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Story: TARASHA - Chapter Four(part2)


Tarasha - Chapter Four(part2)

© Oyin Oluwatosin Emmanuel

*Thursday morning
Tarasha looked cute and smart in her well tucked in shirt, she combed her hair in a stylish manner as she stared at her reflection from the mirror in front of her. She hissed again on seeing the high heeled shoe laying on the floor, she would have changed it to a flatter one if not that she wanted to portray herself as a average stylish Nigerian girl.
She put on the suit jacket first and took another look at the mirror to check if any part of her dressing was conflicting with the other. After confirming that her combination and choice of cloth and accessories were okay, she put on the shoe.
She felt awkward as she took the first four steps with the shoe due to the fact that she hadn’t worn high heels for almost a year but her body had been trained to fit into any situation so she was quick to adjust as she proceeded out of the room. She picked up her hand bag from the table in the sitting room and walked out of the house.
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She walked a little distance from the gate and stood by the side of the road to wait for a cab. Her decision not to drive to the company was based on her plan to present herself as a student. She already prepared a forged identity card for herself and was going to the Company to present herself as a student in the department of pharmacy of the University of Lagos.
She didn’t stay on the road for long before a cab stopped by and she got in. She negotiated with the driver who didn’t waste time as he kicked off the fifty minutes journey immediately. 
The supposed fifty minutes journey was turned to an eighty minutes journey because of the traffic jam on the Lagos road. Tarasha wasn’t bored all through as she asked the driver several questions along the way, the driver also coperated well; providing answers and even expatiating further than he was being asked.
Tarasha waved at the driver after he dropped her right in front of the pharmacy; he waved back at her happily and drove off. She brought out the ID card from her bag and straightened her suit before she faced the company and walked towards the gate.
The guards at the gate didn’t disturb her at all, they clearly saw the ID card hung around her neck and believed she was one of the students on Industrial attachment. She greeted them pleasantly and walked to the main building where she saw the receptionist.
‘Good morning ma’ she greeted with a bright smile.
‘Good morning, how may I help you?’ the slim receptionist replied.
‘I’ve come to make some enquiries about health conference organized by the pharmacy’
‘Which one?’ She asked without paying much attention.
‘The one coming up on the thirtieth of November, with Ken Benson and Lee Yung Cho as guest speakers’
‘Okay, what do you want to know about it?’
‘I would like to see Dr Daniel Umaru, I need to ask him something’
‘Huh?’ The receptionist looked at Tarasha’s face, surprised. ‘What do you want to see him for?’
‘I have some questions and suggestions for him’
‘Sorry dear, I don’t think he’s got that time’ she said and placed a small piece of paper containing a web address on the shelf. ‘That’s our website address, log on to get any information you need about the conference and send your enquires to the email provided there’

