Story: PASSWORD - Episode 20


Password - Episode 20

©Aaron Ansah-Agyeman
Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..


It is very late in the night, almost dawn, when Kofi wakes up.
Because he is so heavy, Ato had left him lying on the floor and instead provided him with a pillow and covered him with a cloth.

Ato is in the bedroom, fast asleep, when he feels himself being shaken awake.

He sits up, and squints at the harsh light in the bedroom.
Kofi is standing there in his briefs looking at him with huge eyes.

What the f--k, Kofi! Why did you wake me up?

What am I doing in your room?
Ato glares at his friend, instantly angry.

Aboa, you’re here to roast cockroaches and fry bofrot!

Ato is taken aback, and then it dawns on him that sometimes when alcohol is mixed with sleeping tablets it results in memory lapses.
He holds up his hand and yawns hugely.

Relax, bro. Yesterday, when we came back from Mallam Busanga’s place we bought some kenkey-

Oh, yeah. We went with Corporal Tinga, the man with the bula like jet plane!

Yeah. Doctors put a ring on his bula matari otherwise if he puts all of it inside his wife it will go and hit her heart!

No, no! It will go up her throat and come out at the top of her head like a horn!

(cackling with laughter)
Penis horn! Penis tumour!
They fall on the bed laughing, and then after a while they fall quiet.

So in the morning we go and look for a mad woman! Oh, Awurade Nyankopon, eben asem nso koraa nyi?

Relax, bro. It is sorted.

Sorted? Sorted how? Have you got a mad woman?

Nah. One of my school mates works at the ADADA ASYLUM. It is filled with deranged women. He says he will arrange for one of them to be with you. Just one minute. You dip your penis in her and off we go to Mallam Busanga!
Kofi turns and looks at his friend, his face filled with an expression of shock and filled with sudden hope and relief. Tears glisten in his eyes as he reaches out and squeezes Ato’s hand.

Just like that? Really?

You’re sorted, man.

Thank you, man. Thank you very much.

It’s cool. Now turn off the d--n light and let’s get some sleep.

Sure. But I gotta wee wee.

Yeah, go and do that. That’s all you can do with your d--k at the moment anyway, just for wee wee. It is as useless as a condom in a catholic priest’s pocket!

Aboa ne ba!!

The ADADA ASYLUM is a huge, magnificent edifice located within the serene hills of the Akuapim Mountains.
The STAFF QUARTERS is set way back from the main asylum buildings, and at eleven o’clock Ato drives into the compound.

Nii Lin is waiting for them.
The place is well-lighted, but almost everybody is asleep.

Luckily, Nii Lin is not married, and he let’s them into his chamber-and-hall quarters.

It is surprisingly well-furnished.
Nii is slim and tall, handsome in a rather rakish sort of way. He is down to earth, and he wastes no time in cracking jokes about Kofi’s condition, which invariably lightens up Kofi’s mood and helps to still his nervousness.

Ato and Nii soon begin to talk about their old school, and Kofi tries to watch a Russell Crowe movie.
The two old friends sleep, but Kofi is too nervous to sleep.

At exactly half past midnight Nii wakes up and shakes Ato awake.

Here’s the plan. I paid some of the night crew guys, and they have taken the woman to one of the new wards, so there are not many people around there. The security guy on that stretch has also been paid.

Thank you, Nii. I’ll settle all the bills with more, bro.

Right. But you have to be quick, though. Sometimes the Director pays surprise visits at dawn. Let’s hope today is not one of those days. Secondly, some of the security chaps and some staff members are really strict, and if we’re caught it’ll be nasty. So just go in there, do your s--t, and come out as quickly as possible.

Yeah. It won’t take more than a minute.

I paid one of the female nurses to bathe the woman and put some lubricant inside her crevice so you won’t have much difficulty putting your penis into her, Kofi. We’ve also sedated her, so she’s out cold.

Thanks, thanks. I’m so grateful!
Nii takes them down a path through some shrubbery to a small gate in the wall of the edifice.
A security man in dark brown khaki opens the gate from inside.
The premises is covered with lush green lawns, well-structured buildings, demarcated paths and spaces, and well-lit.
Kofi is surprised at how beautiful it all is.

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We’re going to the D-BLOCK. It is a new block and it houses the most violent and totally insane patients. We took the woman there because the Director is scared of the patients in D-BLOCK and never go there at night.
They wall along the walls in the shadows so that the security cameras will not pick them up.
Finally, they come to another gate.
It is being manned by two armed men who opens it from the inside.
D-BLOCK is not so clean and well-lighted like the other section of the asylum.

It looms in the darkness, huge and foreboding.
Nii Lin takes them up a series of stairs until they come to a dimly-lit landing.

He puts a hand to his lips as they walk across a corridor that has cell-like rooms on both sides.

Most of them are unoccupied, but a few have sleeping patients in them.
Finally, they come to one of the cells, and see a gigantic man standing just near the gates.

The metallic cell doors are secured tightly with huge iron padlocks.
The scene inside the cell looks very chaotic indeed.

The bed is overturned and the floor is littered with paper, tissue, trays, pans, food left-overs and a whole lot of dirty things.

The man standing just inside the cell is indeed a mountain of a man. He is wearing only a pair of dirty jeans shorts. He is wearing a sort of black hat, and his arms and chest are as huge as that of a caveman.

His arms has thick veins standing out angrily, and his face is dark with fury! He is muscle bound, and it is quite evident that he can crush a skull with just one blow!

The moment Nii Lin sees the giant of a man inside the cell he suddenly rushes over to the other side of the corridor with great fear and stands staring at the man with incredible terror on his face.

Wetin be the matter, Nii?
Nii points a trembling finger at the giant in the cell.

Baluu is awake! Dear God, Baluu is awake! No, no, no!

To be continued


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