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Story: PASSWORD Season 2Ep1


password Season 2Ep1

©Aaron Ansah-Agyeman

Ato Sey was almost weeping as he walked dejectedly down the narrow path toward Mallam Busanga’s shrine.

He was naked, as usual, and he remembered how it had felt coming down here with Kofi, the fun and the adventures they had had!

Kofi, his best friend, now confined to the ADADA ASYLUM!
How could it be possible? Kofi, his only friend, with so much prospects, now mentally-challenged? That was not even remotely possible, and Ato just could not believe what that incompetent Director Dovlo was talking about!

Ato had gone and explained everything that had happened to the Director of the Adada, Mr. Bobo Dovlo, and yet Kofi had still been declared insane and remanded indefinitely to the asylum.

“This is not fair koraa!” Ato whispered, and fought the tears threatening to spill down his cheeks.

And to think that all this had happened because of the Jamaican Stone that he had handed to Kofi.

“Oh, K.K! I shouldn’t have stoned you! Aaaaah! The way I have regretted!” Ato mourned as he came within sight of the shrine.
As he was ushered into Mallam Busanga’s presence under the shed, he noticed that there was a huge boulder in the middle of the yard with a tight rope coiled around it. He had not noticed that on any of their previous visits. Might be a new addition, he deduced.

A moment later he lowered himself on the mat and faced the taciturn Mallam Busanga and his absolutely feral attendant.

“Tor, tor, tor!” said the grinning attendant. “Mallam Busanga, he say he welcomes you weel weel to shrinana again! Mallam Busanga, he say he vely vely soly aboot whata happena to yew friend!”
Ato’s eyes blazed angrily at them as he cleaned his face.

“Sorry, huh? He’s sorry huh? So he knew about what happened to my friend, right?”

“Tor, tor, tor! Mallam Busanga, he knowings evelytin! Evelytin!”

“Then how the hell didn’t he know that there would be people at the mortuary that would catch my friend in the act of dipping his d--n d--k into the corpse of that Indian witch?”

“Eiiii! Heyyy!” the attendant exclaimed, indignant. “Yew watcha yew morff ooo! You watcha yew morff vely vely weel before Mallam Busanga he getta angrily o!”

“Oh, shun your body!” Ato ejected wildly, too angry to care anymore. “Surely, once we came here, he should’ve warned us! Anyway, that’s not the reason why I came here. I just want to find out from Mallam if the treatment worked, and if Kofi is now free of the password curse of Sajili!”

The attendant turned and spoke to Mallam Busanga for some time.
He then turned and looked at Kofi.
“Tor, tor, tor-” he began.

“Would you just cut out that tor-tor bullshit?” Kofi screamed angrily.

The attendant looked at Mallam Busanga and smiled.

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Mallam Busanga shook his head slightly, and spoke again.

“Tor, tor, tor!” the man said with deliberate emphasis. “Mallam Busanga, he say that ehn, the cure not working koraa! Your friend was asked to put the penisa intoa the vaginant of the deeeed Indian girl!”

“Go to hell, you fake!” Ato exploded. “That is exactly what he did!”

“No-no, no-no, no-no!” the attendant said, wagging his finger. “Your frienda, he puuuut the penisa for the vaginant, but he deeedn’t remove penisa himself! Some man geeev him blow and his penisa come outta the vaginant! He shoulda removed his penisa himself!”

Ato lost it.

He jumped to his feet and stood bristling with anger, his expression explosive, his face suffused with uncontrollable fury.

“What the hell are you telling me now? Ato put his d--k inside the dead woman but he didn’t remove it himself because some man gave him a blow and pushed him out of the corpse, so the cure wouldn’t work? What kind of chicken s--t is that one?”

“Hey, yew thees forkin man!” the attendant stated indignantly. “Yew caint talk talk s--t s--t here! Yays, he deeednt remova penisa himself! A man geev him blow and he fall off the deeed body! So the cure no wark wark!”

“I’ve never heard such foolishness! Whether he removed it himself or somebody pushed him off, was it not in and out? Is that not what you said, you lying bunch of evildoers?”

And for the very first time Mallam Busanga’s eyes flashed with sudden anger.

The attendant looked at Ato with horrified eyes.

“Eiiiiiii!! Yew callin’ the Busanga leear? Oh, yew weel puller rock!”
Ato suddenly realized he had pushed the medicine man to the wall, but before he could utter a word Mallam Busanga lifted his hand and pointed a finger first at Ato, and then at the new gigantic rock in the middle of the yard.

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