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Story: Password - Last Episode


Password - Episode 29

©Aaron Ansah-Agyeman
Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..


Kofi Kuntu feels his tongue getting heavy, and his sight blurring.

Say you will kill somebody, Kofi.

(weeping, scared)
You bad man! You bad, bad man! I won’t say I will kill! You’re so bad that’s why your wife left you!

Say it, Kofi! Say you will kill somebody!

I won’t say it! I will kill somebody! Nooooo, I won’t say it, you f-----g Ayigbe bastard! I will kill somebody! I will kiiiiiiilllll somebody! I will kill somebody! I will kill! I won’t kill! No, no, no, I won’t say it! I will kill! I will kill and kill and kill and kill somebody paaa!!
Director Bobo Dovlo smiles to himself, and then he quietly leaves the room.
Kofi begins to see some round faces on the ceiling that look like penis heads wearing X’mas hats, and then he begins to giggle insanely!
Almost thirty minutes later, the door opens, and a sad-looking Director Bobo Dovlo enters with Judge Awasi Buabasah and some reporters.
By this time Kofi is totally insane, and he is laughing uproariously as tears stream down his face.
The judge, quite taken aback, looks at him with shock.

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Goodness me, what’s wrong with him?

He’s now totally insane, sir. I told you that in the report. He’s become a danger to himself and other people. He can kill!

Say I will kill somebody! I won’t say it! I will kill and kill and kill you all! I see a lot of penises on the ceiling wearing Christmas hats! Hey, Papa Judge, you look like your wife’s steenkeen vaginant tor, tor, tooor! Mallam Busanga, he says I should cut off your head and stick it into your anulus! Heeeeeey, did you see Corporal Tiiiiiiiiinga’s penis? It looks like a tree! He’s going to f--k Sajili with it! I will kill all of you, every one of you! Where’s Akweley and her toto father? Abooooooooowa Laryea Odamten! I’ll kill him too! My penis is not functioning because Sajili put a password on it! Hahahahahaaa! Did you hear that? I have a password on my d--k! I will f--k all your anulus with my d--k and bring out the shitu in your anulus! Heeeeey, Heeeeey, Heeeeey! Sawaaaaa gbontos! I wanna kill! Kill! Eeeeeeeei, Bobo Dovlo, your name sounds like s--t! I f----d your wife’s toto toto totoooooo! I made it go like pheeeeee pheeeeeee pheeeeeee! Kpa kpa kpa kpa kpa kpa kpa tofuuuuuuuu! Bla K, Bla K, bla Kaaaaaayyyyyyyy…
The reporters are taking pictures!
The Judge turns away with disgust.

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The boy remains here, doctor. Do what you deem fit to take care of him. I’ll issue my verdict tomorrow, and you will officially receive my verdict to remand him here! He needs to be cured of whatever madness is afflicting him. Such a fine young lad, what a pity! It’s the sakawa things they do, you know, dabbling in so much evil. Such a waste, such a pity! I hope he gets well you know. He’s such a fine lad, reminds me of my son.

(wiping tears)
So sad! Such a fine young boy! I’ll do my best for him! I’ll try and get him cured very soon, Your Honour!

I will kill you, Your Honour! Abooooowa, I’m not your son! I eat the toto of the mad woman! Judge, your face like atopa! Your legs like Panadol! Your waist like Lucozade, Judge. Doctor Bobo Dovlo! Your name sounds like v----a! I f----d your wife Naana! She likes it from behind and when she’s coming she shouts ahooooooo, ahooooooo, ahooooooo! And then she tries to bite me! That’s why I broke off with her , you know! She bites! All the time she bites! Ah, small money so you should bite me rough rough? Nonsense! Eiiiiiii, I see penis heads on the ceiling! I see vaginant on your faces! Sajili has taken my penis password to the grave! Mallam Busanga is azaaa class one. Eeeei, Ato Sey, your head like Instagram! Corporal Tiiiiiiinga, your tiiiiiinga, you hear? Your bula like Director Dovlo Bobo’s head! Bobo Dovlo, aboooooowa man! I will kill somebody today, I swear! I don’t know whether you’re Director Bobo or Boobs. Bobo means v----a, do you know that? Laryea Odamten, aboooooowa! I will kill you all!
The people in the room turn and leave, their faces very sad.
Once outside, the Director addresses the press.
Finally, when they leave, he calls some of his nurses.
They can all hear Kofi screaming behind the closed door.

