Story: PASSWORD - Episode 8


Password - Episode 8

©Aaron Ansah-Agyeman
Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..


Sajili is the Indian girl who will only make love to him if he promises to marry her.

Of course he is going to promise.
He has no other option now.
But that does not mean that he is going to keep that promise.
After making love to her, and getting his relief, he can always go back on his promise!
Sajili Prakash lives inside the 

It is past midnight when Kofi Kuntu reaches the main entrance of the Estates.

Sajili has already called the security detail that her friend is on the way over.

There are four armed men at the gates, but Kofi knows one of them, and they allow him through.

He drives to ELITE FLAT 209.

The ELITE comprises a series of luxury detached houses.
Kofi drives hunched over the steering-wheel because he simply cannot bear the pain anymore.

Mmmm, mmmmm, mmmm, mmmm!
Sajili is wearing a green lacy dress, and she is almost breathless as she looks at him.
She is very beautiful, but even at IT school she has always been frail, almost breathless all the time.
She reaches over and touches his hot forehead, gently soothing him.

What’s wrong, darling?
This is a girl who never stops telling him she loves him desperately, and yet will only give herself to him if he promises marriage.

Hmmm, hmmmmm, oh, mmmmm, mmmmm!!

Oh, poor, poor darling!
She helps him out of the car.
She guides him inside and makes him sit down in a luxurious leather chair.
She stands near him massaging his neck as he moans.

Please, please, Saj! I need to be inside you, please. You need to make love to me, and only then will my pain stop, please!
She scowls down at him.

You have pains in your lavde?

What’s that?

Lavde pains, penis pains?

Yeah, yeah, pains in my lavde!

Would you like something to eat, love?

Gimme water, please! Water with ice cubes!
She goes to the kitchen and returns with a long tumbler of refreshing water with ice cubes in it.

Here, my love!
Kofi takes the glass of water, stands up from the chair, unzips his trousers and then he dips his penis into the ice-cold water.
Sajili is staring at him with stunned incredulity which quickly turns to horror when she sees the tears streaming down Kofi’s face.

Please, Saj! I put some love potion on my penis, and it is giving me so much pain! I need to make love to you so much, please!
She folds her arms and bites her lower lip.
She tries to look at him but her eyes keep returning to the sight of his penis inside the tumbler. From where she is standing, the visual effect of the water has made his member look like it is filling the glass.

I see. Interesting. You used some bad sex ointment and now you want to put your lavde inside my chut!


P---y! My p---y!
Kofi nods vigorously with an imploring expression on his shattered face.

Yes, yes, Saj! I need to put my lavde in your chut badly!

You know what that means, Kofi, darling? You’ll have to promise me first that you’ll marry me!

Yes, yes, Saj, please! Tomorrow, today, yes, I promise! I’ll marry you!

But, to be safe, I need to put a password on your lavde!


A password, my love! You can promise to marry me tonight, but in the morning, when you’re free, and no longer in pain, you’ll decide you don’t need me after all. I can’t give my chut to you free like that! If you really promise to marry me, then I will put a password on your lavde!

You’ll put a password on my penis? Is that what you’re trying to say?

Yes, a password. So that if you’re with any other woman you won’t get an erection. You’ll only get an erection when you’re with me.

Whoever heard of such a silly thing?

It’s up to you, Kofi love. You promise to marry me, I put a password on your d--k, and then you can have my chut in any position and angle you want!
If he had not been in so much pain Kofi would’ve laughed silly.
Is this girl sound in the head?
A password? Whoever heard of such a silly thing?

Alright, Saj! I promise to marry you! Put in your password and let’s make love.
She comes towards him and stands very close to him.
She takes the tumbler from his hand and looks straight at him, her eyes serious.

This is not a game, Kofi. This is serious, so take it seriously. Believe me, it is not silly, and it is real. You must think about it well.

With his penis out of the iced water the pain is so excruciating that Kofi grabs his balls and slowly falls down on the carpet.


Alright, my sweet love!
She gets up and leaves the room.
When she comes back she is completely naked.

Kofi stares at her beautiful figure and shaved loins. Her breasts are heavy, sloping up enticingly.

He is aroused immediately.
She is holding a small glass, a little knife and a little black object.
She kneels by his side, putting the things on the floor.

She then proceeds to help him out of his clothes, and soon he is also naked.

She picks the black object and opens it, and Kofi sees that it is a ring holder.

There are two silver rings in it, one small, the other large.
Sajili takes the rings and drops them in the glass
Suddenly she takes Kofi’s left hand and pokes the tip of the knife into the tip of Kofi’s ring finger.

Ouch! What’s that for?
Her face is serious, and she does not utter a word as she brings Kofi’s dripping finger to the glass, catching the drops of blood.
Next she nips her own ring finger, and let her blood mingle with Kofi’s, and now the two rings are covered with blood.
She is muttering some words now as she takes the tumbler Kofi had dipped his penis into.
She pours a little water into the glass with the rings, diluting their bloods, and mixing it. The rings tinkle at the bottom of the glass.
She is muttering more words with her eyes closed.

She then gives the glass to Kofi.

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