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Story: PASSWORD - Episode 2


Password - Episode 2

©Aaron Ansah-Agyeman
Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..



Kofi collapses with peals of laughter as Ato sits up and looks around frantically, his eyes red and still heavy with sleep.

Playboy! Didn’t you sleep last night?
Ato wipes water from his ear and glares at Kofi with murderous eyes.

Kofi collapses with laughter at that, and after a while Ato also begins to smile.

You hammered Abrefi last night, didn’t you? That’s why you’re sleeping like that.

Kofi is putting on his PC when Ato smiles, stands up and approaches Kofi’s desk.
He takes out his wallet, unzips a pouch inside the wallet and takes out a small clear rubber pouch, the type medicine shops put pills in.
Kofi sees that inside the pouch is a little black object.

Last night was a bomb, my paddy! I disciplined that hole between Abrefi’s thighs!

Apuu! She always laughs at you for having your orgasms too fast! Last time I heard she said you were not man enough!
Just then the office door opens and ABREFI DUFIE walks in.
She is one of the Kitchen Staff.
She is tall and shapely, and she wheels in their breakfast on a trolley.
She smiles demurely at Ato as she goes inside a small inner office, which is a resting area for Ato and Kofi, and where they also took their meals.
Kofi looks at Ato with sudden surprise.
Abrefi, in the past, had never bothered to take their food inside the rest area to serve them.
She normally leaves the trolley in front of Ato’s desk.
But today she has done the unexpected!
She has really entered the rest room to serve their breakfast!
Ato smiles broadly and winks at Kofi.
Kofi stands up and peeks into the inner living-area.
Abrefi is now setting the table for their breakfast.
He turns and glares at Ato with total incomprehension.
This is definitely unusual!
Kofi raises his eyebrows, and Ato grins from ear to ear.
Presently Abrefi emerges and smiles sweetly at Ato.

Your breakfast is ready, darling.

Thanks, Abrefi.
She moves close to Ato and puts a hand on his shoulder.
Tonight, my love?

Will check my schedule and call you.

Please do that, my love.
She leans forward and kisses Ato lightly on the lips, and then she goes out and gently shuts the door.
Kofi stares at them with mouth hanging open.
This is so unlike the fiery Abrefi who always treats Ato with absolute disdain, calling him a moron ever since she went home with Ato one evening and he lasted under a minute with her, and couldn’t get an erection again for the rest of the night.

Jeezoz, Jeezoz, Ato! What did you do to Abrefi? You haven’t jujued her, have you? Have you tied her mind with some black voodoo spell from Anloga?
Ato smiles and points a finger at the sachet with the strange black stone in it.

You’re looking at the power of the Jamaican Stone, my atopa paddy! The Jamaican Stone, that is the thing right there in the pouch!
Kofi picks up the pouch and looks at the strange black stone-like object in it.

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What the f--k is this, man?
Ato preens and puffs out his chest.

There, my dear player, is the answer to every man’s problem! It is called the Jamaican Stone, a little thing, but more powerful than a bazooka, or a grenade! There, my friend, is what will transform you from a player to a god! This is ogidigidi, python, lion, eagle power all rolled into one! That little thing made me destroy Abrefi last night. You see that she is meek now, and you think I jujued her? She was behaving so unnaturally, wasn’t she? You thought she was mad, right? Last night I was giving it to her kpa kpa kpa kpa kpa and she was moaning with pleasure, shouting out my name like Bla Sey, Bla Sey, Bla Sey, Bla Sey!

D--n! Tell me more, Ato! What does the Jamaincan Stone do?

That stone right there, which I got from a Malian friend, will lock your seed! You don’t have to worry about coming! You see, Abrefi was laughing at me for not lasting for more than a minute in bed with her. My Malian friend gave me the Jamaican Stone. I swear, Kofi, when I used it my waist was just going like a machine-gun, gigigigigigigigigigi!! Kpa kpa kpa kpa kpa! No stopping! Almost one hour straight! Abrefi was running away! That silly, hungry nymphomaniac with the insatiable p---y fled from me! She begged me to allow her to sleep for a while! I let her sleep for one hour and then I woke her up and continued kpa kpa kpa kpa kpa and she was moaning Bla Sey, Bla Sey, Bla Sey, Bla Sey! I hammered her for another hour before I landed! I woke her up again at dawn and she said no more, she was tired! Yes man! I was King Kong, man!Bedroom bully of the highest hammering quality! And that was the work of the J Stone, man!

Wooooooow!! I want one, man!

Of course I knew you would, player! I bought that one for you.

How do I use it?

It is touch and play, man! About fifteen minutes before the game, put a drop or two of water in your palm, and then grind the stone in the water. Don’t ground it too much, my paddy. Grind it just a little, and the water will turn a milky white. Now take the Jamaican Stone out and use the milky solution to smear just the tip of your mamba, the circumcised head, not the whole s---t. Wait for ten minutes. It will start smarting you a bit, and then you wash it off with water and soap. That’s all! It will make your penis less sensitive, and you can hammer the thing like a god! Don’t brake, don’t stop, don’t pause! Long hours! Your waist will go like a jet plane, bro, ziiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnn!!
They both laugh and go inside to eat breakfast.

I’ll test it on Akweley tonight. It’s her father’s birthday party, and I’m sure we’ll get a little privacy to get naughty, and I’ll ride with the Jamaican Stone, man! Kpa kpa kpa kpa kpa!!
Ato stops and glares at Kofi, shaking his head.

Don’t be stupid, man! Akweley is your fiancée. You’re going to marry her next month, man! Don’t use the J Stone on her, man!

Comot for there, massa! Tonight I’m going to go kpa kpa kpa kpa!!
The two friends laugh again, and then attack the delicious breakfast Abrefi has brought.
Ato puts a huge slice of fried egg into a divided bread, bites a huge chunk and then looks at Kofi with sudden bright eyes.

(speaking from a full mouth)
Herssh, don’tshs letsssh hershh shussks yoursshh penishhh whenshh youshh pushhs the Jamishaaan shtonesh on ishhh.

Siasem, what the f--k is that? I didn’t hear a thing! Swallow the food and speak well!
Ato chuckles as he drops sugar into a cup of cocoa and adds a generous amount of milk. He stirs and then raises the cocoa and drinks.

I was telling you that don’t let the chicks suck your p---k when you put the Jamaican Stone on it.

What? Is it poisonous? I like my d--k s----d.

I don’t think it is poisonous, but that’s what my Malian friend told me. Don’t let the girl suck you when you use the Stone.

But why?

I said I don’t know, f--k off! It’s just the instruction I was given! If you want fellatio let her do it before you smear the Stone solution on your d--k, man.


Kofi gets to the ODAMTEN PREMISES around 7 p.m.
He drives a white Mercedes Benz car.
Actually it is not his car. It belongs to Akweley.

She had tried unsuccessfully to make her father buy Kuntu a car.

Her father, who dislikes Kuntu, hasn’t budged despite his beloved daughter’s heckling.

In the end Akweley had simply given her Mercedes to Kuntu and informed her father. Mr. Laryea Odamten, not wanting his sweet daughter to move around in taxis, had released a Lexus to her, and bingo, Kuntu had a car.


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