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Story: PASSWORD - Episode 27


Password - Episode 27

©Aaron Ansah-Agyeman
Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..


Another policeman behind Kofi steps forward and clamps handcuffs on him.

Hey! Be gentle!

Aboooooowa! Time for your madness scan, my boy. I like the way that man says the abooooowa! But seriously, you fool paa o! Ahhhhh! You get that beautiful girl all to yourself and you prefer to f--k corpses? Abooooowa! Olu waaa denkye!
And that is why, two hours later, Kofi finds himself in an ultra-modern EVALUATION HALL at the ADADA ASYLUM.

He is strapped into a comfortable chair with restraints on his wrists and legs.
He is surrounded by a lot of machines and beeping readers.

He is left alone in the room for a while, and then the door opens and she comes in.

She is the most beautiful girl he has ever seen.

She is dressed in the white outfit of a nurse, and has a beautiful white cap on her head.

She is not a big girl, but she has a most beautiful figure, rounded to perfection. His eyes go to her legs, and he notices how well-formed they are with a sleek, classy look. Her feet are encased in low-heeled canvas shoes.

She is chocolate-skinned with an oval face.

Tender lips, a quaint nose, rosy cheeks and well-shaped eyebrows!
She is so lovely, so ethereal, so perfect!

She is holding a clipper with a sheet of paper on it, and she takes a pen and sits opposite Kofi.

There is something oddly familiar about her, and Kofi squints as he tries to recollect her.

She asks his name and age, speaking professionally, but he notices that her lips are compressed, an indication that she finds him unpalatable.

He answers her automatically, trying to recollect why she looks so familiar.

She asks another question that Kofi barely hears, and she looks up at him with her eyebrows arched, and then it slips into place like jangling of coins!
Finally he realizes where he knows her.

You! Ahaaaa! Yes! You’re the eye!
She looks at him quizzically.

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You! Yes! You’re the eye, aren’t you?

The eye? What’re you talking about?

Your Whatsapp DP. Your display picture. It used to be an eye. Just an eye!
She sits back with an intake of breath, her beautiful face displeased immediately.

Yes, and it is still an eye. How did you know that?

Oh, my friend is Ato Sey. He and you are in this Whatsapp group, what’s the name? I forgot the name of the group.

She nods slowly as understanding dawns on her face.

Oh, the Golgotha Church Youth Group. Yes. Ato Sey is your friend?

Yes, my best friend. Yes, he mentioned your name even. Maa Abena Nyantie.

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Yes. You seem to know a lot about me, Mr. Kuntukununku. Tell me, this friend, Ato… he’s been sending me a lot of messages. We talk occasionally. Does he also, you know…
Her voice trails off, and Kofi feels sad and humiliated and so down all of a sudden. Tears come to his eyes as he looks away from her.

No, he doesn’t go for corpses.
She looks abashed immediately, almost shamefaced, and she glows with embarrassment.

I… I’m sorry, didn’t mean it to come out like that!
Before Kofi can answer, the door opens, and a tall, grim-looking man with glasses and a great moustache walks in.

He is dressed in a three-piece black suit and shiny boots. His hair is a shock of afro grey, and it is parted in the side.

He looks so ancient that Kofi is not surprised when he whips out a chain watch from his pocket and flicks it open to look at the time.

Kofi would not have been surprised if the ancient man had brought out a monocle next and fixed it to his eye.
He comes forward slowly and takes the clip from Maa Abena.
He reads it for a moment, and then he nods once and stands looking at Kofi for a long time.

Thank you, nurse. You’re excused. I’ll take it from here.

Maa Abena stands up, looks at Kofi, and then she walks like rhythm in motion out of the door.
Kofi looks imploringly at Director Bobo Dovlo, and he puts on his best expression of innocence.

Doc, please, I’m not mad. It has all been a very great misunderstanding! If you will allow me, I can explain everything that happened, please.
The doctor nods and slowly lowers himself into the chair Maa Abena has vacated. He adjusts it and leans backward slowly with a most satisfied look on his face.

By all means, young man. Kindly explain to me why you preferred to have orgasms with dead Indian women.

You see, there lies all the sad misconception about the whole incident.

Please, by all means, I’m all ears.
Feeling that his destiny lies in the hands of Doctor Bobo Dovlo, Kofi begins from the day Ato Sey handed him the Jamaican Stone to how he had gone to the morgue to dip Sajili.
The director listens to him without interruption.
Finally Kofi is done, and he looks at the man, seeking some compassion on that impassive face.


So you see, that’s exactly what happened, sir. If you ask my friend Ato, he will collaborate everything!


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