‘I need to see him personally, I’ve already sent a mail to the email address already but it’s important I see him’
‘What? He doesn’t have time for you, he’s a very busy man’ the receptionist said with an angry look on her face.
‘But I know he goes around to supervise every Thursdays and Fridays, he may be able to spare some time for me today’ Tarasha persisted.
‘Please don’t let me force you to leave, go and wait for a reply to your email’
‘No, you can’t force me out’ Tarasha raised her voice, attracting several people who were around.
‘What’s happening here ?’ A short man in a lab coat approached them.
‘She says she wants to see Dr Daniel Umaru’ the receptionist answered him.
‘Huh? Is that true young Lady?’ He asked, turning to Tarasha.
‘Yes sir’ she answered calmly. ‘I really need to see him’
‘Come’ he said after giving her a searching look, motioning her with his head to follow him. ‘Who do you say you want to see and where are you from?’
‘I’m Samantha Osman sir; a pharmacy student at the University of Lagos. I want to see Dr Daniel Umaru ‘ Tarasha replied politely
‘Okay’ He replied, taking a look at the ID card. ‘What do you want to see him for?’
‘It’s about the conference coming up soon’
‘What about it?’
‘Hum, I found out that he is the chairman of the organizing committee and I want to ask him some questions and show him some of my personal research work as a medical student’
‘He’s a very busy man, so I don’t think he would have time to attend to you. You can visit our website and send your enquiries there ; you can even share your ideas with us there’
‘I know sir, I already sent my enquires there but I still need to see him personally’ Tarasha insisted.
‘Hmmm well…’ The Doctor took another look at Tarasha, as his attempts to wave her off didn’t work. ‘I’m also part of the planning committee but I can’t attend to you now. You’ll have to come back tomorrow, is that okay?’
‘Oh! Thank you sir’ Her face radiated happiness as she thanked him. ‘What time do I come?’
‘Hmmm, let’s make it…’ the Doctor paused to think for a while. ’11am should be okay; I can go through whatever you have and give you a response’
‘Thank you sir, How do I get to you when I return tomorrow?’
‘Just ask of Dr Hammed Sheriff’ he answered, showing her his name tag on the lab coat. ‘And make sure that it is something that really worths my time, I won’t be happy if your research isn’t something reasonable’
‘I promise you it would be worth your time’ Tarasha assured with a smile.
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‘See you tomorrow then’ the Doctor concluded and walked away, leaving her behind.
Tarasha glanced at the receptionist who kept an eye on them all through. The receptionist looked away immediately their eyes met and fixed her gaze on the book on her table.
Tarasha walked up to her stand and placed her two hands on the table, smiling.
‘What do you … ?’ She almost shouted, but stopped on seeing the annoying smile on Tarasha’s face.
‘I just came to apologize, I’ll see you tomorrow’ Tarasha turned and walked out of the building.
She removed the ID card hung around her neck immediately she got out of the gate and threw it into her bag. She brought out her phone and dialled Chief Gab’s mobile number.
‘Hello Chief’
‘Hi Tarasha’ came the reply
‘I called to tell you that I’ll br moving into that house by 7am tomorrow morning, so get everything prepared before then’
‘I’m on it, I already ordered for the lab equipments and paid the officials who are going to set it up. The equipments would arrive this evening’
‘Good one Chief, that’s very good of you’
‘Thank you Tarasha, but it costs me so much to do this especially because it is needed urgently’
‘I’m sorry about that Chief, but you should know that this job requires urgency expenditures always’ Tarasha replied with no note of pity in her voice.
‘Alright, I’m in the house now but I’ll be leaving for my office soon. Where are you? Maybe you can come around to inspect the arrangements’
‘That won’t be really necessary, I would still rearrange the place myself’
‘Yea, and there’s one more thing left’
‘What’s that?’
‘I need another person who can cook very well’
‘That’s no problem, I already made preparations’
‘Thank you’ she ended the call and walked up the road to board a cab.
**6pm, same day**
Chief Gab and his friend, Chief Nonso laughed heartily at the back seat of the Lexus 2026 model jeep as they cracked jokes about the day’s job. They looked very happy and the source of their happiness could only be traced to the several millions they made from their just concluded illegal business.
The bodyguard and driver occasionally looked at the front mirror and smiled to themselves as they watched the two elderly men play like like kids.
‘Don hasn’t seen anything yet, he doesn’t know that this girl is a fresh one from Russia, he has been here for long’ Chief Gab joked.
‘Don’t mind him, he even asked for Tarasha to work with him’ Chief Nonso added. ‘I asked him to screen the two guys very well before he brought them’
‘Sure, they have to be fit enough to work with Tarasha, I don’t want any mistakes in the job’ Chief Gab said as he looked back at the car coming behind them. That was his own car which conveyed two of his thugs and the two men sent to them by Don to work with Tarasha.
He brought out a device and punched a button on it as they got to the house. The gate opened up and they drove in.
‘Here is the place I prepared for Tarasha’ Chief Gab stated, adjusting his Agbada as he came out of the car.
‘This place is big o, is she planning to bring in her husband and children?’ Chief Nonso commented playfully.
‘Hehe’ Gab chuckled, ‘I don’t know for her , let’s just provide everything she needs’
The four guys in the other car walked up to the Chiefs and stood by the side, waiting for instructions to be given.
‘Come here’ Chief Nonso ordered the new guys who walked closer. ‘Tarasha would move in here tomorrow morning by 7am, you guys should be ready to work with her’
‘No problem Chief’ the guys smiled at themselves, their faces beamed with confidence.

‘The cook will join you here before 7.30, she went to get some foodstuffs’ Chief Gab added. ‘Don’t allow anybody else in except the cook and be very careful with Tarasha’

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