Sir? What’s wrong with Mr. Kuntu?

I’m afraid his mind finally gave in, nurse. Mr. Nii Lin, kindly coordinate the transfer of this boy to the institution. Send him to D-BLOCK. Let him be Baluu’s room mate.

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Baluu? Did you say Baluu, sir?

Yes, you heard right.

But Baluu will kill him, sir, on sight! You know it, sir! We have other empty rooms, a lot of them inside the D-Block. We can even send him to the General Ward, sir, with all the other patients. There are a lot of beds there too.

Sir, surely you can’t send this new patient to Baluu’s room! Baluu will break every bone in his body. Surely, we can’t keep him in a cell with Baluu, sir!

Stop challenging me this instant, both of you! Go in there for him and send him to Baluu’s room!! NOW!! I’ll go with you to make sure everything is alright! His diagnosis is bad, and he needs to spend more time with someone with dominant attributes like Baluu in order to suppress his spiking hallucinatory concepts about killing. So stop questioning me and get to your duties immediately!
The nurses leave the office of the Director with various looks of anger, especially on the parts Nii Lin and Maa Abena.

My God! Why is the Director doing this? What is he thinking? He just signed Kofi’s death warrant! D--n, Baluu hasn’t stopped talking about the man who lied to him and sent him to the bathroom. That’s all he talks about nowadays! If he sees Kofi again, trust me, he will rip his head off!
Maa Abena looks at him thoughtfully.

You’re speaking as if you know something I don’t, Nii.

Oh, sorry, sorry. There must be something wrong, you know. Kofi never struck me as the dangerous type. D--n, he was cool when they brought him, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with him!

Oh, so you know him.

Yes, he’s a friend. He’s a friend of my school mate.

I see. Quite nice. I spoke to him too, you know. I did his profiling. Quite a handsome young man, and I wondered how he managed to get himself into such a mess. We have a mutual friend, you know. It came up during the profiling. I don’t really believe what the Director is saying is true, though.

There must be something wrong. Something really wrong. Please, wait for me, okay. I will go and get Nurse Elsie Ansah. She’ll know what to do. She’s the only one who can stand up to the Director because she’s the senior nurse here, and she takes no nonsense from anyone.

Oh, then please do, okay? You know I’m new here and I didn’t want to get into the bad books of the Director. But if there’s someone who can help please go and get here, please. Otherwise Baluu will kill that boy!
Nii nodded and went in such of the senior nurse.

And, inside the evaluating hall, Director Bobo Dovlo is sitting in front of Kofi and laughing his heart out whilst Kofi screams and screams and flail in the chair wildly like a fish out of water.

Iphone penis! Samsung v----a! Tekno buttocks…eiiiiii what a telephone w---e! Etwe bofu, Etwe kpotiii, etwe frimfraaaaaam! Penis V----a, V----a Penis, atopa Atopa yorrr! Ei, tooor tooooor, toooooor. Your Penisa into the vaginant of the mad woman, Mallam Busanga yooooor! Penis tree Tiiiinga! Jamaican Stone Ato Sey! Mr. Laryea Aboooooowa Odamten! Akweley the maidservant! Sajili Indian corpse! Yasmeen Anulus Anal Slyder! I will kiiiiillll somebody today! Baluuuuuuuu your mother!!
And Director Bobo Dovlo laughs and laughs and can’t stop laughing.
He has never been so happy!
Vengeance, indeed, is best served cold, he thinks.

Season 2 Starting on the 15 of September 2019

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