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Story: PASSWORD - Episode 25


Password - Episode 25

©Aaron Ansah-Agyeman
Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..


Mallam Busanga, he say notheeen can be done! Three awars! Just three awars! Yew jes need to push your penisa into her vaginant once, and poooom, curse break at once, tor, tor, tooooor!

And that is when Kofi and Ato leave the shrine and drive furiously back to Accra, going to the DIDI-FLON CLINIC to make sure that what the Mallam said is true!
Kofi remembers how weak Sajili had sounded on the phone!

Oh, no, no, no! Sajili, no! Don’t do this to me! Don’t die on me, please!
His life is becoming messier, and Kofi Kuntu is suddenly very afraid!
He tries to stop himself, but he cannot, and the tears flow down his cheeks heedlessly.
Ato, driving, casts concerned looks at his friend, and suddenly he begins to laugh, and this makes Kofi look at him with surprise.

I don’t understand this, bro! All this trouble, for what? We’ve been in an asylum to put your dipstick into a mad woman, but we’re told she is not a mad woman! We should’ve found a real stinking mad woman on the streets! You could’ve died when Baluu attacked you! Now look, if it is indeed true that Sajili has died, then you’re going to find a way to f--k her corpse, otherwise she takes the password to the grave! Look at the indignity of walking naked to the shrine! All for what? All for the small tonga man must blow! It’s madness! Because of a small hole that you must enter once in a while, look at how we’re suffering! What madness is this?
And then Kofi begins to chuckle as it also hits him, and a moment later the two friends begin to laugh uproariously!

All because of tonga oo, brother! Hmmmm!
His melancholic demeanour returned, though, as soon as they drive through the main gates of the clinic.

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The DIDI-FLON CLINIC is small, compared to other hospitals, but it is a good and expensive clinic.
Manned mostly by foreign doctors and experts, it is one of the most expensive healthcare givers in the country.

When Ato turns into the main courtyard of the hospital, Kofi sees Sajili’s aunt, the one who owns the restaurant, walking towards a white car with her husband behind her.

D--n! Stop the car, buddy! That’s Sajili’s aunt! Gotta talk to her!
Ato stomps on the break, and Kofi is thrown forward violently but the seat-belt restrains him.

Yeah, go speak to her. Find out if Sajili is okay and which ward she is in!
Kofi gets out of the car and runs towards the couple.
The woman, GEETA PRAKASH, sees him and stops suddenly.
She is obviously very disturbed, and she has great tears in her eyes.
Kofi is a regular costumer at their restaurant, and she knows he is very close to Sajili. She whispers something to her husband and then walks forward rapidly to meet Kofi.

Oh, oh, oh, Fiko-Fiko! Saji is dead, oh, oh, Krishna! Saji! She is dead, Saji!
Kofi is stunned! Sajili is really dead!
She collapses against Kofi, and he holds her tightly as he feels the coldness spreading through him, his whole body going numb with the violence of his shock.

(weeping uncontrollably)
But how can that be? She spoke to me this morning! I saw her a couple of days ago! Oh, Saj, how can this be possible?

Oh, Fiko! Fiko! Fiko-Fiko! Her heart, it was very diseased! The doctors told us many months ago that Saji can die any moment! She has known she will die! We all knew, but it is still so painful! So tragic!

Oh, my God! She never told me she was terminally ill. She promised to marry me!

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Oh, Fiko, Fiko! Fiko-Fiko! She didn’t want to hurt you! Yes, she told me the two of you are going to get married. She wanted to live long enough to go to India with you to see her parents and family, and get pregnant for you, but alas, she died this morning, shortly after speaking to you! She told me to tell you she was so sorry and that you should forgive her!

Oh, Lord! Oh, Lord! Where’s she now, please? I don’t believe this! I have to pay my last respects to her!

Oh, her body was taken to the morgue, for now! Oh, there’s one of the nurses! Come, let me tell him to take you to see the body!
Kofi cannot believe his luck!
Aunt Geeta introduces him to the nurse, but Kofi is barely listening!
The understanding nurse agrees to take him to see the body, but he asks Kofi to wait a while, he will be with him soon.

Kofi nods and leads Aunt Geeta back to her car.
The woman drives away with her husband, still crying, and then Ato appears from around the corner.

Hey, how did it go, bro? She really dead?

Yes, yes, man. She had been terminally ill for some time, according to her aunt. Obviously she knew she was dying, but she was hoping she would live long enough to go to India with me to perform the marriage rites and give birth before dying, but she lost out, sadly. They’re taking me to see the body, though. Where’s Mallam Busanga’s medicine? I will need to be fast!
Ato brings the small phial containing Mallam Busanga’s concoction from his pocket.
They retreat to the corner of the building.
Kofi quickly unzips and applies some of the medicine to his penis, and then he drinks some of the disgusting, nauseating and bitter medicine.
Watching his squeezed-up face, Ato shakes his head sympathetically.

Oh, my paddy! You’re suffering too much!
The nurse appears and beckons to Kofi.
Kofi follows him, and he is taken to the mortuary.
The nurse introduces him to another man.
He is a French man called ROBERT, who nods as the nurse explains the situation to him.
Come with me, Mr. Fiko.

The name is actually Kofi. Mrs. Geeta has never been able to pronounce it right, and has always called me Fiko.

You can’t blame her now, can you? You Ghanaians have some names, always a mouthful! Like Akiiiampong, Yibuuuwa, Atopadi, Akiiaa, Kiiipodo..hahahahaaa! Always a mouthful! But Miss Sajili is right here! Tragic really, so tragic! Young girl, full of life! Heard you two were going to get married.

Yes, sir.
So sad. But hey, look up and keep your head up, okay? Life’s a b---h sometimes but you gotta move on, seen?
He takes Kofi through a series of corridors until they come to a steel door which he opens with three keys and pulls it open.

She’s in there?

Yeah, yeah! I was working on them. She’s at the far end, I think. Hurry up, dude, okay? This is not normally allowed but seeing she was your fiancée and you need to say goodbye, I’m allowing this. Please be fast!
Kofi steps into the room and comes to a halt with a sudden gasp of fear.
The room is large and cold!
It is painted white, and it has a myriad of tables and slides and gadgets.

There is also a strong smell of disinfectants and deodorising agents in the room.

What however catches Kofi’s eyes is the long metallic bench against one wall in front of him!
There are about ten corpses on the bench!
They are all naked!

There are four men, and all the rest are women!
There is one black female and one black male, but all the rest are foreigners!

There are name tags tied to their toes!
Sajili is lying at the far right, the last in the row of dead bodies!
Kofi looks around nervously.
He licks his lips.

He sees that the metallic door has an inner bolt and he quickly pushes the bolt in, locking it so that no one can come inside.

He is shivering as he moves towards the naked body of Sajili.
Her face is so dead, but he cannot deny the incredible figure she has.
She had known she was terminally ill!
Why the hell hadn’t she told him?
He is so sad to see her dead, and sorry too, but deep down he feels a tiny spark of relief.

But it is not time to brood now!

He approaches the dead body of Sajili, keeping his eyes off the other corpses as much as possible.


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