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Story: PASSWORD - Episode 26


Password - Episode 26

©Aaron Ansah-Agyeman
Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..


The corpse next to Sajili’s is a huge, muscular, oriental with great tattoos on his body.
It looks as if his eyes are not well closed, and Kofi looks away quickly, goose bumps forming on his body, trying hard not be afraid.
Dead bodies have always freaked him out.

Oh, dear Lord! Help me!
He is trembling as he spreads Sajili’s legs open and pulls her towards him.
He quickly pulls down his zipper, opens his fly, and fumbles his flaccid penis out.

He is almost crying with fear, frustration and stress as he prepares to dip Sajili.

And then the head of the Chinese corpse turns slowly, and Kofi gasps with fear and moves backwards quickly!

He stays like that for some time, looking out for any movement from the Chinese corpse, but it remains still.

Heart thumping with great fear, Kofi slowly moves forward again and grabs Sajili’s waist, and just as he begins to move forward the eyes of the Chinese corpse fly open and he looks at Kofi with fury.

This time a scream of fear emits from Kofi’s lips as he moves back quickly, his heart beating violently with terror, his body shaking, goose pimples huge on his body!
Again he stays like that for a long time, staring at the Chinese corpse, his teeth almost beginning to chatter, and yet the body does not move.
Kofi shuts his eyes tightly and fights for control.

He doesn’t need to do much, really.
All he has to do is put in his d--k to the full and withdraw, that is all, and he will be free.

He will go and pay Mallam Busanga, and then he will marry Akweley and live the rest of his life in happiness.
All he has to do is be cool, gather courage, and just dip Sajili’s corpse!
Kofi moves forward again.

He quickly grabs Sajili’s thighs and pulls her forward.

With his free hand he takes hold of his penis and manages to meander it into Sajili, and that is when a very huge groans emits from the throat of the Chinese corpse…

Kofi screams loudly, totally out of control now as his fear escalates!
A portion of his brain tells him that it is probably just trapped air emitting from the throat of the corpse, and that there is nothing to be afraid of.
However, the other part of his brain is terrified and will just not listen!
Kofi is in hysterics, gripped by uncontrollable terror!

As he moves backwards frantically, Sajili’s body, now very close to the edge of the metallic table and precariously unbalanced, also comes off.

Kofi trips and falls heavily to the floor, and Sajili’s body falls on him, still with his penis in her!
Kofi screams loudly and turns Sajili’s body over, still screaming, and now they are in the missionary position with Kofi on top!

And that is when a door at the far end of the mortuary opens!
Kofi has not noticed that there is another door at the far end of the room!

The truth of the matter is that some journalists have visited the famous DIDI-FLON CLINIC to cover the ten years anniversary of the famous hospital, and they are being given a tour of the facility.

They have now come to the mortuary to check it up. They are being led by three doctors from the hospital.
There are about ten journalists, and they have entered through a door Kofi hasn’t noticed when he bolted the front door!

The doctors and the journalists see him on top of Sajili screaming!
They do not know that it is a scream of acute fear and terror!

They think it is a scream of ecstasy, that he is having an o----m from making love to the corpse.

This is because he is lying on the dead body, still with his limp penis inside her, and screaming!
They look at him with shock, horror, fear, revulsion and absolute hatred!
Some of the journalists turn their recording cameras on him instantly!
One of the doctors, a huge black man, looks at Kofi with incredible revulsion!

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Why, you sick bastard!
He takes three steps forward and kicks Kofi in the temple!
Kofi collapses on top of Sajili’s body… unconscious!
Kofi’s life has just taken a dive… into a most terrible nightmare!
Time passes in a blur.

Kofi Kuntukununku is too zoned out by acute stress, pain and humiliation to keep track of what is going on.
First he had woken up in a hospital bed handcuffed, with a police man sitting at the foot of the bed to prevent him from escaping.

And then he had been transferred to the police station and slammed into a cell.

Images and videos of his supposed indecent sexual assault on the corpse of an Indian beauty have been slammed on television and newspaper headline news, and splattered all over social media.

The name given to him now is THE GHOST BANGER.

His humiliation had been sky-high.
Tears have become as common as breath to Kofi.

He had quickly been arraigned before court, and the Judge, a rather severe-looking man called AKWASI BUABASAH, had ordered a complete psychological profiling on Kofi Kuntu, despite Kofi’s cries that he is sane and does not have any mental challenges.

The psychological evaluation of his mental state is to be performed by Doctor BOBO TOTOBI, Director of the ADADA ASYLUM.

The police are ordered to take Kofi to the institution to be evaluated.
On the morning he is supposed to go, two visitors come to see him.

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They are Laryea Odamten and his daughter Akweley Odamten.

Kofi is not allowed to see them close up.

Instead, he is taken to a room which has a glass partition separating it, and he has to speak to Akweley through a telephone.

Akweley is wearing a simple sky-blue dress that accentuates her incredible figure and highlights her amazing colour.

Her face, however, is puffy from the amount of tears she has shed.
Her eyes are puffed up and red-rimmed as she sits down, holding a handkerchief sodden with tears.
Kofi picks up the receiver and puts it to his ear.

Akweley, her father standing primly behind her, hesitates for a moment, and then she picks up the receiver at her side of the glass partition.

Tears fall down her face again as she glares at him, and when she speaks her voice is filled with venom, pain and bitterness.

(hissing venomously)
You… you… you! You bastard, K.K! How could you humiliate and destroy me like this? A corpse? You f--k corpses, you d--n demon?
The revulsion on her face brings tears to Kofi’s eyes immediately.

Please, love, listen-

Shut the f--k up, you d--n evil boy! It is for demonic purposes, right? The same powers you used to blind me to your real character, isn’t it?

No, no, no, no, Akweley! Love, just give me a chance to explain, okay? It is not as you think, please, please, please! I-

And that is when Laryea Odamten leans forward and speaks near his daughter’s ear so that Kofi hears everything.

Abooooooowa! You crazy freak! The thing that pains me the most is that when you go and put your lousy penis into the v----a of corpses then you come and put it inside my daughter! Abooooooowa wate!
Maybe the thought of what her father described sinks into Akweley’s visionary projections, because she turns her head suddenly away from the receiver and vomits on the floor.
She stands up quickly, wipes her mouth with the handkerchief, and then throws Kofi’s promissory ring on the counter.

She leans forward and speaks with tears streaming down her face.

I don’t ever want to see you again, Kofi! It is over between us, do you hear? I’m sure you’re going to prison, and I just want you to know that I won’t wait for you! It is over, Kofi Kuntu! It is finished between us! I’m going to find myself another man, a good Christian man, to marry! I’m going to forget you, and I’m going to curse the memory of you forever, you d--n sakawa boy!
She runs from the room.

Kofi bangs his fist against the glass as his own tears stream like a flood.

Akwe! Akwe! Akwe! My love! My booboo! My heart! Please don’t do this to me! Please, wait! Please listen!
Mr. Odamten grabs the receiver and speaks viciously into it.

I’ve fired you, Kofi! Aboooooowa! I’ve taken the car back too, Kofi, abooooowa! The thing that pains me the most is that when you put lousy penis inside the rotting vaginas of the corpses then you come and put it inside my daughter! Abooooowa! If I see you anywhere near her again, I swear I’ll personally decapitate you and cut off your sakawa penis, you crazy sick boy! Aboooooowa!
He turns to leave, but one of the policemen blocks his way.

Hey, who’s going to clean the vomit, sir?

Laryea Odamten takes out his wallet, peels off several notes of fifty cedis, and shoves them into the cop’s hand, and then he follows his daughter out.


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