Story: PASSWORD - Episode 9


Password - Episode 9

©Aaron Ansah-Agyeman
Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..


Drink half of the contents!

What kind of ugly covenant is that? I certainly won’t!

Okay. Then you can get up and leave!
Pain erupts in Kofi’s balls and penis again, and he snatches the glass and drinks some of the liquid.
Sajili’s eyes are bright and she licks her lips with breathless delight.

Just hurry up, Saj! My penis is burning!

This is the password! Apupuchacha!
She reaches down and pulls Kofi’s penis.

Chakonko Chakonko!
She now pulls Kofi’s left testicle.

Achanka Lolipopako!
She holds the tip of Kofi’s penis and rolls it round in an anti-clockwise direction two times.

Klinogo Tatafo!
She pushes Kofi to the side and slaps his buttocks hard two times.

Ajeeeeeii! You crazy b---h! What was that for?
She drinks the rest of the contents in the glass.

She now takes the rings from the bottom of the glass and slips one on Kofi’s ring finger, and slips the smaller one on her finger.

She crosses her legs and holds out her hands, like someone doing a yoga meditation, and then she closes her eyes and murmurs under her breath for about two minutes.
She then opens her eyes.

She looks so happy, so demure, so delighted with herself, and she smiles sweetly at Kofi.

Password is set. You can’t make love to any other woman without the password, and so you’re stuck with me.

Kofi stares at her, not knowing whether to be angry or amused.
At first it had all appeared silly to him, but suddenly he is filled with unease.

Can it be true, or she is just pranking him? It all seems ridiculous and absolutely nonsense, but then again, the process itself had seemed scary.
She suddenly falls on him, clamping her sweet lips to his.

She is sensuous and so sexy.
She moves along him, her body sexy and sweet, silky and curvy.

(relieved, whispering)
Oh, Lord! Finally, a p---y!
His hands moves over her, down her sides, cupping her curvy buttocks.
They kiss fiercely.
She pushes her tongue into his mouth, exploring.

Oh, Kofi, Kofi, Kofi!

My darling! My sweet beautiful Sajili darling!
She moves down his body, grabbing his manhood, positioning her lips above it.
Kofi Kuntu jerks his buttocks and sits up.
She looks at him out of a face strained with passion.

You don’t want me to suck your lavde?

No, no, don’t! I like it, but not tonight. The thing on my d--k will make your mouth swell biiiiiig like a ship!
She takes his hand and slides it between her thighs.
She is so wet and dripping!
He moves his fingers slowly, caressing her hard little c------s, and she moans with deep hunger, bucking her waist impatiently on his fingers.

And that is when it suddenly dawns on Kofi.

His d--k is soft and flabby!
He doesn’t have an erection.

This is so unlike him.
He looks at his penis which she is still holding.

There is no power in it!
It is as soft as a deflated balloon.
Kofi looks at her with sudden horror, and he pushes away from her with a little groan of fear.

Hey! Hey! What the hell have you done to my penis? Why am I still soft?
Sajili smiles demurely at him.

Don’t worry, Kofi, –

(angrily, exasperated)
What’s wrong with my d--k?

(smiling demurely)
I passworded it, remember? I was testing it. Now, here we go!

What’s the matter with you? I thought it was a joke!
She does not mind him.
She positions herself in front of him and speaks.


She pulls his penis first, and then his left testicle, and then she holds the tip of his penis and turns it in the anti-clockwise direction two times, and then she pushes him sideways so that his buttocks is showing and then she gives his buttocks two hefty slaps that cause more pain in his penis!

And then, surprisingly, his penis shoots up straight in an iron rod.

Kofi stares at her, shocked, but before he can speak she pushes him down on the floor and straddles him.
She settles herself slowly on top of him, and as he enters her he forgets all about the password on his penis!
She is a fierce one, transforming herself totally from the gentle sweet girl he knows into an insane girl.
Her waist moves faster than a piston, and she throws back her head and grips his shoulders and move faster than a jet plane.

The Jamaican Stone has dulled the sensitive parts of his penis so completely that he doesn’t feel any sensation at all, so the only libido he has going is looking at her great figure and watching her huge boobs bouncing as she moans in ecstasy and rides him senseless!

He reaches up and grabs her breasts, tweaking her n-----s tenderly, and feeling the tender spots that spring up around her aureoles as her desire escalates! She falls forward and clamps her lips on his, kissing him deeply, never stopping the movements of her waist as she moves up and down on him.

She gyrates and turns like a trapeze professional, totally blowing his mind.

That Indian lady has more skills than a porno star, using Kofi’s lavde in her chut with talented finesse!
She is a performer, switching between styles and angles like a witch, contorting like a standing fan now, spinning like a ceiling fan here, dancing like a ballerina there, scissoring him, bending for him, crouching, throwing herself about like a snake, twanging on him like a bass guitar…

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Kofi has never been with anyone like her!
She was a lovemaking goddess!

(whispering hoarsely)
Heeeeerh Sajili! Eiiiii Sajili…. you’re a witch! Oh, you’re so sweet, baby! Don’t stop it! Ahhhhhhh! Awurade Nyankopon Indian girl yi bekumi!! Aaaaaaaash! Hihihihiiiiiii…

The great thing is that as she rocks his lavde he stops feeling the acute pain.

It is like a balm, and the sheer relief almost makes him cry.

Eventually she gets up and kneels in front of the settee, lifting one leg up and presenting him with a breath-taking view of her buttocks, and her incredible chut jutting out between her spread thighs.

To Kofi Kuntu, a woman bent over is the most beautiful sight in the whole wild world, but to have that exquisite Indian a-s turned to him, stuck in the air, is the most e----c thing he has ever seen.

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He gets on his knees behind her and slips his lavde into her chut.

She looks over her shoulder and digs an elbow into his side painfully.

Shut up and klonk me!
Kofi gapes at her.


Klonk it! Klonk me, bastard! Klonk me!


She pushes herself against him, and Kofi holds her waist and rams her good and fast.


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