Story: PASSWORD - Episode 5


Password - Episode 5

©Aaron Ansah-Agyeman
Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..


Kofi is lost in bliss as he grabs her waist and runs his tongue around her c------s, tasting her salty wetness and feeling her lips on him as she slurps…and doing his best to forget the explosive pain in his genitals!
And then, without warning, the pain just escalated as if someone had doused petrol on his penis and balls and set fire on them!

It is the master of all pains, the capo di tutti capi of pains, the boss of bosses of pains!

It is like suddenly his whole penis has been stuffed down the heart of a volcano!

He gasps, and tears sprout into his eyes, and he removes his head from between her thighs and cries with a fierce grimace on his face.

Akweley suddenly bucks up and jacknifes off his body!
She does not appear to hear his scream because she is suddenly off the bed and rushing towards the bathroom with muted cries herself.
Kofi tries to get off the bed, but the excruciating pain is killing the whole of his penis and balls, attacking his lower body with such terrible aggression that he cannot even stand up.

He is moaning, and he feels the tears of agony tearing down his cheeks.
He begins to crawl towards the bathroom as he moans.
And then Akweley comes back into the bathroom, and she is prancing around and weeping and looking increasingly hysterical.

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Ahh canshhh feeesh ma massshhh!
Kofi looks up at her through a blur of tears.
He sits on the floor, his back against the bed, cupping his flaming g---n.

What? What did you say?

Yoush froush! You froush! I canshhh freesh ma massshh!!

(getting scared)
Come here, honey, please! What’re you saying? I can’t hear you!

She begins to cry and fan her lips with her hands.
And then it dawns on Kofi!
Ato had warned him to use just a tiny mixture of the Jamaican Stone!
But he has applied it over and over again!

He has gone way above its dosage, and now he is in agony!
Not only that…

Ato had warned him that he should not let it touch any woman’s lips, but in performing fellatio on him, the d--n thing has now attacked Akweley’s mouth too, making it numb, and it is also paining her!

She is weeping now as she quickly flies into her clothes.
Kofi gets off the floor in agony and approaches her.

He cannot walk straight, and so he is doubled up as the excruciating pain blazes through his penis and balls.

Hey, my love, darling…
Akweley turns round and gives him a really healthy slap across the face as tears bubble down her cheeks in her agony.

Don’tsh darlinshh meesh! Don’tsh yoush daressh darlinshh meesh, yoush bashtarsh!
Kofi is weeping now!
This is turning out to be a horrible night!
Akweley has always been his ally, but now it seems she is hating him.
He notices suddenly, to his horror, that her lips are now quite swollen rather badly. They are puckered and red and inflamed, absurdly huge as if they had been inflated with an air pump.

Oh! Oh! Oh!

Whatsh? Whatsh?? WHATSH???

Your mouth! Your mouth is biiiiiig!! Oh, Lord! your lips are so biiiiiiig!!!
She slaps him left and right, and runs to the dressing mirror.
She takes one look at her face and gives a blood-curdling scream.

Kofi approaches her, panicking.

Oh, Oh, no, Akweley, Akweley, no, no! Not your father!
She runs past him, unlocks the door, and runs out, screaming and crying as she goes.
Kofi slowly walks to his clothes and begins to dress painfully, crying as he pulls on his trousers.
The thing is both burning and extremely painful.
The skin around his penis and on top of his balls are now bunched together in a rubbery way.
Every single movement sends shards of agony through him.
And then, after what seems like an eternity, he finally finishes dressing up.
His boxers and briefs are jammed into the pocket of his coat because he cannot bear the agony it brings him when he tried to put them on.
The door suddenly opens, and Mr. Laryea Odamten enters.
Laryea is fuming with uncontrolled rage as he glares at Kuntu.
He is biting his lower lip with cruel intensity.
He is walking towards Kuntu, and the look on his face is really terrible.

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You bastard! You f-----g bastard! You fool! I’ve had enough of your nonsense, do you hear me? You’re fired! I’m sending Akweley to the hospital, and pray that nothing happens to her! If I ever see you here again or in the office, or anywhere around her, I’ll kill you, do you understand?

Look here, Mr. Odamten-
He stops talking because Mr. Laryea Odamten suddenly withdraws a gun from his pocket and points it at Kofi Kuntu.

You better get out of here, or God help me, I’ll shoot you dead!!
And Kofi Kuntu, bent double and weeping, his g---n blasting with sheer fire, leaves the house!
Kofi can barely drive.
The pain is now excruciating, and although he makes no sound the tears fall down his cheeks silently.
He tries to stop crying, but to no avail.
He has never known such agony.
And in the midst of that agony is the terrible realization gnawing at the back of his mind that with such deep pain ravaging his manhood and balls, it is very likely that his genital organs are going to be destroyed, or that he is going to suffer some form of damage.
Finally he parks his car at the side of the road.
It is almost ten o’clock in the night.
He fumbles out his phone and calls.

Heeeerh, my paddy! You fool paa o! Heeeeeeerh! E be true sey you send dispenser bottle full of Pafuu wine to your father-in-law? You fool pass, K. K!

Cut out the s--t, man! I dey trouble inside paa! The stone dey kill me!

(sounding serious now)
The Jamaican Stone?

What else?

Wetin happen?

E dey burn me, my paddy! I put for there wey e dey burn me plenty! My d--k, my hwea balls, all dey kill me!

D--n it, K.K.! I told you to use it sparingly, just small bi for the top of your d--k! Why, you use plenty?

As I apply am I no feel anything, then I apply more, still nothing, so I apply third time!

Kwasea! Aaaaaaahhhh! You fool papa! Ebei! Gyimi paa be this? So what happen?

Kwasea, what you think happen? My whole genital dey fire inside! Akweley also suck my d--k and now e dey hospital because e mouth swell like elephant e a-s, plus e dey pain inside! E poppy sack me from the house and if I no take time I go lose Akweley sef!

Oh, Kofi, Kofi, Kofi! I yob you sey just use small, just a dash, and no sucking! Why, you wanted to tear out Akweley e toto? And why use it on your real woman sef? This thing we dey use for side chick p---y, you fool!


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