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Story: PASSWORD - Episode 21


Password - Episode 21

©Aaron Ansah-Agyeman
Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..


And so? He’s inside a padlocked cell!
Nii Lin licks his lips rapidly.

You don’t know Baluu! He is so violent! Oh, Lord! They should have sedated him, or put him in a strait jacket!

Is he dangerous?

Dangerous? He’s a killer! He used to be a professional martial artist. He went crazy when he found his wife making love to his best friend! He killed both of them with his bare hands. In here he has fatally maimed three inmates, two security personnel and one nurse, not counting the others he has injured to minor extents. That is why they brought him to the D-BLOCK. None of the nurses, doctors or security guards can go near him. They use special weapons to fire sedative darts at him to make him weak and sleepy before anybody can go near him. He’s sedated each night and put in a strait jacket. If he comes out now we’re dead! He’ll break our bones! He’ll kill us all!

C’mon, bro. Get a hold of yourself! These are giant padlocks, solid cast iron! Surely he cannot get out.

(giggling nervously)
Yeah, yeah, maybe you’re right! Come on, guys.
The inmate called BALUU glares at them with murderous eyes from within his cell, but he makes no attempt to move as they walk past and head towards the end of the corridor.
Finally, they come to a closed door with a glass pane fixed just on its upper portion so that they can look into the room beyond.
Nii Lin knocks, and the door is opened by a young woman.
She is thin and bony with a sharp, hard face.
She is wearing a nurse’s outfit, and her hard eyes drill into Kofi and Ato.
The room within is bare save for a single bed.
A woman is lying on the bed, and she seems to be asleep. Her face is turned towards the wall, and her arms are folded across her chest.
Her legs are apart, and a clean white sheet is covering her.
There is a single bulb burning up in the ceiling.
Beyond her is another room with an open door, probably leading to a washroom.
The nurse looks at Nii Lin.

Yes, balance of my money!

Will give it to you when we get to the staff quarters, Akosua.

For where? My friend don’t anger me! Give me the balance.

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I’ll give it to you, Akosua, when we get back. We need to be quick! Baluu is awake!

The moment Akosua hears that Baluu is awake she turns quickly and flees down the corridor in the opposite direction, away from Baluu’s cell, going down the stairs with incredible speed, her face filled with indescribable horror.
Kofi and Ato look at each other with sudden fear.

This Baluu guy must be very deadly!

He’s a devil incarnate, my paddy! Kofi, go in there and do your thing. We’ll wait here!
Kofi nods.
He takes out the small bottle of medicine Mallam Busanga had given him.

He presses a little into his palm, pulls down his trousers and spreads the liquid over his genitals.
Next he pumps a mouthful of the bitter, disgusting medicine into his mouth and swallows.
He enters the room.
He walks towards the sedated mad woman.

Kofi is so nervous and scared.
He licks his lips as he slowly advances to the bed.
He lifts the cloth off the woman’s lower body.
He glances up at her, expecting her to wake up, but the sedative is holding her strongly under.
She is elderly, but quite beautiful.
This makes Kofi very sad indeed.
This is not something he would have done in a million years, and he is sickened to his stomach with himself.

I’m so sorry, madam! So very, very sorry! Please forgive me!
He folds the cloth back neatly over the woman’s lower body.
Her genitals has been shaved, and it is bare and nice, shining with whatever lubricant the nurse had used on her.
Kofi unzips again and takes out his flaccid member.
He gets unto the bed and shuts his eyes tightly as tears fall down his cheeks.
He feels like a creep, like a dirty, dirty creep who should be shot.
Very carefully he positions himself on top of the woman, takes his flaccid member, and leans forward and dips it into her slippery v---a. It is difficult because he is so soft. He pries the woman’s thighs further apart with his knees, and then he holds his penis tightly and pushes its head and then its entire flaccid package into the woman’s chut.
Out in the corridor there is a sudden shearing sound of metal being tortured and pulled apart.
Nii Lin, who has been staring down the corridor all along, takes a sudden step back with terror!

Oh, no! Baluu! Baluu dey come!

Don’t be silly, my paddy! He no go fit break the padlocks!
The harsh metal sounds come again!
Suddenly a huge, thick leg steps through the iron bars!
It is Baluu’s leg!
The giant is pulling the bars of the cell apart like plastic so that he can step through.

He begins to take frantic steps towards the stairs.

Wait, wait, wait, man! You mean e dey force the iron bars apart?

(eyes bulging with fear)
You don’t know that man! Make we go, chale! E go kill we all!

What about Kofi?

We for leave am, man! It’s too late! Baluu go kill we!

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No, no, man! Hey, we for do some-
He stops speaking because with a final ripping sound of metal he sees that Baluu’s body is now coming out, and a moment later the giant of a man is suddenly standing in the corridor.

Without another word Nii Lin turns and runs away down the stairs at the end of the corridor.
Ato and the giant look at each other.
Baluu suddenly reaches behind him, and a moment later Ato sees the longest, ugliest knife in the giant’s hand!
Trembling with fear, Ato sees that the key to the door Kofi is in is still in the lock.
With trembling fingers he reaches out and locks the door on Kofi, and then he removes the key just as Baluu comes racing down the corridor with a murderous yell, his face maddened and insane, pointing the huge knife at Ato!
Ato turns, heart pounding, and flees down the corridor after Nii Lin!
Baluu chases after Ato, but when he gets to the door he stops suddenly.
He walks towards it and stares through the glass panel and sees Kofi crouched on top of the woman.
Baluu steps back, raises his right leg, and crashes it into the door, and it flies off its hinges!
Kofi, who has been able to push his penis all the way into the woman now, looks over his shoulder with sudden apprehension, and sees the gigantic man standing there with a murderous look on his face and a wicked knife in his hand.
Kofi begins to tremble violently.
He knows he is dead!

He almost collapses on top of the woman with terror.

Baluu walks forward slowly and stops.
His face is filled with righteous anger as he stares at Kofi’s buttocks.

Ei, no be small. Are you giving her bula matari?
Kofi is trembling as he shakes his head numbly.
Baluu suddenly steps forward and slaps Kofi so hard across his naked buttocks that Kofi is convinced his buttocks has shifted permanently.
The pain of the slap brings great tears to Kofi’s eyes!
Baluu grabs Kofi by the scruff of the neck, lifts him up bodily, and throws him across the room.
Kofi smashes into the wall face first, and tastes blood in his nose and mouth instantly.
He lies on the floor with his trousers around his ankles.

He holds his hands up defensively as Baluu bears down on him.


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