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Story: PASSWORD - Episode 7


Password - Episode 7

©Aaron Ansah-Agyeman
Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..


She closes the container, wipes her hand on the bedspread, grabs Kofi’s d--k, and now tries to settle down on it…

But in a moment Kofi feels that he is not entering her wet inner hole…

She is trying to push it into her anus!
Kofi jerks hard, drawing his penis away as he stares at her with a mixture of pain, desire and horror!

What are you doing?

Makeen love to you, Kuufi! Give eet to me! Give eet to meeee nooooow!

But why are you wearing panties? It felt like you were putting it in your… you were trying to put my penis in your… your…

My a-s! Yeees! I putteen it in the anulus! Come, biiiby! Faaack me hard!
She holds Kofi’s waist and draws him down and settles on him, working to put him in her anus again.
Kofi bucks hard, and gets off from under her.

I want to enter your p---y!!
She scowls at him and wags a stiff forefinger.

No-no, no-no, no-no! You can’t enter my vagi-vagi! You can faack my anulus but not my vagi-vagi!
Kofi almost breaks down into tears at that moment.

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The tears, for a fact, sting his eyes as he looks imploringly down at Yaasmeen’s delicious body.

Oh, why, Yaasmeen, oh why? I don’t want the anulus! I want the vagi! Please, don’t do this to me, baby!
She shakes her head vigorously.

No-no, no-no, no-no! I haveent marreed yet! When I marree my hoosband and his fameely they look for virgin! If I’m not virgin they throway me! They not marree me. I need to have proooof of virgin or I not getty the hoosband! So I caaant give you vagi-vagi, no-no! You have to faack the anulus!
Kofi shakes his head with sudden sadness.
The pain in his g---n is unbearable!
Dear Lord!
He is dying!
But this Arab girl is not going to allow him to make love to her because she needs to provide proof of virginity when she marries, so no one is allowed to enter her and break her hymen.
She is keeping her virginity, but she is willing to give him anal sex!

Please, Yaasmeen, please! I need to enter you, I beg you! Come on, please, darling, my sweetest princess, my precious! I need the vagi!

(almost angry)
No-no, no-no! No vagi-vagi! Enter the anulus! Anulus is biiiig! I put cream in anulus and on your penini! My anulus can take your penini so put penini into anulus!!

I can’t f--k your a-s, goddamn it! I don’t like anal sex! I’ve never done it before! I hate it! I can’t enter your anulus, gaddemn it! Your d--n anulus is for shitu! My penini will hit your stinking shitu!

(wagging her forefinger)
No-no, no-no, no-no, no shitu! I wash anulus weel weel! All shitu gone so put your penini in the anulus or no fack-fack!!
Kofi, his d--k paining him to the extreme degree, falls on her, kissing her fiercely, forcing her panties aside and positioning his penis at the entrance of her v----a.
He begins to press forward.
Yaasmeen bites his lips fiercely, causing Kofi to pause with the sudden fierce pain.
She bucks her buttocks off and bunches her knees under him.
She kicks out with her huge legs, sending him sailing into the air and smacking into a standing fan and sending it crashing.
Kofi lies on the floor, dazed and whimpering.

Oh, why, Yaasmeen! Oh, why!!
She is sitting up on the bed, her face serious.

You try put penini in my vagi-vagi so I kiiiick you off, Kuufi! You can’t have the vagi-vagi, no-no, no-no! Come and try anulus! Anulus sex is swiiiit!
She gets on her hands and knees, sticks her a-s in the air, reaches behind her and spreads her buttocks with both hands, exposing her gaping anal hole.

Oh, s--t! Oh, d--n! Stop that nonsense this instant!!

See the piiink? Anulus is jist like vagi-vagi! It is even tiiiighter! Come, Kuufi, stiiick your penini in anulus!

I don’t like any anulus, d--n you to hell!!
Yaasmeen sits up now, her face instantly angry, the passion gone.

Baaastad! Baaastad! Geet out now! Ouut, ouut! No vagi-vagi for you. Geeet ouuut!!!
She is coming at him angrily.
Kofi gets on his knees and raises his hands.

Maybe he can try it!
Anything to stop the pain.
He is in agony!

Okay, okay! Baby! Let’s try it! Let me enter the anulus!!
She smiles, but suddenly she c---s her head, and runs to the window. She parts the curtain and looks out.
She gives a gasp of fright.

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Geeet ouuut! You maaake tooo much noisy-noisy! My papa he is comeeeen with gun! Come quiiiickly!!
Kofi is scared witless!
The noise has woken up her father, who is coming to investigate with a gun!
He gathers his clothes and shoes.
She opens a back door and points out the small gate to him.

Kofi can hear the barks of giant dogs now and a man shouting.

He can barely run because the pain is so excruciating.
He hobbles to the small gate and goes out.

He is naked, and it is late in the night, in a restricted community.
Suddenly he knows his life is in grave danger.

If he is sighted he will be mistaken for a thief, and they will kill him in a second.

He sights a clump of bushes and flees into it.

All around him the neighbourhood dogs are barking.

He sees that the small gate has opened, and a man in pyjamas has come out with a gun in his hand.
Kofi lies flat on his stomach, feeling the plants sticking into his penis, causing him more pain.

After a while the man goes back into the house.
Weeping and hurting all over, Kofi puts on his clothes and shoes in the bushes, comes out, and hobbles painfully towards the place he has parked his car.

Yaasmeen hasn’t worked out.
His best alternative will have to be a prostitute, but driving all the way to their joint will require a mighty effort.
Secondly, he does not know how long it will take making love to a woman before the pain subsides.
He can pay for the night, if need be, but there is a danger there because he cannot wear a condom if he wants relief from the pain of the Jamaican stone.

He will have to make love to the prostitute raw.

He knows some prostitutes always insist on condoms. Even if she does not insist he wears a condom, he is not going to take the risk of making love to a prostitute without protection, never.

Some will let him make love without a condom, but those ones are dangerous. What if he gets infected by some terrible sexually-transmitted disease?
He sees his car and gets inside.
There is only one option left for him to try.

He takes out his phone and calls SAJILI INDIA.


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