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Story: PASSWORD - Episode 4


Password - Episode 4

©Aaron Ansah-Agyeman
Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..



He wanted to impress me by giving me twenty litres of Pafuu wine on my birthday in a water dispenser bottle?

He has no bad intentions, Dad, please! Of course we all know you love wine! It is just that he has been trying so hard all these years to make you accept him but nothing he does seems to please you!

Because he’s a fool! Come on, my darling! Please marry someone else, okay? This man is simply bonkers! Eighty percent alcoholic Pafuu Wine for me? He wants to kill me, dear, he wants to murder me!

We have guests, Dad. It’s okay. Please don’t lose it. Sit down, Dad, please!
Mr. Laryea Odamten sits down again and shakes his head.

Take this d--n thing away from my sight!
The guard once again heaves and carries the gigantic bottle of wine away.
People are still laughing.
Akweley glares around the table, and slowly the laughter dies down. She fixes Nana Kwasi with a venomous look.
Nana Kwasi is suddenly uncomfortable.

Come on, Ak! You know-

Save it, Kwasi! Just shovel it! Come with me, Kofi.
Akweley takes the hapless Kuntu’s hand and leads him inside the huge building.
She leads him up an ornate staircase to an incredible landing above, and then down a corridor to her bedroom.
Akweley opens her door and they enter.
Kuntu is too flustered to admire the incredible view from the room like he usually does.
Her room is upstairs, and overlooks an incredible view of the hills and valleys beyond, made almost terrestrial by the flickering lights of the night.
Her room is huge, and has a round water-bed that can be powered to rotate.
She has the biggest glass wardrobe Kuntu has ever seen.
There is a gigantic curved Samsung HD television, a mini glass desk and swivel chair for her computer and Internet functions.
Kuntu moves to the huge French Windows and runs a hand through his hair miserably.

You father will never like me, you know that.
She comes up behind him and slips her arms around his waist, pressing herself fully against him.

Oh, my love! I know he doesn’t trust you, but you don’t do yourself any favours! Goodness me, you knew his friends would be here, very important people, and you brought him a crazily gargantuan alcoholic Pufuam wine?

Pafuu wine, not Pufuam.

Whatever, darling! That was largely inconsiderate! I’ve told you to discuss these things with me first! Anyway, it’s done. Stop worrying about it and give me a big kiss!
Kofi turns and sweeps her into his arms.
Her lips are soft, wet and hot.
They kiss fervently, and soon his erection begins to push against her belly.
She reaches down and caresses it through the trousers, and he grabs her pliant buttocks tightly.
He kisses her throat and the space between her ears.
She has sprayed some heady perfume behind her ears, and its uncomfortable taste stings his tongue.

Oh, oh, my love! I need you so hard!
She parts her legs as he caresses her between her thighs.
And then her phone rings.
He holds her tightly but she firmly pushes him back because the tone is the special one for her father.
She moves away as Kofi pants hard.
She picks the call, listens for a while and speaks.

Alright, Dad. I’m coming.
She cuts the call.
Kofi looks at her with shadowed eyes because he still wants her.
She smiles and looks down at his erection.

Blue balls coming up, my love!

Tell that hard beast not to go flabby! My father wants me to cut the birthday cake for him. I’ll be right back so that you rip me apart, baby!
Kuntu makes a hissing sound and begins to loosen his bow-tie.

Hurry up, darling! Can’t wait to feel your sweetness!
Akweley wiggles her buttocks at him and quickly leaves the room.
Kofi, all excited and hot, quickly takes off his clothes.

And that is when he remembers the Jamaican Stone!
It is time to try out some kpa kpa kpa kpa kpa!!
Long distance, baby! No stopping, no shaking, no explosion, man! Only sweet dribbling, my paddy! Kpa kpa kpa kpa kpa ride, ziiiiiiiiiin!!
Naked now, he takes the small pouch and enters the extra-nice bathroom of his fiancée.

He pees into the bowl, flushes, and puts down the lid.
He sits on the WC and slowly takes out the little stone from its rubber pouch.
He leans over, opens the tap in the sink, and uses a finger of his left hand to put two drops of water into his right palm.
He begins to grind the stone in the water, and very soon, true to Ato’s words, the mixture becomes a chalky white.

Kofi Kuntu uses the tip of his left forefinger to scoop the liquid, and he smears it over the top of his penis.
He waits, but he does not feel anything.
No stinging pain as Ato had said.

Is that bastard shitting me? Why is this thing not smarting me? Could it be expired?
He repeats the process, making the mixture a bit thicker than the previous experiment and rubs it over the head of his penis.
He waits, still no stinging pain.
Kofi Kuntu uses more water and more Jamaican Stone, this time whipping up a real paste, so that the stone whittles down to less than half its original size.
This time he smears it all along his penis, disregarding Ato’s first warning that it must be used only on the penis head.
He puts the stone back, and shakes his head with disappointment.

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Fake, fake, fake!
He stands up, and his flabby penis dangles over the top of his testicles, smearing it with some of the Jamaican Stone concoction.
He walks to the bedroom and plods down naked on the bed.
He stares at the murals above, and presently he feels very sleepy, and begins to doze.
And when Akweley comes in almost an hour later, she finds him soundly asleep.
She looks at him and shakes her head.
She glances at her watch and quickly locks the door.
She steps out of her dress and hangs it carefully on the swivel chair because she will be wearing it again.
She slips out of her undershorts and white panties, and then she falls on the bed.
She reaches for his manhood, bends and puts her lips on his manhood, blowing him hard.
She grimaces with sudden disgust and sits up, shoving his thighs hard.
Kofi wakes up with a grunt and looks at her.

What the hell did you put on your d--k, love? Tastes so bitter.
Kofi looks at her, horrified.

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You didn’t… oh, hell! You’re not supposed to taste it! I haven’t even washed it off! D--n, love! I’m supposed to wipe it off with water and soap before anything! You’re not even supposed to put your lips on it!

What’s it, Kofi? Is it poisonous?

(shaking his head)
Uh… nothing, nothing! Just something Ato gave me! Supposed to delay ejaculation and make us enjoy more minutes of lovemaking, you know! It wouldn’t let me come early.

And you put it on tonight, when we’re not alone and all we’ve got is about twenty minutes or so? What’s the matter with you, Kofi? You don’t even need that thing! You’re already a long-stayer! Do you want to kill me?
Kofi grins stupidly.

Just wanted to try it, love, but it didn’t work anyway!

Right, whatever! I feel too h---y! Give me a quick roll, my love!
She deftly turns in the 69-position and lowers herself onto his mouth.
She wipes his penis off with a corner of the bedsheet, and then she puts it into her mouth again and begins to suck him!

Kofi moans with pleasure and flicks his tongue across her excited c------s, and then he grabs her waist and shoots his tongue deep into her moist, hot love hole!

And that is when he begins to feel the pain!

It is as if someone had just poured hot lava from an exploding volcano onto his balls and manhood!
It is a pain no human being is expected to feel!

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