is dangerous, you know. They keep bringing mad men here.”

Kofi chuckled, and then he laughed softly.

“Don’t laugh, I’m serious,” Pilot said with all seriousness. “There are too many mad people here. Instead of sending them to the asylum they bring them here. Very soon the place will be full with mad people.”

Kofi chuckled again, but this time in a subdued manner.

He didn’t want Pilot to pick it up and begin screaming with laughter. They had had enough adventure for the night!
“Kofi, where do you think ghosts go to?” Pilot asked when they were back in the room and lying down on their beds. “I saw my ghost standing in front of me. I almost died!”

“Go to sleep, Pilot,” Kofi said gently.

“What sleep?” Pilot shot right back. “I saw my own ghost and you want me to sleep. Have you seen your own ghost before?”

“I believe it was your soul, maybe, not ghost!” Kofi said sleepily, still basking in the glow of getting a little revenge on Baluu.

“What soul?” Pilot shouted. “Have you seen a pink soul before, you sprayer! It was my ghost, my own pink ghost. Hey, Kofi, why did that ghost have red eyes?”

Kofi did not speak.

He was fast asleep.

“Maybe my ghost is from Cambodia,” Pilot said drowsily. “That’s why it had red eyes. Ei, Cambodia ghost…”

A moment later he also drifted off into sleep.

On Thursday evening Maa Abena stood near the bed and watched Kofi reading his Bible with hungry earnestness, and she smiled to herself as she walked to the washroom to freshen up.

When she came back he was still reading, and she sat down beside him. He stopped reading and turned to smile at her.

“I have a lot of questions, Abena,” he said, his face serious. “There are a lot of stuff here I didn’t know, and there are a lot of stuff here I don’t understand.”

She smiled at him.

“I don’t think there are many people who truly understand the Bible from cover to cover, Kofi,” she said gently. “My pastor will be here on Sunday. He comes here most Sundays to pray for the inmates. So reserve your questions. You can ask him everything about the Bible on Sunday.”

He nodded, and smiled.

“I’ll do that, Abena. And thanks so much for this Bible. I’m learning a lot of things.”

“I’m glad to hear that, Kofi.”
They were silent for a while, and then she stood up.

“Well, I have to go now, Kofi,” she said in a rush. “Tomorrow is my off day, and so I’ll go and visit my parents.”

He looked at her sharply, his face displeased immediately.

“Oh!” he said, scowling. “Meaning I won’t see you tomorrow?”
She heard the disappointment in his voice, and saw the earnestness on his face, and suddenly time ceased to exist as they stared into each other’s eyes, and it dawned on her that she would also miss him. Her off days had been on Sundays, and so he had not noticed it much, because she always made sure she came to the wards in the evenings.

The roster, however, had been shuffled, and she now had her off days on Fridays.

“I’ll come back tomorrow, of course, and I’ll see you in the evening, Kofi.”

He reached out and touched her hand briefly.

“Please do,” he said miserably. “I’ve grown used to seeing you.”
That one hit her, and she looked deeply into his eyes, suddenly uneasy by a strange note she had heard in his voice.

“Well, don’t you try your flattering skills on me, Kofi Kuntu!” she said softly, looking deeply into his eyes. “I don’t fall for sentiments.”


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